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Put Me In The Story


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Sourcebooks founder Dominique Raccah will talk about this new iPad app, featuring customized bestselling picture books for young readers.

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Put Me In The Story

  1. 1. children’s bedtime experience Can we make the warmth, the connection, the joy, the bonding … better
  2. 2. Let me show you how this works…
  3. 3. Dedication page, creates special moment
  4. 4. A chance to make a wish every night …
  5. 5. ―I am excited and proud to be adebut author with Sourcebooks new e-initiative that will offer kids and parents a new way toconnect with a love of reading!‖ ̶ Marianne Richmond
  6. 6. Strong early user review for the app … ―One of the best apps for children on the iPad! Beautiful art and animations, enjoyable story and a delightful Put Me In The Story mode. Very much recommended!‖
  7. 7. Great early press … As seen in the New York Times: Children‘s Books Starring Your Own Children ―‗Put me in the story, Mom!‘ Now you really can.‖—The Christian Science Monitor
  8. 8. Great early press … Very young children will be enthralled and delighted by this app that allows you to quickly and easily personalize specific picture books so your child is included in the story.‖ – The Literary Platform
  9. 9. Great early press … ―A wonderful tool to aid in the development of your child‘s language skills and improves attention span through interactive reading.‖ – AppDiction ―I had to wrestle my iPad away from the girls‖ – Barbara Vey, Publishers Weekly, Beyond Her Book
  10. 10. Beyond the APP… sells printed personalizedversion of these bestselling books
  11. 11. Creating books to cherishforever …
  12. 12. ―We’ve been so pleased with the Put Me In The Story books that we recommend them to anyone looking for the perfect children’s gift. The books are a true keepsake that will be treasured in years to come‖
  13. 13. Put Me In The Story A children’s and adult personalized books platform for bestselling authors and bestselling books
  14. 14. Why is Put Me in the Story News:• APP and Print — Both Experience and Keepsake• Bestselling Books — Beloved Stories• Organized and Developing Platform for Brands and Authors• Perfect Gift Platform• Beyond Children’s Books
  15. 15. Put Me In The Story–What’s different:• Collaboration – not every personalization is the same• Creating a virtuous circle that impacts all 3 parts of the relationship: the adult, the child and the book• Building a first love of reading• Building a bridge to what to read next• Creating our own IP
  16. 16. Welcome to Put Me In The Story, Sesame Workshop!
  17. 17. ―reading is going to really affect your life‖ ̶ Walter Dean Myers 3rd National Ambassador for Young Peoples Literature
  18. 18. Just beginning Put Me In The Story …
  19. 19. An Invitation…email: twitter: @draccah