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Winter legacy 6


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Winter legacy 6

  2. 2. Kate stared at the computer screen in shock as letters scrolled across the page as if bytheir own will. Strange things were happening in that house, things she couldn’t explainand didn’t care to stick around to figure out. In her dreams she saw Jack’s deceased wifetelling her to get out of the house and away from her children. At frist Kate ignored theweird dreams but after a couple unexplainable accidents and sleepless nights Kate hadhad enough.
  3. 3. She had intended to explain her reasons for leaving calmly to Jack but when hesnapped at her after she said she didn’t know what happened with his first wife butshe was being haunted, he laughed saying that she was being ridiculous thensuddenly lost his temper, Kate lost hers as well. Swears were shouted, insults werethrown in the end it was Kate who had the last say as she stormed up to thebedroom to collect her things, twenty minutes later the front door slammed.
  4. 4. Snowie and her friend ducked down behind the bush when her step-mom left the house,they had heard the heated exchange. Snowie couldn’t help but smile as the woman left,this meant that her Daddy was free to marry again, or would be soon and she had theperfect person in mind.
  5. 5. Jack stared at the familiar looking woman and realized that she was thebabysitter. “Candy? What are you doing here?”“Mister Winter…you’re here. Snowie said that you were in town.”Jack gave his daughter a look that said they would talk about this later. “I’m sorry,it seems Snowie has taken to lying.”“Can Candy come in Daddy?”“Yeah, sure.” Jack went back into the house.
  6. 6. His kids dominated Candy for a few hours, she managed to get them bathedand tucked in then she plopped herself down in front of the TV. “You know, youreally should put one of these in the living room.”Jack took a seat beside Candy, they talked as they watched shows, bothoblivious to the beautiful thing developing between them.
  7. 7. It just so happens that Candy became a big part of the Winters’ lives. She wasthe only mother that Claus knew and Snowie absolutely adored her. It wasn’tlong before Jack’s little princess began hinting about a wedding saying howawesome it would be for her Daddy to marry Candy, of course Clause got onboard, he always went along with whatever his big sister said, but he didgenuinely love Candy.
  8. 8. A few months later the kids got what they wanted. A beautiful sunsetbeach wedding, the experience was shared with three of their father’scoworkers. Snowie and Claus finally got the mother who would love themas much as the one who had birthed them and their father who wasdetermined not to fall in love had finally been blindsided by it, through awoman he knew nearly his entire life.
  9. 9. Once she was sure that her kids would be well taken care of, Agnes welcomed theother woman with open arms, giving her blessing. She was finally ready to restand requested that once her daughter became a teenager she would like to liebeside Erik in the graveyard.
  10. 10. Meanwhile, with his life looking up, Jack had finally been promoted to a pointwhere he had access to the police database. He entered data he had gatheredfrom questioning civilians. While he had the database opened he checked on thestatus of Agnes’ case, it was labeled CLOSED. By this time Jack had been a coplong enough to know that because a cased was closed didn’t mean it had toremain that way.
  11. 11. It wasn’t long before Candy found she was pregnant. She was ecstatic that she wouldsoon be a mother and the kids were thrilled, none more than Claus who would get achance to be the older sibling finally, there were a million things he wanted to teachthe baby, Candy chuckled as she explained to him that he would have to wait untilthe baby was born and then old enough to learn from its big brother.
  12. 12. Claus began to stalk his step-mother’s belly, the bigger she got the more he wantedto be around her. He asked every day when he would get to meet his new siblingmuch to Candy’s amusement and Jack’s annoyance.
  13. 13. Sometimes though, Jack was just as bad as his son, he constantly rubbed Candy’s belly andtalked to the baby. He saw this new life as his chance to start over, he had blatantly robbedhis older kids of their mother and he was prepared to do everything possible to make upfor it starting with giving Candy all the love he should have given Agnes, and taking care ofSnowie and Claus like he should have in the beginning. This baby was his chance to dothings right from the very start, to show his son how to treat a woman and be a goodfather.
  14. 14. Soon the wait was over and however, Candy went into labor alone, the kidswere somewhere playing and Jack was out questioning civilians for his newcase. Unlike Agnes though, Candy immediately panicked, the pain was sointense that she thought she would pass out.
  15. 15. A call sent Jack running to the hospital, this was his third delivery but he would neverget used to the screaming women, the hours of panting and sweating and finally agore covered miniature human coming into the world wailing. Jack ran toward hisfuture, his new beginning.