Cd cover convention By.Maja


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Cd cover convention By.Maja

  1. 1. M.Raja
  2. 2. Conventions of a CD cover Artists face: they take a picture to sell themselves and also to make people aware who the artist is and how they look. This is a good marketing strategy and it also helps construct a star. Artist body: most female artist sell their bodies, they take sexualized pictures to tempt the audience to fall in love with an image and the star, thus they make money. Also this is star construction. However, this is not common among male artists but some do take provocative pictures that sell their bodies to women. Artistic/artistic picture: Artist like to be artistic and explore their imagination. Some albums are very colorful and abstract this may be because the album is what the audience make of it just like abstract art. Selling an idea: Some artists sell an idea rather then themselves. Some album covers are controversial, funny, weird and sometimes even gross. This is so that the audience look at it and think about what the album is trying to say.
  3. 3. Trough showing a full picture of an artists face, they can set the latest trend i.e. what hair style is in fashion, make up styles or even what clothes to wear etc. It also helps construct a star image Notion of looking: Here the Red hair and red lipstick: She wants to sell her self to her fans as someone who is good looking and seductive. Red resembles love or lust and it stands out because it is bold. She uses red to also stand out. artist is looking away from the picture. This is to make him look stylish and like a star because people will look at him but he is not looking back.
  4. 4. Artists use the female body to attract people, mainly the male audience. Male artists usually take a topless photo if they have a “fit” body. This is to attract the female fans
  5. 5. The use of abstract imagery helps promote and artists because the weirder it is the more likely fans will remember it. This is a good marketing strategy because fans will remember an artists album cover. Sometimes an album cover is abstract because it allows an artists to explore their emotions felt by the album.
  6. 6. Some artists don't focus on their looks or desire a star construction. They prefer to sell an idea to challenge society. Sometimes an album cover is really artistic and looks very weird, artists do this because they just want to be different and want to appeal to the mass audience.
  7. 7. A common theme throughout country albums are the colours used. Most are yellowish orang; a symbolic colour that may represent the warmth of the country. Also the clothes that are worn can sometimes be symbolic of that genre, for example Tim Mcgraw wears a cowboy hat in most of his album covers. Also, some artists are seen holding a musical instrument, most commonly an acoustic