On the Other Side of Sales and Marketing Alignment (HUB International)


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In this presentation you’ll get a clear picture of the business pains and strategies for mitigating them as you work to align sales and marketing. Learn tips to continually improve the synergy between sales and marketing, while ensuring sales pros are impactful and on-message.

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On the Other Side of Sales and Marketing Alignment (HUB International)

  1. 1. On the Other Side of Sales and Marketing Alignment Julie Zimmer VP Sales,NorthAmerica
  2. 2. MARS vs. VENUS
  3. 3. Or maybe… David and Goliath
  4. 4. FEAST or FAMINE Then - 2006 • $200M in revenue • Twelve brands • 0 assets • No structure • All different cultures • No single technology platform • Resourcepoor Now - 2014 • Over $1.3B in revenue • $80 to $100M in acquisitions annually • One brand • 5,000 sales assets • 1,300 sellers • 7,000 users • CRM in place – Microsoft Dynamics • Resourcerich • Drinking from a fire hose
  5. 5. • Build HUB Today • Connect / Auto-authenticate all resources through SAVO • Put Sales Resource Managers in each HUB to help sales people navigate process • Make resources easy to access • Leverage forums, RFP guides to make assets customizable • Organize assets and people by industry type and product type • Train producers and acquisitions to use system Building a Platform
  6. 6. Our SAVO Instance… HUB TODAY
  7. 7. Problem Solved? – NO! • While marketing served up information, sales still had to go look for it • In order to leverage what we built they had to alter their behaviors • Communication and training had to be constant – didn’t have band width to manage • Marketing resources did not scale with size of company • Entrepreneurial sales culture and acquisition pace meant more “initiatives” emerging than marketing could address Why?
  8. 8. 2014 Growth Challenge…. ProducerCapacity • Help new talent ramp faster • More efficiency from existing producers • Efficiency vs. Effectiveness Marketing’sAbilityto KeepUp • Staffing • Technology • Budget • Influence
  9. 9. 2014 Solution… Rebuild delivery of assets according to need Focus efforts on biggest revenue drivers – specialties Dedicate marketing support to those revenue drivers Create a way to measure wins against resource usage Allow self-service and opt-in capabilities within CRM at client record Continually adjust and evolve
  10. 10. How are we doing it? • Sales Leadership Roundtable – What are the behaviors of our top performers? • What is the behavior “GAP” between top and average performers? • Country-wide focus groups – asking the question “How do we sell?” • Look at understanding specialty group behaviors vs. boiling the ocean • Challenge marketing to build assets around supporting the winning behaviors Study It
  11. 11. Changing Behaviors… Do this then… do this vs. thinking differently about the sale • Stop trying to educate sales around where to go for information and when • Start teaching sales behaviors • Embrace Challenger selling • Reward team selling
  12. 12. Redesign Delivery… • Pick a place for Sales to “Live” – CRM • Forget about teaching them a sales process – simply “serve up” the sales process • Drive assets / resources and tools through CRM at the point of need • Fully leverage RFP guides • Fully leverage collaboration tools • Look at client / prospect characteristics to identify what assets / resources / experts are appropriate • Allow sales managers to see what is being used and how and continually adjust • Allow mobile access to everything
  13. 13. • Click Dimensions deployed • iPads provided to top sellers • Mobile solutions for all resources: – CRM – SAVO – Other industry-specific resources • Next step: Teaching them to use mobile devices in client interactions so it becomes a sales tool Shiny New Things
  14. 14. Mars vs. Venus Pathforwardfor Marketing • Closer integration and reporting into sales • Leverage delivery as well as content • More resource and technology to facilitate success • Build more focused, tailored messages Path forwardfor Sales • Training to use messaging to achieve success • Listen to customer needs and communicate those back to marketing • Share what works • Don’t recreate the wheel
  15. 15. Win / Win generated for both Sales and Marketing HUB is Selling Smarter with SAVO
  16. 16. Thank you Formoreinformation SAVO Web Site: www.savogroup.com Sales First Nation: www.savogroup.com/sales-first-nation/ SAVO Products: www.savogroup.com/products/ SAVO Phone: 312-276-7700