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Feelings list nonviolent communication


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Feelings list nonviolent communication

  1. 1. Feelings when your needs are satisfiedAFFECTIONATE entranced enthusiastic touched fulfilledcompassionate fascinated giddy HOPEFUL mellowfriendly interested invigorated expectant peaceloving intrigued lively encouraged quietopen hearted involved passionate optimistic relaxedsympathetic spellbound surprised JOYFUL relievedtender stimulated vibrant amused satisfiedwarm INSPIRED EXHILARATED delighted sereneCONFIDENT amazed blissful glad stillempowered awed ecstatic happy tranquilopen wonder elated jubilant trustingproud EXCITED enthralled pleased REFRESHEDsafe amazed exuberant tickled enlivenedsecure animated radiant PEACEFUL reinvigoratedENGAGED ardent rapturous calm rejuvenatedabsorbed aroused thrilled clear headed renewedalert astonished GRATEFUL comfortable restedcurious dazzled appreciative centered restoredengrossed eager moved content revivedenchanted energetic thankful equanimity Feelings when your needs are not satisfiedAFRAID AVERSION numb burnt out hopelessapprehensive animosity removed depleted melancholydread appalled uninterested exhausted mournfulforeboding contempt withdrawn lethargic unhappyfrightened disgusted DISQUIET listless wretchedmistrustful dislike agitated sleepy TENSEpanicked hate alarmed tired anxiouspetrified horrified disconcerted weary crankyscared hostile disturbed worn out distressedsuspicious repulsed perturbed PAIN distraughtterrified CONFUSED rattled agony edgywary ambivalent restless anguished fidgetyworried baffled shocked bereaved frazzledANNOYED bewildered startled devastated irritableaggravated dazed surprised grief jitterydismayed flummoxed troubled heartbroken nervousdisgruntled hesitant turbulent hurt overwhelmeddispleased lost turmoil lonely restlessexasperated mystified uncomfortable miserable stressed outfrustrated perplexed uneasy regretful VULNERABLEimpatient puzzled unnerved remorseful fragileirritated torn unsettled SAD guardedirked DISCONNECTED upset depressed helplessANGRY alienated EMBARRASSED dejected insecureenraged aloof ashamed despair leeryfurious apathetic chagrined despondent reservedincensed bored flustered disappointed sensitiveindignant cold guilty discouraged shakyirate detached mortified disheartened YEARNINGlivid distant self-conscious forlorn enviousoutraged distracted FATIGUE gloomy jealousresentful indifferent beat heavy hearted longing