Journey’s end presentation


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Journey’s end presentation

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  2. 2. “The evening of a March day. A paleglimmer of moonlight shines down the narrow steps..”
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  4. 4. “Early next morning. A pale shift of sunlight shines down the steps, but candles still burn in the dark...”
  5. 5. Life at Home Life at war
  6. 6.
  7. 7. And now I come to the the some I was taken along to greatnews. I reported at Battalion trenches and shown a dug-out. Iheadquarters werethewas to work was shown and is colonelHeCheering little book and said hardly everline on with thelooked infront on the a them and a sergeant sleeps in jokes and me all about Dennis. making “c” company- them keen aboutdug-out. Dennis is the finest“you report to toldofficer inStanhope the kids at thingsthe battalion and mencaptain like he did school. Im awfully proud to thinksimply love him. hes my friend.
  8. 8. “Afternoon the same day. The sunlight has gone from the dug-out floor...”
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  10. 10. “The following day, toward sunset... Light slowly fades with the sinking sun...”
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  13. 13. England 1-0 Boche There was a loss to the ‘C’ company as they had to send 12 men on a raid in broad daylight to attempt to capture a German soldier. The plan was made to try and find out some enemy intelligence ahead of Thursdays big attack. The captain of the company ‘Stanhope’ chose his two finest officers ‘Osborne’ his second in command and the new recruit ‘Raleigh’ who had only been in the battalion a couple of days but had been good friends with Stanhope in his school days. Raleigh and Osborne were guaranteed the military cross for there bravery. Before the raid they were full of confidence and determination. As the raid began Raleigh made the successful dash across no mans land through machine gun fire and shells dropping from all directions, meanwhile Osborne whose was leading the raid from a distance was not so lucky, he was hit by an enemy shell while on the return to his dug out. Although the raid fatally took 6 soldiers and officer Osbornes life it was a great success as a German soldier was captured and the colonel was able to get the info he needed which will have helped the next days attack a lot. The German who was carrying a few items: String, a little box of fruit drops, a pocket knife, a pencil, a bar of chocolate and most importantly a bunch of letters one of which gave the one piece of information they really needed, that he was from wurtemburgers regiment .
  14. 14. “Late evening, same day. The dug-out is litquite festively... Two champagnebottles...on the table”
  15. 15.
  16. 16. “Towards dawn...The intense darkness ofthe dug-out is softened by the glow of the Very lights...”
  17. 17. Raleigh goes up the steps to the trenches S.M tells Stanhope that Raleigh has been hit S.M brings Raleigh in Raleigh on bed Stanhope withdead Stanhope finds to candle hankie Raleigh talking a Stanhope Stanhope gets Raleigh ee.html