Winter legacy 2.1b


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Winter legacy 2.1b

  1. 1. And it wasn’t long before baby number three was on the way (side note: thispregnancy came as a surprise to me, I kept having them try for baby and wasn’tgetting a lullaby, then I found out it was because Regan was already pregnant. Ithink this happened when I put the game to save while I washed dishes, andforgot that the game would be in play when it was done saving).
  2. 2. Mortimer came to visit his cousin one day. “I haven’t seen you in a while Claus, you’vegot yourself a beautiful wife and a pretty little daughter.”“Your Bella is beautiful also…but Brian…are you sure he’s yours?”Mortimer shrugged, his son was not one for looks but he did look a lot like whicheverparent he was standing next to at the time. “It looks like Regan could have had this oneby herself though.” He mused. “Word around town is that you were looking for me?”“I actually was, I’ll put Ice down and come question you, gotta get my notes on thiscase.” Claus left off telling his cousin what his father had revealed.
  3. 3. “How well did you know my mother? And how much did you actually know of theirrelationship?”Mortimer frowned, “Aunt Agnes, I knew well although honestly, when it comes to herrelationship with Jack, I don’t know anything other than what my parents said. I was onlya kid then.”“What do you remember Mortimer, I mean, of your own experiences with my parents,not what your parents told you.”“I just remember Aunty being sad all the time, her talking about you and Snowie. Mymother begging her to leave and her always coming up with an excuse not to.”“I’ll go get my pad, I want you to tell me about the funeral.”
  4. 4. “I was still confused about death, all I knew is that I would never see Aunty again. Iremember my mother crying a lot, and Dad standing behind me while I looked at her inthe casket. I think I’m the only one who saw the bruise on her cheek, it was mostlycovered by makeup, nobody was concerned with actually looking at Aunty, just mourningher…and falling over her casket.”“A bruise?”
  5. 5. “Yeah, it was a pretty big one, looked like fingers.” Memories flooded Mortimer’smind now that he took the time to relive that day. “It was raining, Jack mumbledsomething about it matching his mood. He didn’t want to socialize, he justwanted to sit there and stare at Aunty, I remember him caressing her face,whispering about how sorry he was. Saying how grateful he was for his childrenand how he wished they could have a do-over. After the funeral he immediatelywent home to you and Snowie.”
  6. 6. “People who didn’t know the truth called Aunty’s death a tragedy. Friends who knewAunty best said they knew he would kill her, how dare Jack show his face at her funeral.Those who knew him better saw a widower in mourning, saying that he feels deepregret for the way he treated her their entire relationship. There were speculations, somany speculations, but nobody knows what happened for sure.”
  7. 7. “I know.”“What? He told you?” Mortimer questioned.“No, you did.” Claus shook his cousin’s hand. “I’ll see you Mortimer.”
  8. 8. A few days later it was time for a birthday. Just as predicted, Ice grew into a replicaof his mother, but with black hair.
  9. 9. Claus and Regan were sitting enjoying their little family when suddenly Reganwas standing in a puddle. Claus grabbed his chest, “What just happened?”“My water broke, I guess you should get me to the hospital.”This would be the first time Claus would experience his wife’s labor anddelivery from start to finish.
  10. 10. Regan introduced baby Rudolph to his older siblings and took a guess that hewould be a blond, blue eyed child like his older sister.
  11. 11. The nursery was small, and having three cribs made it rather cramped, only onechild could comfortably play in the room while their parents were tending to oneof the others.
  12. 12. Claus and Regan figured since they were already at three kids, they should hurry upand have the other two. Soon Regan was sick again. Even though this pregnancy wasplanned, Claus was shocked when his wife ran into the bathroom and beganthrowing up. Soon they would have their fourth child.
  13. 13. The older second generation kids took to watching television while their parentstook to their hobbies. Claus smiled at the toddler’s high pitched giggles as hepainted. Having a family with three small children and one on the way wastiring, exhausting even but it was moments like these that made the sleeplessnights and lack of quiet or rest completely worth it.
  14. 14. Regan, although heavily pregnant with her fourth child was in her element.The screaming children didn’t faze her, she was like a super woman, giving abottle here, potty training there. Where three children crying at the sametime got Claus worked up, it put Regan in her zone, super charging her.Claus had learnt not to try to help, Regan complained that the only thing hedid was get in her way.
  15. 15. Baby number four kicked Regan so hard as the woman waddled into the bathroom,that the amniotic sac tore and Regan had to be rushed to the hospital.
  16. 16. Feliz Winter was born by c-section an hour later.
  17. 17. As soon as she was given the OK by her doctor, Regan crawled into bed andgave her husband ‘the look’. “No!” Claus said, “You just had another baby, nowthere’s four screaming kids, Regan we both need a break.”
  18. 18. Regan ignored him and held her smile, Claus went on. “If not for you for me, Ineed some sleep. Let’s work on the last baby when Rudolph and Feliz are kids, bythen Mistletoe should be old enough to help out.
  19. 19. Eventually Claus did give in to Regan, but he did so with a heavy sigh and lots ofcomplaining.
  20. 20. Then it was time for another birthday. Claus was more than happy to watchRudolph become a toddler, of course it would mean more potty training andtalking and walking lessons.
  21. 21. Rudolph grew into a dark skinned, gray eyed Jack.
  22. 22. Regan got to work teaching Rudolph his skills. Although she’d done ittwice already she still marveled her baby learning life’s basic skills.
  23. 23. On Monday, Claus went to work on the top of the Forensic Science track.
  24. 24. Regan was just tending to Rudolph when she felt a familiar tightness around herabdomen. This pregnancy was much the same as her first one, completelyuneventful. “Hey Rudolph baby, Momma’s gonna call the babysitter alright.”
  25. 25. The Winter’s welcomed baby Navidad into the world.
  26. 26. Navidad was born on Mistletoe’s birthday. Regan was on cloud 9, a birth anda birthday but her joy was nothing compared to her husband’s. He was wellon his way to not having to buy any more diapers