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  • Capstone Digital isn’t a brand new presence in the market. We already have over 4,000 buildings implemented successfully on some of our products. Of note:Charleston County in South Carolina has a district-wide implementation where they’ve increased their collection circulation. For librarians, turnover means how often a book circulates in a year. In an average elementary school, an average turnover rate is 1 to 10 circulations a year. Charleston had an average turnover rate of 337 circulations for each digital book in the past year – an increase of over thirty times.Hillsborough County implemented in all of their title 1 schools. The students found and started using the product before the teachers were fully trained!
  • The interest inventory is a way to match students with books that they want to read. Students indicate how interested they are in a variety of topics, and they’ll build their interests by adding more topics. Interests are refined through the student profile screen, and by rating books read. But, the interest inventory is only half of the book recommendation equation.Key Points:The student can retake the interest inventory by using their “Account” button.
  • Each student will have the same structure of a home page, but the featured titles will be different on the recommended view.Key Point:Don’t forget to talk about the Book Wall – these are fun covers of books that have been read in the school, or are new.
  • myOn reader

    1. 1. myON readerA Personalized Reading Breakthrough
    2. 2. Three myON® reader InnovationsPersonalization and Reading Growth Dynamic, Interactiv Social Networking and Reporting e Digital Books Platform System• Inventory of • Over 2,000 digital • Measures Student Interest books with audio quantity of and growing student reading• Student Ratings of Online Books • Unlimited open • Benchmarks licensing – no student reading• Safe Social check-in or growth; Lexiles Networking check-out • Easy to review • All books have student reporting comprehension quizzes • School and district reporting
    3. 3. Success StoriesImplementations in over 800 schools; by 750,000 students: – Charleston County, SC • Used by 72 schools • Collection turnover increased by 30x – 1 year circulation of a print book = 10 – 1 year digital book circulation = 337 – Hillsborough County, FL • Used by 85 schools • 70,000 books read the first two months of implementation (before official teacher training program was complete) • 165,000 books read in summer school
    4. 4. Interest InventoryFor K-4 Students For Students in Grade 5 and up
    5. 5. Student Home Page
    6. 6. Adding Other Publisher Titles • Expand the myON collection with even more titles from additional publishers: – Saddleback Educational Publishing – Sylvan Dell Publishing • Meet student needs for classics, higher leveled books, additional Spanish, etc…
    7. 7. Book Engagement and Comprehension Students rate and review books, and can share their thoughts within the school Book quizzes test for reading comprehension
    8. 8. Growing Reading Ability Benchmark tests check student reading level changes Measure and forecast student reading levels
    9. 9. Awards and Reviews• Winner of the 16th Annual EDDIE Award for Upper Elementary Reading Website• SIIA Innovation Incubator Award • Winner: “Most Likely to Succeed in the Education Market “ • Runner-up for the “Most Innovative Education Product or Service”• BESSIE Award for Best Reading Website, 2011 ComputED• District Administration –Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products of 2011• Tech and Learning - 2011 Tech and Learning Awards of Excellence