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Designing Your Dreams

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Param uxd

  1. 1. UserXperienceCatalyst
  2. 2. User Experience Design isnot just about designinggood looking websites orinterfaces
  3. 3. Its about making it workfor you
  4. 4. AdvocateIt’s about designing Clientassets that can Customerconvert… Prospect Suspect
  5. 5. …assets which buildyour brand image
  6. 6. … thatmakes the emotional connect
  7. 7. … that leave alasting impression
  8. 8. …that can generateleads
  9. 9. … that sell more 123456789012
  10. 10. …that can buildcredibility & trust
  11. 11. It’s about designingInterfaces whichare addictive
  12. 12. …which area pleasure to use
  13. 13. … which candifferentiate yourproduct from the rest
  14. 14. It is aboutUser Experience engaging,Design is not just acquiring &about attracting retainingyour visitors or uses them
  15. 15. Pretty designs But you need User Experience Designattract to attract, engage, acquire and retain ATTRACT ENGAGE ACQUIRE RETAIN
  16. 16. Today it’s not somuch about theWow factor
  17. 17. It is about theOOMPH factor
  18. 18. We call itSeductive design
  19. 19. Design that createsdesire
  20. 20. And that’s NO easy task.
  21. 21. Param UXcatalyst is a seamlessblend of… !
  22. 22. Innovation Creativity Graphics Technology Psychology Ideas Engineering Strategy …and more
  23. 23. Communication Usability Functional Design Engineering Design Content Design Visual Design Information ArchitectureInteractionDesign User Web Research Ideas/ Strategy innovation
  24. 24. We design user experience for … Corporate & eCommerce websites/ Web/ mobile Brand Websites Online businesses application interfaces
  25. 25. Idea/ Conceptualization Content design Information ArchitectureWeb CommunicationStrategy Corporate/ Brand WebsitesDevelopment CommunicationCMS / Manual Design Branding & Identity Visual & Graphic Design
  26. 26. User Requirement Analysis Interaction Design Usability DesignUnderstandingThe idea, opportunity,business eCommerce Websites/ Online Business Portals Development CMS / Manual Wire framing Visual/ Graphic Information Design Architecture
  27. 27. We haveWhat it takes.
  28. 28. Best PracticesDerived from sound aesthetic backgroundand deep understanding of the web world.Avante garde strategy is built over a layer ofpracticed perfection.While we do follow established pipelines, wetend to branch out harmoniously as well.
  29. 29. Quality & PerfectionOf our many things that makes usunique, one that stands out isour quality. Be it in ensuring pixel-perfection in our designs or aestheticsthrough usability and design, weoutclass most design and UX firms.
  30. 30. CommittedCommitment and hard work amountsfor a great deal in our little world. Wesee a lot of brilliance accruing from it.We diligently stand by our practices,and never waver. Our dedication andhonesty have done wonders with ourrelationships with our clients.
  31. 31. Knowledge CentricOur strength in design is backed by athorough understanding of business andweb strategy. We have burnt the midnightoil over the years to truly understand howthe web can benefit your organization. Beit psychology, heuristics, interaction, orbusiness; we have been reading up
  32. 32. Process DrivenConceiving and creating a BusinessCritical application requires a processdriven approach to design. We definespecific and transparent goals anddeliverables, to keep our clientsupdated through the cycle. Oursystem is a well oiled machine, andthe process the cog.
  33. 33. Right mixOur uniqueness stems from a magicallyblended and water-tight team. A perfectblend of creative vigour, strategicacumen, and technology savyness,topped with high levels of dedication andhard work. We are not just about design,but about Strategic Creative Solutions
  34. 34. Track RecordAbove all, we are committed to ourclients and inspired by theircustomers. We have and always willdeliver above expectations, and ourclients keep coming back for more. Wehave strived hard to maintain a proventrack record, one with minimalblemishes and happy faces all along!
  35. 35. TransparentWe are transparent and always openfor a good discussion. Be it with ourdesigner, our architect, or even ourCEO; you can drop us a line or dropby to brainstorm on a concept,business niggle, or even yourweekend plans over a cuppa chai!
  36. 36. Value for MoneyForget the fact that you get the highestlevels of quality, creativity and userexperience at a surprisingly affordablecost; our service is a true Return onInvestment. Invest in us and take homea golden egg or three. Your benefits areun surmountable!
  37. 37. At your ServiceEither we will find a way... or createone for you. Our clients depend onus to drive their online strategy, findsolutions that advance their businessgoals and demonstrate return oninvestment by delivering value fortheir customers.
  38. 38. Thank you for your TimeFor more please get in touch with Ashish Nanda on+91 8800873661 /