Winter legacy 2.2


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Winter legacy 2.2

  1. 1. The Winters had the nursery extended and added a room for Mistletoe (there is onemore crib beside the one at the far right).
  2. 2. On Mistletoe’s first day at school, Claus had the day off and although heoffered to take her to school Mistletoe insisted on catching the bus to and fromschool on her own. Claus peeked through a window, making sure that hiseldest got on the bus.
  3. 3. That evening Mistletoe met her Aunt Snowie. She thought that the woman andher Daddy looked nothing alike, but Aunt Snowie was nice enough and the twogot on well.
  4. 4. She was ecstatic when Snowie offered to play chess with her. “You have toactually play with me Aunty, don’t let me beat you like Daddy does.” Snowiesmiled at her niece. She wanted her own children, but after the way thingswent with Thornton Wolff, she had trouble with men.
  5. 5. Melissa had come over too and she busied herself playing with Rudolph. “Abirth and two birthdays in two days, Regan, I’m exhausted just thinking aboutit.”Regan was actually saddened that she would be losing another baby, but atleast she would get to teach Feliz her toddler skills, that was something tolook forward to.
  6. 6. Claus did the honors of taking his last daughter to the cake, his feelings were thecomplete opposite of his wife’s. He understood that children had to get older,that was the way of life, but instead of looking at the situation as a loss hedecided to look forward to the future in entirety.
  7. 7. Claus was fascinated at how much his youngest daughter looked like the older one.
  8. 8. As Claus watched his three middle kids sitting in the living room, he realized howquickly they grew up. It felt like only a few days ago he was holding Ice and Rudolphand Feliz were nonexistant.
  9. 9. The next evening Claus took Mistletoe to meet more of their family. He foundhimself staring at Brian, again trying to figure out who the young man resembled.Clearly he looked like his mother, but he had his father’s bushy eyebrows.
  10. 10. Brian picked up on something about Mistletoe that her family clearly didn’t, as thegirl babbled on about how bright it was outside, he realized that the girl had to beinsane, it was nearly ten in the night.
  11. 11. The following day Claus went to do some more catching up. He hadn’t been in hisfather’s house since he left and Candy wasted no time giving him the guilt tripand ragging on him for it. (note: the arm thing is a glitch that I had to delete Clausto fix)
  12. 12. He spent some time catching up with his step mother and his brother while hewaited for his father to come home. Claus told his brother about his kids andtheir birthdays and demanded to know what his brother never came over.
  13. 13. Jack came home an hour later, Candy gladly announced that they had a visitor.Jack and Claus smiled at each other. Jack’s own smile was one of relief, he knewthat his son had solved the big mystery, but he was unsure about how Clauswould act once he knew the truth. “I’ll meet you outside Dad.” Claus said.
  14. 14. “So, did you figure it out?”“You two got into one of your many arguments, you hit her, she fellbackward, striking her head on the end table.” Claus looked at his father. “Ihonestly didn’t know how I would react when I learnt the truth, but I’m noteven mad at you. You took our mother away, but you also robbed yourself ofthe love of your life. If I had done that to Regan, the guilt and pain I would feeleveryday would be punishment enough. But why the big secret? Why didn’tyou just tell us?”
  15. 15. “Take a wild guess Claus.”“You didn’t want to be arrested…”“I had already taken my children’s mother away from them, I couldn’t rob themof both parents. You and Snowie looked up at me, how could I tell you? I was anevil person Claus, I married Agnes with the intent of killing her. I’m a terribleperson.”Claus smiled. “But she showed you how to love, and you grew a heart. I can’thate you Dad. I just wished that that didn’t happen. There’s nothing we can doto change the past.”
  16. 16. Some time later, another birthday was celebrated and a brand new cousin wasmet. Ice stared at the boy who was his age, when his Aunty had told them thatshe was getting a kid, they’d expected a baby. Chauncy tried to explain that hewas adopted but Ice had grown up with both parents and surrounded by love,he couldn’t understand adoption or parents giving their children to someoneelse.
  17. 17. “So, tell me about this whole adoption thing.” Regan asked her sister-in-law aftershe marveled over the handsome little boy that was now her nephew.“It was seeing you with your own children, I just wanted somebody to love meunconditionally.”
  18. 18. “I’ve never told anyone for obvious reasons but me and Thornton Wolffhad started a relationship when I was fifteen. Then one day he decidedthat he didn’t love me anymore. I was heartbroken and it took a while forme to get over Thornton and try to find love. I’d neglected Sam in highschool and when I finally gave him the time of day he had already foundsomeone.”
  19. 19. “I had started dating this guy but things didn’t work out, he ended ourrelationship with that lazy ‘it’s not you it’s me’ line. After doubleheartbreak I was just done with relationships.”
  20. 20. “I went to the park on day and Claus was there with Rudy, and I knew then thatif I ever hoped to have a child, I would have to adopt and that’s exactly what Idid.”
  21. 21. “I had intended to get a baby, but when I went to the home and saw Chauncy I justknew he was born for me. When I brought him home and he hugged me for thefirst time, I fell in love ten times over.”
  22. 22. “I can see that he feels the same way about you.” Regan told Snowie.“Congratulations Mommy.”Snowie blushed and called for her son. “He and Ice seem to have taken toeach other.”
  23. 23. Claus sat chatting with Mistletoe, he blinked at the madness his daughterspoke about having pea soup instead of a cake for a birthday party. Ice andhis sister were both slightly…off, but they made things even moreinteresting.
  24. 24. Ice was spending the weekend with Snowie and Chauncy. Chauncy asked his cousinabout the suit he was wearing. He was used to the things Ice did but sometimes hecouldn’t help but ask.
  25. 25. On Sunday night Claus had to go to his sister’s house to collect his eldest sonwho was already under the covers. “Come on Ice or we’ll miss Rudy’sbirthday.” Ice spent an hour protesting.
  26. 26. When they got home Rudolph was already a blue and silver haired child.
  27. 27. The next day Mistletoe celebrated her birthday.
  28. 28. Mistletoe grew into a lighter skinned, blond, blue eyed Regan.