Writing to describe - info and ideas exam


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Writing to describe - info and ideas exam

  1. 1. What do you already know about...?The Writing Section in the Exam Time? Expectations? Types of questions? What are you being marked on?Planning Techniques? Strategies? Things to remember?How to write How do you use your plan? What do you have to remember? How do you adapt your writing for different texts/purposes and audiences?Proofreading Is it really necessary? What should you be looking out for?
  2. 2. The Exam:• Section B of the exam.• You have fifty minutes to answer this section.• You will have to choose from two options. You will have to identify what the purpose/tone/audience is before you begin.
  3. 3. You are being marked on...• Effective use of devices (persuasive / descriptive).• Focussing on the task and adapting your writing to suit audience and purpose.• Using precise vocabulary, which is fully suited to the purpose of the writing.• Using structure effectively and coherently.• Organising work into clear paragraphs.• Using a wide range of sentence structures• Using punctuation securely and for effect
  4. 4. Appealing to the reader’s senses• Sights• Smells• Sounds• Feelings (Emotions)• Feelings (Touch)• Similes• Metaphors• Onomatopoeia
  5. 5. How to use paragraphs effectively.• Leave the paragraph on a ‘cliff-hanger’. e.g. Just as I reached the door, I realised I was not alone.• Refer to the previous paragraph. e.g. On top of all that, .... or If that wasn’t enough...• Use a one sentence or one word paragraph. e.g. ...With his laugh still ringing in my ears, I rushed to the door. Locked.
  6. 6. VocabularyPractice Question:A local newspaper is featuring a series ofarticles called Help!Write an account for the newspaper of a timewhen you, or someone you know, neededhelp.
  7. 7. What alternatives are there to the word ‘help’?What words could we use associated with ‘help’?
  8. 8. Inability - Inadequacyanemic disabled incapable powerless unableashamed exhausted incompetent puny uncertainbroken exposed ineffective shaken unfitcatatonic fragile inept shaky unimportantcowardly frail inferior shivering unqualifiedcrippled harmless insecure sickly unsounddefeated helpless meek small uselessdefective impotent mummified strengthless vulnerabledeficient inadequate naughty trivial weakdemoralized
  9. 9. Depression – Sadness - Gloomabandoned depressed forsaken low ruinedalien desolate gloomy miserable rundownalienated despairing glum mishandled sadalone despised grim mistreated scornfulawful despondent hated moody sorebattered destroyed homeless mournful strandedblue discarded hopeless obsolete tearfulbored discouraged horrible ostracized terribleburned dismal humiliated overlooked tiredcheapened downcast hurt pathetic unhappycrushed downhearted jilted pitiful unloveddebased downtrodden kaput rebuked whippeddefeated dreadful loathed regretful worthlessdegraded estranged lonely rejected wreckeddejected excluded lonesome reprimandeddemolished forlorn lousy rotten
  10. 10. Joy - Elationamused enchanted good jubilant smilingblissful enthusiastic grand magnificent splendidbrilliant exalted gratified majestic superbcalm excellent great marvelous terrificcheerful excited happy overjoyed thrilledcomical exuberant hilarious pleasant tremendouscontented fantastic humorous pleased triumphantdelighted fit inspired proud vivaciousecstatic funny jolly relieved wittyelated glad jovial satisfied wonderfulelevated glorious joyful
  11. 11. My car got stuck in a field on a cold, frosty, winter’s night. E.g. Exhaust fumes hung behind the car, like a horrible ghost.
  12. 12. Write an account for the newspaper of a time when you, or someone you know, needed help. I really needed help one day when my car got stuck in the mud. It was dark and there was a thick frost on the ground and I was trying to find my way to a friend’s house. I had never been there before and I had taken a wrong turn and ended up in a farmer’s field. The car started sliding in the frozen mud and eventually came to a standstill. I got out and tried pushing, but I couldn’t get the car to budge. There was no-one around to help me.
  13. 13. Plan What led up to the incident...It had all started so well. I get rescued by....
