Infographic: Connecting The Dots From First Contact to Conversion


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Are you missing steps between first contact and conversion? Here are 8 tried and true tips for ensuring leads convert into opportunities.

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Infographic: Connecting The Dots From First Contact to Conversion

  1. 1. Connecting The Dots From First Contact to Conversion Companies are making large investments in acquiring leads, and it is the job of the marketing and sales teams to ensure that those investments bear fruit. Sales and marketing must work in tandem to optimize lead conversion and accelerate the sales cycle. Here’s how they can connect the dots: 1 Maximize Investments 1 $1,70 0 4 $2 ,50 0 5 00 ,5 $5 According to the B2B Lead Generation Marketing Trends 2013 report, which surveyed members in the B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn, cost per lead is the top metric used to measure marketing ROI, with nearly 60% of respondents reporting cost per lead as the top measurement used to calculate ROI. $1,000 3 Optimize Cost Per Lead Metrics $25 2 The cost of a lead can range anywhere between $25 all the way up to $5,000 in some industries. Whether a lead comes from a trade show, a pay-per-click campaign or an outbound call campaign, it is critical to add intelligence behind the lead at key stages in the buying cycle in order to increase conversion to opportunities and closed deals. 2 60% 3 Track Number Of Leads Converting According to the B2B Lead Generation Marketing Trends 2013 report, most marketers report that only 5% to 10% of qualified leads convert to customers. One quarter of marketers do not know their conversion rates. Realize Buyers Need More Nurturing A recent survey by SAVO revealed that one third of businesses send at least 50% of their prospect leads back into their sales system for more nurturing versus converting them into an opportunity. 50% 4 Present Buyers With Relevant Content At Key Points 5 When asked what marketing tactics are most effective, nearly 60% of the respondents pointed to compelling content at each stage of the buying cycle, according to the B2B Lead Generation Marketing Trends 2013 report. Use Content & Context To Help Close Deals High-performing reps require persona knowledge and assets, as well as tools that help them customize their interactions with prospects. They need content that does more than describe the product — content must align to the sales process. 7 6 Feed Sales The Right Resources Progressive B2B organizations are aligning the sales and marketing teams to help boost conversion rates, accelerate leads and differentiate their offerings. By equipping sales with the right resources — content, collateral and coaching — marketing can maximize lead conversion and ensure prospects become customers. % 1 2 Convert More Leads To Customers 8 Companies that connect the dots between lead conversion and sales acceleration can get closer to the 21% sales conversion rates experienced by some of today’s top marketers. Sources: SiriusDecisions, B2B Lead Generation Marketing Trends 2013 report by Holger Schulze, MarketingSherpa, SAVO