Technology evaluation


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Technology evaluation

  2. 2. APPLE I MACI do not personally own an iMac. Through using the iMac for media studies, I havelearnt how to operate it, i.e. starting it up and learning its user interface as well aslearning how to use its unique keyboard and mouse. Because this system isdifferent from Windows, I had to learn the new features that the iMac provides,however I got used to the iMac after using it frequently in Media lessons.I used the iMac for many purposes. Firstly, it was the central location where all myimportant files were created and stored, most of which were produced throughusing apple’s built in safari application. In addition, I used other apple software’sbuilt into the iMac like photo booth and Motion, which was used to create the titlesof my movie opening. I even learnt that Microsoft built an apple version ofMicrosoft office, this meant that I had to learn how to use the office packages too.However, this wasn’t too hard as it was pretty similar to the office package onMicrosoft computers.Finally I used the iMac to run Final Cut Pro. Here I learnt how to set up Final CutPro and export my work using the iMac’s interface.
  3. 3. FINAL CUT PRO & MOTIONOne of the main software we used to create our Motion was also difficult to use. I didmovie opening was Final Cut Pro. Here I edited not have enough time to learn aboutour video footage. Apples iMovie does notcompare to Final Cut Pro because iMovie is a this software however I was taughtmuch more simpler and user friendly software. the basics. I learnt how to locateAt first glance, Final Cut Pro looked intimidating templates and add text to theas there was a lot of features and options. canvas. Also I understood how theHowever after learning the basic functions of the frames worked. In the end my groupsoftware, like learning how to cut, add and moveclips, add inputs and outputs, using log and found a simple but effective title art.capture and how to export movies as a Adding the text and exporting it as aQuicktime movie, Final cut became less Quicktime movie was easy.intimidating. Final Cut Pro is a professionalsoftware that requires a lot of practice and Personally, I would have liked toexperience. It is due to making many small spend more time on Motion to learnmovies in class as preliminary tasks that I got some of the more advanced effectsbetter at using and understanding Final Cut Pro. that the software offers.
  4. 4. CANON CAMCORDER & VOICE RECORDER I used a voice recorderWe used a simplistic Canon MD205 because during one of thecamcorder and a tripod to record our shots in the movie, the voicemovie opening. I learnt what the many of my character couldn’t besigns on the screen meant, for heard. The voice recorder The mini dv tapes were used helped to record the sameexample the battery life indicator. speech externally and then I to store the recorded videoAlso, I learnt how to set up a tripod added it onto the sound track footage. To transfer thewhilst observing the built in spirit level footage onto the iMac, I learnt on Final Cut Pro. I could haveto check the level of the camera how to connect the camcorder used the built in microphonesangle. to the iMac by using the fire on the iMac but the soundFinally, I learnt how to attach the wire cable. After attaching it I quality was better by usingcamcorder on to the tripod and how to learnt how to log and capture the voice recorder. Also this the video footage using the enabled me to experienceuse the tripod so that the camera more technology whilst options on Final Cut Pro. Ishots are smooth and precise. making my movie opening. faced some problems with the tape, one of the problems were that the footage we recorded overlapped a previous footage, this was because we recorded over the footage and not the footage that was blacked out.
  5. 5. I used Jamendo to locate music I learnt how to use this websitefor our movie opening. This to research the different types ofwebsite allows users to locate titles that movies include so thatthousand of free music. The I can add similar styles to mywebsite had special ways to filter movie opening. The websitethe type of music I was look for, offered a lot of title examplesfor example, you can select the that inspired me. However, itmood and genre of the music you was hard incorporating suchare looking for. I quickly learnt styles into our movie opening ashow to locate the type of music I there were a lot of effects used.was after because the website I had to use the templates thatwas set up well. Also, I learnt how Motion download and transfer themusic.