  14. 14. Anger- Hostilityagitated combative evil irritated rudeaggravated contrary fierce mad savageaggressive cool furious mean severeangry cranky hard nasty spitefulannoyed creepy harsh obnoxious tensearrogant cross hateful obstinate tersebelligerent cruel hostile outraged viciousbiting defiant impatient perturbed vindictiveblunt disagreeable inconsiderate repulsive violentbullying enraged insensitive resentful wickedcallous envious intolerant rough wrathful
  15. 15. Abilityable Confident gentle lucky smoothadequate courageous hardy manly spiritedalive Curious healthy mighty stableassured Daring heavy modern steadyauthoritative determined heroic open stoutheartedbold Durable important outstanding strongbrainy Dynamic influential powerful superbrave Eager innocent real surebusy Easy intense relaxed tamecareful Effective inquisitive rich toughcapable Energetic jerky robust victoriouscautious fearless knotted secure virileclever firm light sharp zealouscompetent forceful lively shyconcerned gallant loose skillful
  16. 16. Quantityample few lots paucity scarcityabundant heavy many plentiful skimpychock-full lavish meager plenty sparingcopious liberal much profuse sparsedearth light numerous scads sufficientempty loads oodles scant well-stocked
  17. 17. Fear - Anxietyafraid dreading insecure overwhelmed tenseagitated eerie intimidated panicky terrifiedalarmed embarrassed jealous restless timidanxious fearful jittery scared uncomfortableapprehensive frantic jumpy shaky uneasybashful frightened nervous shy upsetdangerous hesitant on edge strained worryingdesperate horrified
  18. 18. Distressaffected displeased hindered puzzled tormentedanguished dissatisfied impaired ridiculous touchyawkward distrustful impatient sickened troubledbaffled disturbed imprisoned silly ungainlybewildered doubtful lost skeptical unluckyclumsy foolish nauseated speechless unpopularconfused futile offended strained unsatisfiedconstrained grief pained suspicious unsuredisgusted helpless perplexed swamped wearydisliked
  19. 19. Love – Affection - Concernadmired conscientious giving mellow reliableadorable considerate good mild respectfulaffectionate cooperative helpful moral sensitiveagreeable cordial honest neighborly sweetaltruistic courteous honorable nice sympatheticamiable dedicated hospitable obliging tenderbenevolent devoted humane open thoughtfulbenign empathetic interested optimistic tolerantbrotherly fair just patient trustworthycaring faithful kind peaceful truthfulcharming forgiving kindly pleasant understandingcharitable friendly lenient polite unselfishcomforting generous lovable reasonable warmcongenial genuine loving receptive worthy
  20. 20. Movementamble flow pad skim toddleblunder fly parade skip topplebolt frolic pivot slide trackbounce gallop plod slink traipsebound glide plunge slither trampcanter hasten ply slump travelcatapult hike pounce sneak treadcharge hobble prance speed trekclatter hop prowl sprawl tripclump hurdle race spring trompcoast hurtle ramble sprint trotcrawl hurry range stagger trudgecreep hustle roam stalk tumblecruise jog roll stampede turndance jump romp step twirldart lead rove stomp twistdash leap rush straggle undulatedawdle linger sail stretch vaultdive limp sashay stride waddledodge loaf saunter stroll wadedrag lumber scamper stumble walkdrift lunge scoot struggle wallowduel lurch scuff strut waltzfile lurk scurry swagger wanderflee march shake sway wendflip meander shimmy swept wiggleflit mosey shuffle swerve wobblefloat navigate skate swing zipflounder pace skid tip toe zoom
  21. 21. Sight - Appearanceadorable crooked fuzzy muddy skinnyalert crowded glamorous murky smoggybeautiful crystalline gleaming nappy sparklingblinding curved glistening narrow spotlessbright cute glowing obtuse squarebrilliant dark graceful round steepbroad deep grotesque rotund stormyblonde dim hazy pale straightblushing distinct high poised strangechubby dull hollow quaint uglyclean elegant homely shadowy unsightlyclear fancy light shady unusualcloudy filthy lithe sheer weirdcolorful flat low shiny widecontoured fluffy misty shallow wizenedcrinkled foggy motionless
  22. 22. Sizeample elfin immense miniature stupendousaverage enormous large minute tallbehemoth fat little petite tinybig giant long portly toweringbulky gigantic mammoth prodigious vastcolossal great massive puny voluminousdiminutive huge microscopic short weedwarfed hulking middle-sized small
  23. 23. Smell - Tasteacrid fragrant putrid sour sweetantiseptic fresh ripe spicy tangybitter juicy rotten stale tartchoking medicinal salty sticky tastyclean nutty savory strong tastelessdelicious peppery smoky stuffy
  24. 24. Soundbabble coo / cooing hoarse quack thunderousbang crack hoot quiet tickbark crackle howl raspy tinklebawl crash hullabaloo resonant tollbay creak hum roar tootbeat croak hushed rumble tootlebellow crow husky scream / screaming trillblast crying jingle screech twangbleat deafening loud shriek twitterboom / booming drone melodic shrill voicelessbray drumming meow silent wailbubble faint mew sizzle warblebuzz fanfare moan snap wheezecackle fizz mumble snarl whinecaw gibberish murmur snore whirchant grating mute snort whisperchatter groan mutter soft whistlechime growl neigh splash yapchirp grumble noisy squall yellclangor grunt patter squeak yelpclank gurgle peal squeal zapclash harsh peep thrum zipclatter high-pitched pop thudclick hiss purr / purring thump
  25. 25. Timeancient daylight late outdated sunriseannual decade lengthy periodic sunsetbrief dusk long punctual swiftbrisk early modern quick tardycenturies eons moments rapid twilightcontinual evening noon short whirlwindcrawling fast noonday slowly yearsdawn flash old speedy yearlydaybreak intermittent old-fashioned sporadic young
  26. 26. Touchboiling dirty grubby shaggy stingingbreezy dry hard sharp tenderbumpy dusty hot silky tightchilly filthy icy slick unevencold fluffy loose slimy waxencool flaky melted slippery wetcreepy fluttering plastic slushy woodencrisp frosty prickly smooth yieldingcuddly fuzzy rainy softcurly gooey rough soliddamp greasy sandpapery sticky
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