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Intoduction to sales management


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Intoduction to sales management

  1. 1. FIL Sales ManagementLearning & Development Program
  2. 2. ObjectivesAfter thisworkshopparticipantswill be ableto:Define the process of salesManagementList the sales managementcheck listRecognize the 10 topmistakes of sales managers
  3. 3. ContentThe topics tobe discussedare:Sales ManagementProcess10 top mistakes ofSales managers
  4. 4. Group Work• What Sales Management tasks do youperform in the office as an Sales Manager/Team Leader?
  5. 5. Sales Management ProcessPlanning Staffing TrainingLeadingControlling
  6. 6. Planning• The conscious, systemic process ofmaking decisions about goals andactivities that an individual, group, workunit, or organization will pursue in thefuture and the use of resources needed toattain them.
  7. 7. FIL Sales Planning• Where is the business?• Where are the public servants?Sales Territories• How can I reach them efficiently?• Where should the mobile trip go?Sales Routes• Which sales team should be in what territory and onwhat route?Sales Team Assignment
  8. 8. Sales Management ProcessPlanning Staffing TrainingLeadingControlling
  9. 9. Staffing• Activities undertaken toattract, develop, and maintain effectivesales personnel within an organization.
  10. 10. Group Work• What tasks should you do toattract, develop, and maintain effectivesales executives and team leaders withina Sector or PayPoint?
  11. 11. Sales Management ProcessPlanning Staffing TrainingLeadingControlling
  12. 12. Training• The effort put forth by Sales Manager toprovide the salesperson job-relatedculture, skills, knowledge, and attitudesthat result in improved performance inselling.
  13. 13. FIL Sales Training• FIL Sales Process• Operational Errors & Fraud• Frequently Asked QuestionsProduct Knowledge• Traditional versus consultative sellingSelling Skills• The three pillars of customer satisfaction• Product/Convenience/HumanCustomer Service Skills
  14. 14. Sales Management ProcessPlanning Staffing TrainingLeadingControlling
  15. 15. Leading• The ability to influence other peopletoward the attainment of objectives
  16. 16. Group Work• What will you be doing different in youroffices after the ―Leading your teamCourse‖?
  17. 17. Sales Management ProcessPlanning Staffing TrainingLeadingControlling
  18. 18. Controlling & Evaluation• Monitoring sales personnel’sactivities, determining whether theorganization is on target toward itsgoals, and making corrections asnecessary.
  19. 19. Controlling & Evaluation• Review of Disbursements by:– Team Leader– Sales Executive– Mobile Trips– Territory– Institution• Are we on target?
  20. 20. Sales Management ProcessPlanning Staffing TrainingLeadingControlling
  21. 21. FIL Sales Manager’s Checklist
  22. 22. Sales Manager’s ChecklistYour People• General periodicdiscussion & review• Goals & expectationsunderstanding• Sales skill training• Motivation &inspiration• Knowledge training(product/ service/industry)• Recruiting• Promotions/ newroles/ new positions• Performance reviews• Recognition
  23. 23. Sales Manager’s ChecklistOperational Issues• Sales Activity –Affordability/ mobiletrips etc.• DisbursementAnalysis (teamleader/ salesexecutive/ territory/institution)• Sales process review• Sales communicationreview & distribution• Before-and after-the-sale review(processes)• Lead generation (newareas?)• Barriers to removefrom sales efforts
  24. 24. Sales Manager’s ChecklistYour PeopleSelf Development• Management skills• Additional contributionsExternal Relationships• FIL Admin review• Top competitor review
  25. 25. FIL Sales Management Checklist• Your people• General periodic discussion &review• Goals & expectationsunderstanding• Sales skill training• Motivation & inspiration• Knowledge training (product/service/ industry)• Recruiting• Promotions/ new roles/ newpositions• Performance reviews• Recognition• Self-development• Management skills• Additional contributions• Operational issues• Sales Activity – Affordability/mobile trips etc.• Disbursement Analysis (teamleader/ sales executive/territory/ institution)• Sales process review• Sales communication review &distribution• Before-and after-the-salereview (processes)• Lead generation (new areas?)• Barriers to remove from salesefforts• External relationships• FIL Admin review• Top competitor review
  26. 26. FIL Sales Manager’s Checklist
  27. 27. 10 Mistakes of Sales managers
  28. 28. 10 Mistakes of Sales managers#1• Fail to shift from―super salesperson‖mode to managerialmindset• Learn what it takes tobe an effective salesmanager
  29. 29. 10 Mistakes of Sales managers#2• Continually fight fires • Firefighting comesfrom a lack ofpriorities and failing tolook for the underlyingcauses of recurringproblems
  30. 30. 10 Mistakes of Sales managers#3• Leave staff to sink orswim on their own• The #1 priority of asales manager is tocoach the skill andwill of the sales team
  31. 31. 10 Mistakes of Sales managers#4• Ignore the importanceof performancestandards/getblindsided by poorperformance• Observe your bestsalespeople to definewhat they dospecifically to achievesales excellence
  32. 32. 10 Mistakes of Sales managers#5• Fail to leverage thestrengths andresources of yourteam’s top producers• Help your ―strongmen‖ become rolemodels
  33. 33. 10 Mistakes of Sales managers
  34. 34. 10 Mistakes of Sales managers#6• Spend too much timeworking with thebottom 20%• Focus on middleperformers as―emergingcontributors‖—improving theirperformance will havea bigger impact onthe bottom line thantrying to bringunderperformers upto minimum standards
  35. 35. 10 Mistakes of Sales managers#7• Allow seniorsalespeople to getstuck in a de-motivated mode• Help reenergizeexperienced butcomplacent reps; getthem to ―step up‖
  36. 36. 10 Mistakes of Sales managers#8• Be inconsistent inrecruiting and hiring• Develop a rigoroushiring process—yournext new hire is thefuture of your team
  37. 37. 10 Mistakes of Sales managers#9• Assume your salesreps will figure thingsout the same way youdid• Avoid the temptationto leave people ontheir own; provideregular feedback andcoaching to your reps
  38. 38. 10 Mistakes of Sales managers#10• Hang on to lowproducingsalespeople for fartoo long.• Set minimumstandards, and thenenforce standards bymanaging poorperformers eitherup, or out the door.
  39. 39. 10 Mistakes of Sales managers