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A Magazine Advertisement For The Digipak - Construction


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By Sundas Bostan

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A Magazine Advertisement For The Digipak - Construction

  1. 1. For the promotional poster we incorporated anobject of significance from our music video.We used a teddy bear which was given to theartist to symbolise the most predominanttheme within our video which is the power oflove. We therefore decided to have a simpleimage of this teddy on a desk. On thepromotional poster we used the Sin city effect,this effect caused the whole of the poster toappear black and white apart from the teddy,we felt this was effective as it would not onlycause the teddy to stand out but emphasisethe power of love the protagonist has for herboyfriend, it also suggests that her boyfriendis what brings colour in to her life and withouthim her life is colourless. The font we used forthe promotional poster was the same as thefont we used for the cover of our CD; we didthis because it meant that we were able tocreate brand identity which therefore madeour cover easily identifiable in stores. We alsoplaced the actual CD cover on the poster; wefelt this would allow buyers to easily identifyour cover when going out to buy it.
  2. 2. Step 1We chose the main image for the promotional poster and opened it onto Adobe Photoshop. I then used the“Pen Tool” to select the teddy bear and then inversed the image so that the background was now selected,and then desaturated the image creating the Sin City effect this is where the object of significance is incolour however the background is black and white I believe this was effective as it allowed the audience todistinguish the past from the present.
  3. 3. Sin City Effect
  4. 4. Step 2Here I added the websiteand album name whichis the same font used inthe album digipak toillustrate a strong liaisonbetween both ancillarytasks and showscontinuity within ourwork .
  5. 5. Step 3I searched for an image of a flower/plantwhich was growing so I could use it todemonstrate growth in the artistrelationship with her boyfriend . HoweverI wanted to manipulate the image so italso portrays the death of the relationshipbetween the artist and her mother . I thenopened the image on Adobe Photoshopand removed the background with the“Magic Eraser Tool” and filled the flowerwhite , to show the death of a relationshipbut did not want to edit the image tomuch , our focus group said that this waseffective as they could still identify that itwas a flower .
  6. 6. Step 4I have now layered the flower design underneath the album name , and change the album name to thecolour black ( previously it was white ) because it stood out against the background better. Later I filled in theeyes of the teddy bear because the dots in the teddy bears eyes made the image look slightly unprofessionalalso our focus group suggested that the image would look better without it . I did this by colouring the eyesblack with the “Brush Tool”.
  7. 7. Step 5 Before AfterChanged the colour of the flower with the “Hue/Saturation” Tool , I have alsoadded the release date and wrote “Featuring the No.1 Hit Sensation”.
  8. 8. Step 6Here I have chose to use the “Dark StrokesEffect” to add character to the image since byusing this effect it adds shadows to helpdevelop the absence of colour and the loss ofhope atmosphere . I also added a heart in thecorner of the poster because I was going to useit to frame the page numbers , I took this imagefrom the internet because when I drew one andscanned the image in , the pencil lines did notappear as sharp as the image from the internet.
  9. 9. Step 7I added the artist name which is sort of like a logobecause it is used throughout both ancillary tasks .I also added the front cover of the album so theaudience are enticed and excited because thefront cover is quite eye catching also the audiencecan become familiar with the cover so it is easierto identify when searching for it in stores . Later Iused the “Curves Tool” to adjust the lighting sotheir was not too much difference in lighting on theleft and right side of the image.
  10. 10. I have added a Step 8 frame on the album cover to highlight the image making it stand out , I did this using the rectangle auto shapes and framed the AlbumHere I have added quotes and cover.wrote pre order on iTunes thisshows different ways to get thealbum – accessibility gives theconsumer more variety andthere are in control to choosewhich way of buying the albumbest suits them , also I havechanged “out now on” to“available on” because is did notmake sense. In order for it tolook professional I opened theactual iTunes logo onto AdobePhotoshop and removed thebackground using the “MagicEraser tool” and overlapped thelogo onto the poster and addedthe release date in the samefont and colour as the logo.
  11. 11. Step 9When looking at other magazine promotional posters I noticed that next to the company quotes theyhave star ratings next to them , therefore we decided to incorporate this into our magazinepromotional poster . To do this I opened a blank star which I took from the internet , and fill it in blackwith the “paint bucket tool” and layered it onto of the poster and placed it above the quotes . HoweverI needed more then one star therefore I kept duplicating the image allowing me to create many stars.I gave two of the quotes a 5 star rating but one was a 4.5 star rating and therefore cropped half a starand added it on to represent 0.5
  12. 12. Step 10Since it was a magazine promotional poster we needed our poster to resembleone which would be seen in a magazine and therefore added a magazinecompany name near the bottom by the page numbers , also I have deleted theheart shape which I placed earlier because although it was elegant andappealing to looked more suited solely to the RnB genre and therefore someof our audience may like it but others may not . This time I used a magazinecompany “Billboard” since it caters for all different tastes in music, andtherefore would bring the poster to a bigger audience allowing people who likeother genres such as “Hip-Hop” to be enticed as well . Therefore I opened animage of the logo and removed the background and placed it on top of theposter however due to the logo being black it did not stand out and could notbe seen since the bottom of the poster was also black therefore I changed thecolour of the logo to white and wrote “Limited Edition Issue” therefore this willintrigue the audience and make it seem as a “Must have album” because theposter is mentioned in an exclusive one time only magazine .
  13. 13. * FINAL POSTER *