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Aaron powerp

  1. 1. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing the product?
  2. 2.   To film we was equipped with a HD camera which was very useful because this meant the footage would not be to pixilated and low quality uploading onto the Mac computer for editing was also very easy.  We also was equipped with a tripod which meant we had secure shots with no unnecessary shakes which would have made the film look unprofessional.  Finally the last filming equipment that was used was a dolly for cinematography techniques such as tracking, this made the movement of the camera nice and smooth.
  3. 3.   The programs that was used to edit the film were, IMovie, Final Cut, Garage Band and Live Type.  Final cut was difficult at first with it being the first time we used it but once we started using it more we became much more familiar the tools and how to use it. We developed skills on how to edit the video, the sound and things such as color and contrast which was very useful.  For in IMovie this was much more easier as we had used it before for our preliminary task, this program was very basic so we decided to only import footage on IMovie and then drag it to final cut for the editing.
  4. 4.   For live type it was difficult like final cut at first but then I eventually knew how to use it successfully for example to change the font is on the side bar • As for the colour that was on the left, the bar was called styleEach layer you make appears at the bottom ofthe screen which was the timeline. To maketransitions effect your words you simply dragthem and put them underneath the section.
  5. 5.   For garage band it was much more difficult to use compared to the other programs that was used, the reason being was that there was so many different types of sounds and instruments to choose from, how ever it was very similar to the layout of final cut.
  6. 6.   To make the black tiger logo we used Photoshop, this was a good program as you can easily manipulate the images to making it fit for your standards.
  7. 7.   To do this we used some social network sites such as Facebook and twitter, it was an easy way to do it as people would easily be able to view and share your work to widen your horizon of feed back. YouTube was also used.
  8. 8. Firstly as a group we discussed various ideas that we could use as our opening sequence for a thriller. Once we had finished talking this through and analyzing each option, we created a shot by shot story board and Animatics. We then edited this on IMovie and then put it on our group blog we then recorded some audience feedback of what they thought would be in a conventional thriller movie, we then used some of there key informations and used it towards our thriller, this also went onto our group blog, after this we then recorded actors in the film.Using IMovie and Final Cut we edited the whole movie on its own, each member of the group had there tasks to do so while the film was being edited someone was on garage band making the soundtrack that would have been similar to conventional thriller films. Also another person was creating the titles on live type. After everything we done we then put everything together on final cut.After this we then had a final audience feedback in order to tweak out film