#sdbreakfast	  Work	  begins	  after	  the	  launch	  Service	  Design	  Breakfast	  	  31.10.2012	  /	  Janne	  Toivola	  
Design	                                      Validate	                                   Launch	                 Developme...
Validated	  design	  Design	  +	  Development	  +	  Analytics	  
We	  are	  a	  European	  software	  design	  and	  development	  company	                               TAMPERE	  	      ...
Lifecycle	  Consulting	                  Development	       Management	                   Design	                         ...
Janne	  Toivola:	    Digital	  analytics	  +	  SEO.	            Service	  design.	  Usability,	  interaction	  design.	  A...
Design	  Analytics-­‐driven	  service	  design	  
Marketing	  UI	  +	  visual	  design	  Features	  +	  content	       User	  needs	    Business	  model	                   ...
“If	  one	  does	  not	  know	  to	  which	    port	  one	  is	  sailing,	  no	  wind	  is	                  favorable.”	 ...
Doable	  Understandable	  Measurable	  Beneficial	                       http://www.flickr.com/photos/wackelijmrooster/63783...
Example:	  service	  design	  community	  site	  http://servicedesignpros.com/	  Strategy	                              Se...
158	  000	  000	  000	  searches	  /	  month.	  
Queries	  /What’s	  the	  user	  looking	  for?	                                                                          ...
Select	  Service	      “Customer	                                             design	  pros	          journey	            ...
Organic	                       Facebook	                                          search	   Twitter	             1.	  Reac...
ü  Marketing	   ü  UI	  +	  visual	  design	  ü  Features	  +	  content	        ü  User	  needs	    ü  Business	  mod...
Design	  <3	  Development	                                    Single	  way	  of	  working.	                               ...
Validate	  Check	  whether	  the	  design	  works	  or	  not	  
What	  happened?	       Why?	            How	  can	  it	  be	  fixed?	       1.	  Report	     2.	  Analyze	                ...
Business	  model:	  Did	  we	  meet	  our	  goals?	  
Strategy	                         Service	               Goals	                   KPI	                              Target...
User	  needs:	  Did	  we	  reach	  the	  users	  we	  intended?	  
Share	  of	  traffic	  What’s	  the	  user	  looking	  for?	                                                    Queries	  /m...
Segmenting:	  How	  did	  different	  groups	  do?	  
Content	  +	  functions:	  How	  did	  people	  navigate	  the	  site	  and	                 use	  our	  content?	  
Visitors	  flow	  report	  
UI	  +	  visual	  design:	  Are	  people	  able	  to	  use	  the	  design?	  
Heatmaps	  from	  ClickTale	  (http://www.clicktale.com/)	  
A/B	  testing	                                                                   Original	  	                             ...
Marketing:	  Where	  did	  our	  users	  really	  come	  from?	  
Traffic	  source	                               Visitors	       Conversion-­‐%	  Facebook	                                  ...
Goal-­‐driven	  service	  development	               What	  concrete	  steps	  can	  we	  take	  to	  enhance	  our	  busi...
Design	                                          Validate	  Business	  model	               Set	  service	  goals,	  selec...
Thanks!	                 Janne	  Toivola	                 janne.toivola@futurice.com	                 twitter.com/jannetoi...
Service Design Breakfast - Work begins after the launch - Janne Toivola, Futurice
Service Design Breakfast - Work begins after the launch - Janne Toivola, Futurice
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Service Design Breakfast - Work begins after the launch - Janne Toivola, Futurice


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The presentation demonstrates how to derive a service design from clear business goals, then onto measurable KPIs for the service,
then putting the analytics in place to verify the success of the service
against the measurements and finally analyzing the measurement results to identify how to improve the service.

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Service Design Breakfast - Work begins after the launch - Janne Toivola, Futurice

  1. 1. #sdbreakfast  Work  begins  after  the  launch  Service  Design  Breakfast    31.10.2012  /  Janne  Toivola  
  2. 2. Design   Validate   Launch   Development   Design   Lifecycle  management  
  3. 3. Validated  design  Design  +  Development  +  Analytics  
  4. 4. We  are  a  European  software  design  and  development  company   TAMPERE     HELSINKI  Futurice  Facts   LONDON   BERLIN   DÜSSELDORF   1   Founded     2000   160  
  5. 5. Lifecycle  Consulting   Development   Management   Design     All  in  one.      
