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Media Question

mediaaaaaaaaaaa evaluation

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Media Question

  1. 1. Research<br />Using ‘Safari’ internet browser research started out on the website ‘Art of the Title’. We watched opening sequences and gained an better understanding of what needs to be included from titles to narrative. I found these technologies very easy to use as I frequently browse websites.<br />Other research involved doing a textual analysis of other opening sequences by gaining clips from ‘YouTube’ and analysing them for conventions of an opening sequence.<br />
  2. 2. Planning<br />Planning involved storyboarding, mind-mapping and an animatic. In order to make the animatic we used a digital camera to take photos of our storyboards, we then uploaded them into ‘iMovie’ and put them in order of how we wanted the real life sequence to be. From doing this it helped me better my skills at using ‘iMovie’ in preparation for the real thing. This involved being able to put images together, getting the timings right and putting music over it.<br />
  3. 3. Filming<br />To film we used a handheld Panasonic camera and tripod. Using the camera was easy, the buttons we clear to zoom in/out and it was easy to film certain shots. Whenever I use a camera I feel I learn something new every time. For example, finding a light on the camera to make lighting better in filming and altering the tripod more quickly and easily.<br />
  4. 4. Editing<br />Editing involved upload our footage to the iMacs with a USB lead, converting them to DV files and then finally importing them into iMovie. This was a very lengthy process but I progressively got quicker at doing it.<br />When editing in iMovie I learnt how to add effecting transitions, add titles, make a still image from a moving image, add sound effects and add my soundtrack as well as cut the track and fade it out. It was all clearly labelled what to do in the software and the timeline made putting it all together very easy.<br />your movie<br />footage/clips<br />timeline<br />tools - eg. titles, transitions and sound effects<br />
  5. 5. Blogging<br />This whole blog has been created on ‘itslearning’. In order to vary how I have presented my information I have learnt how to use this program for the first time. Uploading any image, files or powerpoints is very easy. There are also a range of fonts and blog styles. It is a very efficient way to display my work and evaluate it, being able to go back and edit anything.<br />