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Driving Sales Effectiveness with Great Content


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In this session, you'll learn what world-class sales enablement teams are doing to drive seller effectiveness with great content that aligns to the sales motion.

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Driving Sales Effectiveness with Great Content

  1. 1. Driving Sales Effectiveness with Great Content Jim Moliski SVPStrategicServices LaunchInternational
  2. 2. Agenda Content Is in Everything Three Problems with Content Three Transformation Models Putting the Models into Practice
  3. 3. Problem #1: Product Overload • Product/solution focus • Lack of trend, problem, solution content • “Checklist” mentality Transactional selling Small deal sizes “Bake-offs” and discounting
  4. 4. Problem #2: Consistency • Everything looks different • Inconsistent quality • Multiple out-of- date versions Wasted time Missed opportunities Inefficiencies for authors
  5. 5. Problem #3: Context • Limited understanding of sales • Lack of early- stage content • No “how to use” guidance Missed opportunities Small deal sizes Low conversion rates
  6. 6. Transformation Models
  7. 7. Model #1: Insight • Identify 3-5 “big-picture” insights • Link insights to problems and favorable outcomes • Link out outcomes to your solutions • Enable smarter conversations on insights
  8. 8. Model #2: Product/Solution • Identify a “kit” of assets for each product/solution • Develop prototypes and get feedback • Create standards • Train authors
  9. 9. Model #3: Process • Analyze sales needs across a typical opportunity • Identify high-impact stages or sales outcomes • Develop a limited set of assets for that stage
  10. 10. Strategies
  11. 11. Which Model(s)? • There is overlap between models • No more than two models at one time • Consider one “major” and one “minor” • Bigger portfolios = greater effort • Plan for quick wins
  12. 12. Recommendations • Use SAVO capabilities • A little bit of content can yield big returns • Ask content experts for help
  13. 13. Example Strategies New Hire Ramp CRM Adoption Rep Efficiency Insights + Process Process + Solutions Solutions + Process
  14. 14. Example Strategies Lead Conversion Sales Process Reinforcement New Product Launch Insights + Process Process Solutions + Process
  15. 15. Example Strategies Channel Contribution In-person Engagement Virtual Engagement Solutions + Process Insights + Process Insights + Process
  16. 16. Example Strategies Proposal Automation RFP Automation Presentation Automation Solutions + Process Solutions + Process Solutions + Insights
  17. 17. Jim Moliski LaunchInternational 708-512-9964