Search Experiences branded search engine proposal (groupon uk)-1


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Search Experiences branded search engine proposal (groupon uk)-1

  1. 1. Get Your Own Branded Search Engine with Brand Partner Initiative An opportunity for brand dominance in online search. Are You Ready to Join The New Generation of Search? © 2010, Search Experiences, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Proprietary and Confidential. 1501 Broadway, 12th Floor ~ New York, NY 10036 ~ United States of America E-mail: ~ Tel: 1.800.805.5385 ~ Fax: 1.800.805.5389* Notification of Proprietary Information and Confidential Information: This proposal includes data that will not be duplicated,used, or disclosed, in whole or in part, for any purpose other than to evaluate this proposal.
  2. 2. Search Experiences, LLC – Branded Search Solutions Page | 1 If you had foresight and knew the next big thing online and you had the opportunity to jump on board when the window presented itself would you? is currently bringing together a consortium of strategic partners from the leading content providers online. This brings about an innovative service… Custom Search Engine Solutions for large brands. This presents an entirely new form of media that is both potent and affordable, with endless perks from daily brand awareness to access to the purest forms in consumer engagement. Join Brand Partner Initiative. Your chance to affordably align your brand with the most popular activity online…SEARCH! Contents About Opportunity Knocks… Why a Branded Search Engine? The Effect Branded Search Engine Primary Benefits Branded Search Engine Package Features The Difference* The trademarks and logos displayed in this proposal are the registered trademarks of the respected companies and are usedsolely for educational purposes. Nothing contained should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel or otherwise, anylicense or right to use any trademarks or logos without the express written permission of the respected owners.
  3. 3. Search Experiences, LLC – Branded Search Solutions Page | 2Headquartered in the heart of New York City’s Time Square, is pushing the boundaries of innovation andcreativity in the integrated media space by designing and developingCustom Search Solutions using cutting edge Web 3.0 technology.Supported by a strong team of Authorized Resellers in strategic mediaagencies around the world, is stirring waves in the search industrywhile gaining a critical mass of clients and establishing a strong presence as first mover. mission is to become the World Leader in Custom Search Solutions and create a new paradigm shift in common search usage behavior, which will shape the future of search as we know it. Simply put, we are changing the way the world searches the web. Head Office: Search Experiences, LLC ~ 1501 Broadway, 12th Floor ~ New York, NY 10036 United States of America ~ 1-800-805-5385 Hours Mon-Fri, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, EST invites you to seize this exceptional opportunity to show yourcustomers that you are striving to meet their changing needs online…an opportunitythat presents itself as the best value for any corporation that is ready to evolve into thenew age of marketing and brand strategy initiatives. With a Branded Search Engine your marketing plan becomes energized and instantly engaged within the new advertising power of online search, with… An Account Manager, Design and Development Support Team, and a newly charged Corporate Synergy that fosters Continual Innovation and Experiences Growth.
  4. 4. Search Experiences, LLC – Branded Search Solutions Page | 3According to Nielson NetRatings ( the authority source for deliveringcomprehensive measurement and analysis of online audiences, the most popularactivity online is Search, part of 85.9% of users internet behavior. Search is such acommon activity daily for each of us, including the 250 million internet users in NorthAmerica and 1.7 billion people online worldwide. This is a staggering fact and up untilnow major search engines have enjoyed a monopolistic position for users search. But,when we consider from the user’s perspective the actual search experience offered bythese large search engines for such a regular activity, it is very impersonal, uniform,generic, controlled, and bland, a “One Size Fits All” experience.But the fact is, all web users online are individuals, having different interests,preferences, perspectives, passion points and brand loyalties. As such, it would be farmore appealing if we each had a choice about the type of search experience we wantto have. In the same way we have a choice for other regular activities such as themusic we want to listen to, the TV channels we want to see, the food that we eat, etc.This is where isrevolutionizing the way we search. Ourapproach is simple, we treat the Internetjust like a big pizza, and we cut it up intosmaller “slice” target segments. Gone arethe days of the “One Size Fits All” and whatis left is relevant content for your consumer,the person that you want to target. Weoffer an exciting, innovative service creating custom for our brandpartners to match their target market user’s interests and brand loyalty. Whether it is asports team, university, music artist, celebrity, corporate brand etc. Whatever the targetmarket (eg. fans, students, customers etc.) we can create a search experience shapedand themed for their needs who would in turn appreciate, value and use regularly thesearch experience we create for them.This benefits internet users and gives them a welcome choice in search they never hadbefore, a tailored search experience designed specifically to their interests. While theystill get the usual relevant search results they expect from the large mass market searchengines, in addition the whole search experience is designed with information theywant to see while they search. For instance, rather than annoying, unwanted sponsoredlinks on the right of search results where advertisers scramble to compete for searchterms, on the other hand uses this highly visible space for customcontent the user would prefer to see and more interested in, such as news headlines,videos, images, social network feeds, anything depending on our brand partnersrecommendation of what their target market is most interested in.
