The Recipe for Successful Sales and Marketing Integration


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Are your sales people complaining that they need more inbound leads? Is your marketing team disappointed that your sales people are not closing more business? Or worse, are you pretending that sales and marketing are the same thing?

Marketing and Sales, while closely related, are distinct roles in your company and it's a mistake to simply lump them together.

You need a strong inbound marketing system to generate leads, and you need a strong sales team to close those leads.

So why do so many companies keep these two sides of the company in silos?

Learn how marketing and sales can work together to create a powerful system that consistently gets qualified leads through your sales process.

Learning objectives include:

* How to define Marketing's role in generating leads
* How to integrate your marketing database with your sales CRM
* How to create a continuous feedback system that improves performance
* How to follow up on inbound leads
* How to properly qualify (and disqualify) inbound leads
* How to truly set your sales people up for success

If you suspect that your marketing and sales strategies could be better aligned, this is for you.

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The Recipe for Successful Sales and Marketing Integration

  1. 1. The Recipe for Successful SALES & MARKETING Integration Learn how marketing and sales can work together to create a powerful system that consistently gets qualified leads through your sales process. PRESENTERS: MICHAEL REYNOLDS / BRIAN KAVICKY
  2. 2. Michael Reynolds About Michael: • President / CEO of SpinWeb • Cellist • Sushi connoisseur • Tennis player • Marketing/tech nerd •
  3. 3. Agenda Today we’ll cover: ! • Marketing’s role in business development • Qualifying inbound leads • Marketing database / CRM integration • Following up on inbound leads • Continuous feedback and optimization
  4. 4. Sales & Marketing Sales and marketing are not the same thing. They are two distinct roles and systems.
  5. 5. Goal of Sales To help prospects make good decisions.
  6. 6. Lead Generation Frequently misunderstood. Don’t put the entire burden on your sales people.
  7. 7. Sales Scalability Problems with old methods: ! • Prospects don’t respond as well • Difficult to scale • Not a targeted approach • Leads dry up • Causes burnout
  8. 8. Inbound Marketing A modern marketing system makes use of teaching through relevant content, such as blogs, long-form content, social media, video, and other tools.
  9. 9. Inbound Marketing Stats From HubSpot: Companies that blog get 55% more website visitors than those who do not • Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads into the marketing funnel than traditional outbound leads • B2B Companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those who do not • 48% increase in inbound marketing budgets in 2013 • Outbound budgets decline to 23% of spend ! •
  10. 10. Role of Marketing The job of your marketing department is to create awareness, GENERATE NEW LEADS, and nurture/filter those leads toward the sales team.
  11. 11. Lead Scoring Lead scoring is a way to learn the level of interest of your leads over time and react accordingly.
  12. 12. Lead Scoring Timelines can help you determine the interest level of a lead.
  13. 13. Qualifying Leads Criteria for scoring leads: ! • Job title • Industry • Type of activity • Level of interest • Custom criteria
  14. 14. CRM Integration A good sales & marketing system integrates marketing database and CRM together.
  15. 15. Marketing/Sales Handoff Tight integration occurs when your marketing system is effectively scoring and filtering leads and your sales team is taking them through a process.
  16. 16. Segmentation = Efficiency
  17. 17. Flow MQL List into CRM
  18. 18. Start to Qualify for Sales
  19. 19. Following Up The old rules of sales followup don’t work. You need to take an inbound approach.
  20. 20. Use a Sales Process
  21. 21. Culture of Integration Integration between marketing and sales is not just a technical issue... it’s part of your culture and process.
  22. 22. Collaboration Process How to work together: ! • Weekly meetings between sales/marketing • Review feedback from prospects/clients • Review marketing tools/content available • Optimize and course-correct • Create content from data and experiences
  23. 23. Questions Contact information: ! • Michael Reynolds: