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Adjective list


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Adjective list

  1. 1. Appearance Appearance Condition Condition Feelings Feelings Contd. Contd. (Bad) (Bad) Contd.adorable glamorous alive impossible angry grumpyadventurous gleaming annoying inexpensive annoyed helplessaggressive gorgeous bad innocent anxious homelessalert graceful better inquisitive arrogant hungryattractive grotesque beautiful modern ashamed hurtaverage handsome brainy mushy awful illbeautiful homely breakable odd bad itchyblue-eyed light busy open bewildered jealousbloody long careful outstanding black jitteryblushing magnificent cautious poor blue lazybright misty clever powerful bored lonelyclean motionless clumsy prickly clumsy mysteriousclear muddy concerned puzzled combative nastycloudy old-fashioned crazy real condemned naughtycolorful plain curious rich confused nervouscrowded poised dead shy crazy, nuttycute precious different sleepy flipped-out obnoxiousdark quaint difficult stupid creepy outrageousdrab shiny doubtful super cruel panickydistinct smoggy easy talented dangerous repulsivedull sparkling expensive tame defeated scaryelegant spotless famous tender defiant selfishexcited stormy fragile tough depressed sorefancy strange frail uninterested disgusted tensefilthy ugly gifted vast disturbed terrible ugliest helpful wandering dizzy testy unsightly helpless wild dull thoughtless unusual horrible wrong embarrassed tired wide-eyed important envious troubled evil upset
  2. 2. fierce uptight foolish weary frantic wicked frightened worried grievingFeelings Feelings Shape Size Sound Time(Good) (Good) Contd.agreeable happy broad big cooing ancientamused healthy chubby colossal deafening briefbrave helpful crooked fat faint Earlycalm hilarious curved gigantic harsh fastcharming jolly deep great high-pitched latecheerful joyous flat huge hissing longcomfortable kind high immense hushed moderncooperative lively hollow large husky oldcourageous lovely low little loud old-delightful lucky narrow mammoth melodic fashioneddetermined nice round massive moaning quickeager obedient shallow miniature mute rapidelated perfect skinny petite noisy shortenchanting pleasant square puny purring slowencouraging proud steep scrawny quiet swiftenergetic relieved straight short raspy youngenthusiastic silly wide small resonantexcited smiling tall screechingexuberant splendid teeny shrillfair successful teeny-tiny silentfaithful thankful tiny softfantastic thoughtful squealingfine victorious thunderingfriendly vivacious voicelessfunny witty whispering
  3. 3. gentle wonderfulglorious zealousgood zanyTaste/Touch Taste/Touch Quantity Touch Contd.bitter melted abundantdelicious boiling nutritious emptyfresh breezy plastic fewjuicy broken prickly heavyripe bumpy rainy lightrotten chilly rough manysalty cold scattered numeroussour cool shaggy substantialspicy creepy shakystale crooked sharpsticky cuddly shiveringstrong curly silkysweet damaged slimytart damp slipperytasteless dirty smoothtasty dry softthirsty dusty solidfluttering filthy steadyfuzzy flaky stickygreasy fluffy tendergrubby freezing tighthard hot unevenhot warm weakicy wet wetloose wooden yummy