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Evaluation q4


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Evaluation q4

  1. 1. Q4. How did I use new technologies in the research and planning,construction and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Q4 Keynote – I have used ‘keynote’ to help create my Title card. Throughout using this software I have learnt how to import images and videos onto it and create text on top of the image, I have also learnt to control when to bring the text on and off at certain times. iMovie – I have used ‘iMovie’ to help create my ‘Hollyoaks’ trailer, ‘rejected photos’ and my ‘Mancunian Way’ trailer. To do this, I had to import the videos we had taken on the HD cameras from the shared document and then placed the clips in the right order to create a developed trailer. To featured the right codes and conventions of a good media product, I had to crop down some clips and overlay music which made the trailers look more realistic.
  3. 3. Blogger – I have used ‘Blogger’ to help me upload and feature mywork for my A2 level. I have uploaded my work in stages and arrangedthem in the order they should be to create a well developed and easy toread work blog. I have done this with the help of ‘slideshare’ and‘Youtube’.Youtube/video – I have used ‘Youtube’ to help me upload both ofmy trailers and my rejectedPhotos to my blog, I had tocreate my own youtubeaccount to do this.Slideshare – I have used ‘Slideshare’as another device to help me uploadwork to my blog.
  4. 4. Slideshare – when uploading my work to ‘slideshare’ for me to be able to upload it and feature it on my blog, I had to get the ‘embeded’ link and copy and paste the link into my blog. Twitter – ‘Twitter’ has been a useful software to use for my A2 level as it allows me to contact and show the link for feedback to my media teacher and other students who I have given feedback to, and also how I can see my feedback from them.PowerPoint – I have used the software ‘Powerpoint’ to help create a lot of my work, as it is an easy but deficient software to create good work on, and also helps you put across your work easily.
  5. 5. DSLR cameras for photography - I have used the ‘DSLR’ camerasto take photos in the green room for my ancillary front cover andbillboard. Publisher – I used publisher to generate feedback for other class mates who had done the same sub-genre as me; ‘reality tv show’ this gave me great help and confidence in knowing what I had to include in my real project.
  6. 6. Green screen images – I have used the ‘green screen’ to able me to take pictures for my Billboard which Ican change the colour of the background, the green screen helped me do this, as I does not capture or imitate anyother colours and makes it easier to get rid of just the background colour.
  7. 7. PhotoshopIn this PowerPoint I will how I created a professional looking Image that was used on my Billboard poster. I will talkyou through the different steps that it took to achieve the end result. I used the Print Screen button to captureexactly what I did, and to show my steps of making the product. This made it easier for me to explain Step byStep.Firstly, I opened the right image into Adobe Photoshop. I used the contrast and brightness tool to change thecolour and lighting of the image, then I used the ‘Magic eraser tool’ to get rid of all the background. After this, Icropped the image to the needed size, I then made the correct size and coloured box on another page ofPhotoshop and dragged the image onto the right box that I wanted, then pressed ‘apply’ to confirm that myimage stayed there.
  8. 8. Firstly, I opened the right image into Adobe Photoshop I have chosen this image because the character has a confident expression on his face, which I think will give the audience a sex appeal atmosphere. This particular pose also links in well with the story line, as he is a player and the pose gives off this impression well.
  9. 9. I used the contrast and brightness tool to change the colourand lighting of the image. I needed to change the brightness of the image, as the lighting made the image look very dull and boring. I also changed the contrast of the image to make the boldness standout more then you first look at it.
  10. 10. Then I used the ‘Magic eraser tool’ to get rid of all thebackground. I needed to use the ‘Magic eraser’ tool to get rid of the background because I needed to change each background colour of each image so they contrasted and you could see all the characters were in a different box.
  11. 11. I first pressed the ‘magic eraser’ tool and it only got rid of some of the background, so I had to press it again on the green bits until they were completely gone, and I had a clear background.1. 2. 3.
  12. 12. After this, I cropped the image to the needed size1. 2. The image had to be made smaller,3. as when I put it on 4. the billboard all together, the audience would not be able to see his face.
  13. 13. I then made the correct size and coloured Then pressed ‘apply’ to confirm that my image stayed on another page of Photoshop I then repeated this with all my other images to create the final media product of a billboard.