Winter legacy 7


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Winter legacy 7

  2. 2. Candy looked down at her son lovingly, Noel Winter so far was lacking eyebrows andhis eyes looked much the same as every other baby. She was already envisioning whather son would look like later on and she was pleased.
  3. 3. While Candy admired her beautiful baby, her husband and daughter were downstairsreadying to eat birthday cake. Jack looked at his daughter from the corner of his eyes,taking in her final childhood moments. In a few seconds he would have a teenaged girlon his hands, he remembered the girls from his own time as a teenager, he wasfrightened and decided that perhaps it was time to purchase a gun.
  4. 4. When he saw the results of his daughter’s aging, he agreed with himself mentally, yes itwas time to get a gun. Agnes’ gray eyes blazed out at him but those lips, they were hislips. In a few days time it would be clear that Jack had nothing to worry about, hisdaughter preferred to spend time to herself getting lost in books, in a few years timeJack would find himself begging her to get a boyfriend and spend time out of the house.
  5. 5. When she was not alone Snowie would be playing with her baby brother, it wasclear that Noel was rather spoiled. His parents doted on him and so did his olderbrother and sister.
  6. 6. With his daughter nearly grown and his last birthday, Jack was beginning tofeel old so he started to spend time with his older son. The two hardly hungout since Claus’ birthday and Jack just wanted to know what was going onin his son’s life. He found that the two despite being completely different,had a lot in common.
  7. 7. Strangely enough, Jack had started to love his job, it was just an added bonus thathe got to meet lots of new people and spend time outside, when he went home heusually got caught up with his wife and children and had started to miss his alonetime.
  8. 8. Despite all his snooping though, Jack missed his daughter’s infatuation with a mucholder man. Snowie was completely entranced by Thornton Wolff, he was an olderman who treated her like a woman whereas her daddy still celled her his ‘LittlePrincess’.
  9. 9. As time went by Noel grew into a playful Jack clone (who scared me for aminute when I thought his eyes would be stuck like that). He had his father’snavy blue hair and pretty blue eyes.
  10. 10. Soon it was time for Claus’ birthday.
  11. 11. Claus grew into blue eyes and brown hair with Agnes’ lips. He and his oldersister shared similar personalities but Claus was far more outgoing.
  12. 12. Jack immediately took to his son, suddenly there was a whole bunch ofactivities the two could do together.
  13. 13. Claus’ outgoingness was realized by every member of his family when herefused to leave anyone on their own, much to Snowie’s horror.
  14. 14. Snowie amused her father by complaining that Claus was stalking her. “It’s notjust you Snowie, or even this household for that matter. Claus is just enjoyinghis independence.”“But I want some alone time.”Jack frowned, “You’ve been wanting a lot of alone time lately.”“I’m a loner Dad,” Snowie said getting up from the table. “It’s what I do.”
  15. 15. If there was one thing that Snowie got from her father it was his cunning. Shekept two young men around to throw her father off her back, always claimingthat she was going to Sam Sekemoto’s house or her other friend’s house.When he worried that she didn’t have any female friends her age, she foundsomeone to hang out with, a girl named Madeline. Anything to get her copfather off Thornton’s case.
  16. 16. “What!” Snowie shouted at Claus when she caught him staring at her.Claus was taken aback by his usually quiet sister’s outburst. “I was just thinking thatmaybe its time for us to take Mom to the graveyard.”“Oh.” Snowie rubbed the back of her neck, she’d have to learn how to control herself, butwith Claus, he always gave her the sense that he knew more than he did, and they way hesocialized with everyone she couldn’t be sure that he didn’t.
  17. 17. Jack had heard the exchange between his older children from outside. Agneswas still haunting him although he had become so caught up with life that hehardly saw her anymore. And he was still preoccupied by Snowie’s outburst, shehad been acting rather suspicious lately.
  18. 18. He waited patiently for Snowie to leave and cornered Claus in the living room. “Whatwas that with Snowie?”Claus shrugged. “I have no idea, she’s been jumpy lately, do you know what it’s likesharing a room with her?”Jack rubbed his chin, there was definitely something going on with Snowie and hewould get to the bottom of it.“By the way Dad, can I go to a friend’s house later?”“Yeah, sure.” Jack said absently.
  19. 19. Jack was right, Agnes was still haunting but she was calmer. She greatlyapproved of Candy and she adored the new little boy. She was nearly readyto rest.
  20. 20. Claus had happened upon his cousin Mortimer’s wife Bella while in townand she invited him over to their house. Claus was curious about why hehadn’t met his Uncle Gunter who told him about Aunt Cornelia. Bella smiledsadly, “Morty isn’t here Claus, I’m sure he would have loved to meet you.Perhaps you can come back and bring your sister with you.”
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