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Ken Michaels - New World Scale Equation


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Hachette Book Group has rebuilt their own digital infrastructure in the past several years to leverage the advantages of scale — scale which they believe can be achieved through efficiency as well as through size. Under the leadership of Ken Michaels, President and COO of Hachette and Chair of the Book Industry Study Group, the company is focused on better providing value to authors by investing in services, capabilities, and agility, rather than relying strictly on volume and size.

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Ken Michaels - New World Scale Equation

  1. 1. The New World Scale EquationKen MichaelsPresidentHachette Book Group
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. 3Ways to Scale…Wal-MartLogistics /DeliveryHuffingtonPostContentAggregationNetflixAccessibilityIntelR&DFind your core competency and build on that!
  4. 4. 4Self Publishing TraditionalMarket is now “Over-Served”with huge supply of media choices
  5. 5. 5InfrastructureWhere to focus…ContentCreationContentManagementDelivery DiscoveryTransactionsIntelligence
  6. 6. 6Distributed with Discovery and Reach in mindData Quality& IntelligenceGlobal Rights & MonitoringGlobal integration & interoperability Demand/Supply ForecastingEfficiency & Integration at HBGCommerce Analytics Marketing CommunityContent Created Once
  7. 7. 7Data is the Key to ExecutionFixRetailersMetadataAuthor BioDescriptionBISAC CategoryPresentation &Discovery
  8. 8. 8Challenge Target SolutionReaching consumerswhere they interact,share, and influenceFacebookReaching consumers’influence pointsWhere consumers“flock”Consumer intelligenceon what is workingPricing,Merchandizing,On-Sale-DateTactics & MonitoringReach & Discovery
  9. 9. 9• Changing economic conditions• Dual investment strain (digital and traditional)• Speed and complexity of technology• Service capabilities grow in importance• Skill sets required• Lack of training budgets• Modular attributes• Cloud ScalabilityWhy SAAS is the new business imperative
  10. 10. 10Innovation + Execution = ScaleAuthors’ContentConsumers