  5. 5. Search Experiences, LLC – Branded Search Solutions Page | 4 Our exciting approach creates a satisfying experience for users while they search online and serves as an effective marketing tool for brand partners to reach their target market, complimenting and driving more traffic to their main website. The following diagrams illustrate the effect a well designed Branded Search Engine has on reshaping a target audiences internet activity online and visitor habits. Target Audience Internet Activity (BEFORE solution) FREQUENT USAGE direct visits LOYAL USERS bland OCCASIONAL search VISITORexperience indirect visits SEARCH ENGINE BRAND PARTNER WEBSITE Target Audience Internet Activity (AFTER solution) FREQUENT USAGE direct visits LOYAL USERS (increased satisfaction) enjoyable FREQUENT search VISITORexperience increased indirect visits BRANDED SEARCH ENGINE BRAND PARTNER WEBSITE
  6. 6. Search Experiences, LLC – Branded Search Solutions Page | 5The primary benefits of a Branded Search Engine are;Brand Partner Benefits:  Daily reaching target audience through search as a regular touchpoint.  Daily brand awareness of brand partners product and services.  Increased web traffic to brand partners website.  Increased page views at brand partners website.  Increased return visits to brand partners website.  Increased unique visits to brand partners website.  Improved Effectiveness of advertising campaigns.  Increased ad impressions for existing advertisers or house ads.  Increased ad clicks for existing advertisers or house ads.  Increased sales for existing advertisers or house ads.  Increased ROI for existing advertisers or house ads.  Increased revenue from existing advertisers.  Extending ad reach coverage for existing advertisers.  Insights into search behavior of brand partners target audience.  Detailed Analytics of brand partners target audience daily search usage.  Effective Viral Marketing Tools including browser toolbars & web search widgets.  etc... etc…User Benefits:  Improved and enjoyable search experience.  Increased satisfaction and happiness.  Highly relevant search results to search queries.  Personalized search experience matching their interests.  No unwanted PPC sponsored links.  Daily updates from the brand partners website.  Up-to-date information about the brand partner.  Targeted advertising matching their interests.  Viral tools to spread the word to their friends.  Web search widget to embed on their personal blogs and social profiles.  Themed banners to embed on their personal blogs and social profiles.  Themed search toolbar to add to their web browser.  etc... etc…
  7. 7. Search Experiences, LLC – Branded Search Solutions Page | 6 Branded Search Engine Package includes the following Features. Custom Branded Search Engine A state-of-the-art Custom Branded Search Engine themed for Brand Partners using proprietary search platform. It will be owned and managed by and licensed on an ongoing service basis. Brand Partners will have custom content and advertising exclusivity on all search engine result pages. Custom Custom Search Bar Branded Logo Custom Branded Search Engine Homepage Custom Custom Toolbar Page Content
  8. 8. Search Experiences, LLC – Branded Search Solutions Page | 7 Custom Tag Line CustomBranded Logo Custom Sidebar Content RelevantSearch Results Exclusive Leaderboard Banner Custom Branded Search Result Page Web Promotion and Traffic Building The new Custom Branded Search Engine will be actively promoted after launch to increase public awareness and generate targeted traffic to bring online success in both the short term AND the long term! The following web promotion services will be provided by expert marketing team; Unique Article Creation and Distribution Online, Manual Directory Submission to thousands of SEO-friendly web directories, Hundreds of Social Bookmarking Submissions, etc.