  6. 6. Janne  Toivola:   Digital  analytics  +  SEO.   Service  design.  Usability,  interaction  design.  Agile  design  +  development.   Web  publishing.   M.Sc.  (Tech.)  
  7. 7. Design  Analytics-­‐driven  service  design  
  8. 8. Marketing  UI  +  visual  design  Features  +  content   User  needs   Business  model   http://www.flickr.com/photos/mattimattila/6875571052/  
  9. 9. “If  one  does  not  know  to  which   port  one  is  sailing,  no  wind  is   favorable.”   Lucius  Annaeus  Seneca,  4  BC  –  AD  65  
  10. 10. Doable  Understandable  Measurable  Beneficial   http://www.flickr.com/photos/wackelijmrooster/6378316753/  
  11. 11. Example:  service  design  community  site  http://servicedesignpros.com/  Strategy   Service   Goals   KPI   Target   €  value  Establish  a  community   Service  design   Get  registered  users   New  registrations   100  /mo   50  €  around  service  design  by   pros  website   Increase  traffic   Unique  visitors   30  000  /mo   -­‐  providing  useful  information  on  service   Sell  advertising  space   New   5  /mo   1  000  €  design  tools  and  methods   advertisements  and  a  place  for   Increase  brand   Organic  branded   5  000  /mo   -­‐  professionals  to  discuss.   awareness   visits  +  direct  visits    Provide  a  place  for   Facebook  page   Get  FB  fans   #  of  fans   1  000   -­‐  companies  to  find  service   Activate  people   Facebook   400  /mo   -­‐  design  professionals,  sell   interactions  advertising  space.   …  
  12. 12. 158  000  000  000  searches  /  month.  
  13. 13. Queries  /What’s  the  user  looking  for?   mo  What  tools  are  there  for  service  design?   11  365  Where  can  I  find  information  on  a  specific  service  design  tool  x?   125  035  Where  can  I  find  examples  of  service  design  methods  and  tools?   5  560  Where  can  I  find  service  design  tool  templates?   4  331  What  design  patterns  are  there  for  service  design?   573  What  is  the  definition  of  service  design  tool  x?   1  296  Where  can  I  find  concrete  instructions  on  how  to  create  x?   1  334  …  
  14. 14. Select  Service   “Customer   design  pros   journey   search  result   mapping”  page   Click  a  link  from   relevant  forum   Search  for  “customer   discussion   journey  map”  on  Google   View  forum  discussion   Write  reply  to   discussion  Search  for  “service  design   tools”  on  Google   Select  Service   Frontpage   Go  to  register   Click  register   Thank   Exit   design  pros   form,  fill  info   button   you  page   search  result  
  15. 15. Organic   Facebook   search   Twitter   1.  Reach   AdWords   traffic   ü  Let  people  know  you  exist,  get  them  Pre-­‐service   Direct   to  choose  your  service  over   traffic   competitors’.   Service  design  pros  site   2.  Engage   ü  Give  people  the  information  they   Service  design  tool  resources   need,  be  useful  and  relevant  –  make   Forum  discussions   them  love  your  service.   For  advertisers  -­‐page  Service   3.  Activate   Register   ü  Get  them  to  convert  –  make  them  do   the  thing  that  makes  sense  in  your   Buy  advertisement   service.   4.  Nurture   Weekly  feed  from  forum   ü  Remind  people  that  you  exist,   market  your  new  content  and  Post-­‐service   Newsletter   features,  make  them  recommend   your  service  to  friends.  
  16. 16. ü  Marketing   ü  UI  +  visual  design  ü  Features  +  content   ü  User  needs   ü  Business  model   http://www.flickr.com/photos/mattimattila/6875571052/  
  17. 17. Design  <3  Development   Single  way  of  working.   Single  set  of  goals.   Single  set  of  people.   Single  customer  interface.  
  18. 18. Validate  Check  whether  the  design  works  or  not  
  19. 19. What  happened?   Why?   How  can  it  be  fixed?   1.  Report   2.  Analyze   3.  Act  
  20. 20. Business  model:  Did  we  meet  our  goals?  
