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Ancillary poster (steps) production log 12

Ancillary poster (steps) production log 12






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    Ancillary poster (steps) production log 12 Ancillary poster (steps) production log 12 Presentation Transcript

    •  While I am creating my poster I am going to do a production log to show the steps I have taken to complete and edit the poster task. The software that I am going to be using is ‘Adobe Photoshop CS6’ and since using this program last year I feel I am a good user so I’ll be able to produce a poster to a good level.
    • First I opened the Photoshop program then chose my page size which was A4I then went onto to make the back ground black so I could use lighter coloursof text so they stand out on the poster.
    • First I found an image of a Golden apple on Google which I went onto edit in Photoshop I edited the apple by using the ‘Bevel’ tool which allowed me to make part of the apple lighter on one side and dark on the other. I also used the ‘Magic Wand’ tool which allowed me to crop around the image and get rid of the background so the apple would just be a circle.After I done this I added the Apple to the poster.After I had finished editing theApple I added it over the blackbackground which I positioned theimage of the apple to be the centreof the page so it stands out.
    • After I had finished editing the image I then went onto add thetitle of the poster. Firstly I chose the text I wanted to use for thetitle which was ‘Bodoni’. Then I used different effects as ‘Bevel & Emboss and Gradient overlay’ to edit the effect of the title text. The Gradient overlay effect allowed me to make the text have two colours which were ‘Gold & White’ which mixed in with each other and the ‘Bevel & Emboss’ tool allowed me to make the text bold which stands out on the poster. I then added the edited text underneath the image to make the title and image correspond with each other on the poster.
    • Through my research on posters I found that they used taglines so on my poster I decided to do the same so I could attract my target audience.To keep consistency throughout the poster Iused the same font and gradient overlaycolours so they correspond with one anotheron the poster and so the target audiencedoesn’t get distracted by too many differentthings happening on the poster. This is the poster with the tagline included at the top of the page I originally had the tagline in the apple with a black font but it didn’t work so I chose to move it to the top where nothing else was so the tagline could stand out.
    • Like all the other text on I included ‘Most anticipated’ because I felt thisthe poster I’ve kept would attract the target audience and would beeverything the same with the unique selling point alongside the taglinefont and effect tools to which would help sell the movie.keep the consistency. As all the text has the same effects and font I decided to spread them out across the poster so they aren’t close to each other and as you can see they all have different Gradient angles from one another.
    • Finally I added the last bit of text which wasthe credits on the poster of the creators of theproject and the actors involved in the movie.The same font ‘Bodoni’ is used but unlike allother text on the poster I decided to use awhite colour font and I didn’t use the effectsthat I used on all the other pieces of text Iplaced on the poster. This is the complete design of the poster with all the relevant features on it to draw in the audience many codes and conventions were challenged such as the use of image normally movies have a photograph of the main actors I decided to use an apple which emphasises the significances of the apple in the movie.
    • Also on the poster I added my groupsproduction name ‘Bigger & Better’ atthe bottom of the page so theaudience could establish who madethe movie. Which was made byThamina The image which is used at the bottom of the poster to identify our company.
    • Completed ancillary poster.