  9. 9. Search Experiences, LLC – Branded Search Solutions Page | 8 Viral Marketing Tools Effective viral marketing tools will be developed to generate interest in your Custom Branded Search Engine. Offer these tools for free at your website to generate a sustainable return traffic model. Professional advice will be given as to how these viral tools can be used successfully to compliment a Brand Partners existing integrated marketing strategy and drive traffic. The viral marketing tools include; a Custom Link to Us Banner Set, Custom Browser Search Toolbar and Customer Web Search Widget Set. Custom Banners Micro Bar Button 1 Button 2 (88 x 31 Pixels) (120 x 30 Pixels) (120 x 60 Pixels) Custom Browser Toolbar Custom Search Banners Web Search Widget Web Search Banner Widget Design and Development Support Our team of professional web designers and developers will be assigned to work closely with Brand Partners throughout the creation and development of the Custom Branded Search Engine and will make unlimited design revisions until the Brand Partner is 100% satisfied prior to going live. Site Management, Hosting and Bandwidth The Custom Branded Search Engine will be hosted and managed by us at our data center. server administrators will monitor and manage traffic 24/7 and provide as much bandwidth as needed to support website visitors. Personal Account Manager A personal account manager will be assigned to offer any assistance for any updates or requests. An affordable secret weapon in brand dominance online! …….are you with us?
  10. 10. Search Experiences, LLC – Branded Search Solutions Page | 9 Below are some unique factors about the technology powering Branded Search Engines ahead of the rest; All-In-One Search Experience The majority of the 1.7 billion people using the Internet globally display similar search behavior characteristics when browsing online, such as manually typing web addresses, sifting through long lists of bookmarked sites in their person al favorite’s folder and switching between various search providers to find content they are seeking. overcomes these at times tedious search behavior characteristics by integrating popular search content effortlessly within the same search portal experience, saving time and frustration. Header Search Bar Integrated search services from our strategic partners are easily accessible in a header search bar which displays unique, comprehensive, up-to-date content at a users fingertips! Some of the most commonly used search services are listed below. Web Search Local Search Shopping Search Find anything from across Find local businesses and Save money and compare the Web. services in your area. prices before you buy. Images Search Travel Search Video Search Find photos and pictures Find great deals on flights, Over 20 million hours of from across the Web. hotels and car rentals. video. Search it all. Better Web Search Results The Internet is an enormous and constantly changing medium, making it impossible for any single engine to reach the entire World Wide Web. web search platform makes searching the Internet effortless by delivering the top results from the Webs leading search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo! By harnessing the collective power of the most popular engines means users receive a richer and more relevant spectrum of results that they could get using any single search engine.
  11. 11. Search Experiences, LLC – Branded Search Solutions Page | 10 Best of the Web Content patent pending search platform incorporates syndicated private-label content from the leading sources online, enabling the user to get the best possible search results for their query. The following screen grab examples show the source of where selected search results are extracted on-the-fly. Images Search – Powered by ® Encyclopedia Search – Powered by ® Travel Search – Powered by ® Video Search – Powered by ® Shopping Search – Powered by ® Auction Search – Powered by ®
  12. 12. Search Experiences, LLC – Branded Search Solutions Page | 11 Now Accepting Orders  Low Setup Fees (one-time)  Affordable Service Plans  Flexible Payment Options  Introductory Special Rates  Time to Deliver: 8 weeks Call Sales at +1 800.805.5385 or E-mail sales@ .com 1501 Broadway, 12th Floor ~ New York, NY 10036 ~ United States of America Fax: +1.800.805.5389 © 2010, Search Experiences, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Proprietary and Confidential.