  21. 21. Strategy   Service   Goals   KPI   Target   10/2012   Actions  Establish  a  community   Service  design   Get  registered   New  registrations   100  /mo   55  (+23%)   1)  Facebook  around  service  design   pros  website   users   campaign  by  providing  useful   2)  Improve  information  on  service   registration  page  design  tools  and   Increase  traffic   Unique  visitors   30  000  /mo   27  012   1)  Increase  #  of  methods  and  a  place   (-­‐24%)   blog  posts    for  professionals  to  discuss.   Sell  advertising   New  advertisements   5  /mo   1  (-­‐80%)   1)  Contact  partners     space   2)  Improvements  to  Provide  a  place  for   ad  page  companies  to  find   Increase  brand   Organic  branded  visits   5  000  /mo   5  500   …  service  design   awareness   +  direct  visits   (+17%)  professionals,  sell  advertising  space.   Facebook   Get  FB  fans   #  of  fans   1  000   340  (+5%)   page   Activate  people   Facebook  interactions   400  /mo   230  (-­‐45%)   …  
  22. 22. User  needs:  Did  we  reach  the  users  we  intended?  
  23. 23. Share  of  traffic  What’s  the  user  looking  for?   Queries  /mo   Conversion-­‐%   (10/2012)  What  tools  are  there  for  service  design?   11  365   1%  (+15%)   0,1%  (+34%)  Where  can  I  find  information  on  a  specific  service  design   125  035   3%  (-­‐24%)   0%  (-­‐100%)  tool  x?  Where  can  I  find  examples  of  service  design  methods  and   5  560   -­‐   0%  (-­‐0%)  tools?  Where  can  I  find  service  design  tool  templates?   4  331   7%  (+450%)   2,3%  (+130%)  What  design  patterns  are  there  for  service  design?   573   0,5%  (-­‐56%)   1,2%  (+12%)  What  is  the  definition  of  service  design  tool  x?   1  296   1%  (+12%)   0%  (-­‐100%)  Where  can  I  find  concrete  instructions  on  how  to  create  x?   1  334   2%  (+100%)   0%  (-­‐0%)  …  
  24. 24. Segmenting:  How  did  different  groups  do?  
  25. 25. Content  +  functions:  How  did  people  navigate  the  site  and   use  our  content?  
  26. 26. Visitors  flow  report  
  27. 27. UI  +  visual  design:  Are  people  able  to  use  the  design?  
  28. 28. Heatmaps  from  ClickTale  (http://www.clicktale.com/)  
  29. 29. A/B  testing   Original     page   Let’s  optimize  this!   15%   15%   15%   Results  –  Design  A  wins:     Test  1:   A   B   C   ü  23%  increase  in  conversion  rate   ü  3200  €  increase  in  sales   Chance  to     beat  original:   91%   78%   87%   15%   15%   15%   Test  2:   Results    –  Design  E  wins:     D   E   F   ü  53%  increase  in  conversion  rate   ü  5500  €  increase  in  sales   Chance  to     beat  original:   65%   96%   93%   New  design  o/  
  30. 30. Marketing:  Where  did  our  users  really  come  from?  
  31. 31. Traffic  source   Visitors   Conversion-­‐%  Facebook   1  365   0,1%  (+34%)  Twitter   535   0%  (-­‐100%)  Organic  traffic:  branded  traffic   5  560   0%  (-­‐0%)  Organic  traffic:  targeted  keywords   4  331   2,3%  (+130%)  Adwords  (ppc)   373   1,2%  (+12%)  Forum:  weekly  roundup   296   0%  (-­‐100%)  RSS  feed   34   0%  (-­‐0%)  …  
  32. 32. Wrap-­‐up  
  33. 33. Goal-­‐driven  service  development   What  concrete  steps  can  we  take  to  enhance  our  business?   Business   Changes,   Goals   KPI   model   projects   Why  are  we  investing  in  this?  
  34. 34. Design   Validate  Business  model   Set  service  goals,  select  KPIs   Realized  vs.  planned  KPIs,   service  value,  sales  User  needs   Keyword  research,  analytics  of   User  segmenting,  keywords,   existing  services,  “traditional   “traditional  methods”   methods”  Features  +  content   Design  and  prioritize  based  on   Visitor  flow,  top  content,   user  needs,  design  the  optimal   content  value   customer  journey  UI  +  visual  design   Design  the  UI  and  visuals  to   In-­‐page  analytics,  usability   support  overall  experience   testing,  A/B-­‐testing  Marketing   Design  the  marketing  funnel   Balance  marketing  efforts   (e.g.  REAN  model)   based  on  results  (conversion)  
  35. 35. Thanks!   Janne  Toivola   janne.toivola@futurice.com   twitter.com/jannetoivola  Futurice