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Forever Flowing: The Azure Legacy 3.7


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Chapter 3.7 of Forever Flowing The Azure Legacy.

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Forever Flowing: The Azure Legacy 3.7

  1. 1. This legacy is loosely based off of Native Americans and traditions. Native American names usually linked to the tribe of that generation. This generation is the Iroquois Confederacy. Only females can inherit, everyone should have hobby enthusiasm in “Nature” “Music and Dance”, and “Arts and Crafts”, basically we have a lot of creative folks here. (other hobbies are acceptabletoo these just are the most important). Names will all be related to the tribe for that generation in some way. Or nature related names if I run out.
  2. 2. Last time our heiress Jacy-Nova finished up college and graduated she then moved back home. Crowfoot has an alien daughter and the rest of generation 3 is bringing in generation four andwatching them grow up. At the end of the chapter Siksika returned home from years of travelling we also learned her tale of her journey. No clue? The previous chapters may help. Clue? Click the arrow and enjoy!
  3. 3. Jacy-Nova was in her room with her mom, Ellie, Adoette and Sinopa. She hadn’t been able to sleepmuch the night before. Jacy was very happy that Siksika had returned although she couldn’t help but worry for her sister who she hadn’t seen since this morning at breakfast.
  4. 4. “Everything will be fine Jacy. You will look beautiful; the party will be a blast! It’s a big day for you Jay, enjoy it! I wouldn’t miss this special day for you, not for the world.” Siksika’s encouraging words played through Jacy’s head.
  5. 5. Although, something also seemed different about her sister, like there was more going on in Siksika’s mind. But she had been trying to hide it so she didn’t have to ruin Jacy’s big day.
  6. 6. Siksika looked at herself in the mirror as she grazed her hand across her belly. She knew this was going to happen, it had been set since the first time she saw her daughter. At the time she didn’tknow it was hers until Solan came along and he had the same eyes. There was no mistaking it fromthere. She sat down on her bed as her mind wondered. He said he would be back. Sika just wished she knew when. “Well Niagara are you ready for this?” Sika whispered.
  7. 7. Siksika slowly stood up and headed out of her room toward her sister’s. She knocked on the door which was answered by Ellie. “Its Siksika!” The teenager called over to the others as she let her sister inside the room. Sika closed the door behind her before turning to face the others. “Hey Sorry I’m late” She said.Jacy Nova took a glance at her sister’s belly. “Was there something you forgot to tell us big sister?” Siksika blushed a bit as the other looked at her some with smiles others in curiosity. “Yes possibly” She said with a subtle giggle.
  8. 8. Jacy looked at Siksika in surprise, it had been so long since she had seen her this happy. Actuallyin all of her years since Sika was a child it had been hard for her to really smile; even when she was hanging out with Koko, her best friend. And the time she achieved her LTW. Jacy had never felt that Siksika was truly happy, but it did seem true this time even if Sika did miss Solan. “Congratulations big sis!” Jacy spoke up. “Now raise that kid right” the young woman joked. “I’m sure she will be fine” Sika revealed with a twinkle in her eye.
  9. 9. Time had passed with the family getting ready for the wedding. Everyone found their seats and watched as the ceremony started. *Amazed by Lonestar starts here*
  10. 10. Every time our eyes meet This feeling inside meIs almost more than I can take Baby when you touch me
  11. 11. I can feel how much you love me And it just blows me away Ive never been this close to anyone, Or anythingI can hear your thoughts, I can see your dreams
  12. 12. I dont know how you do what you do Im so in love with you It just keeps getting better
  13. 13. I want to spend the rest of my life, with you by my side Forever and ever Every little thing that you do, Baby Im amazed by you.
  14. 14. The smell of your skin, The taste of your kiss,The way you whisper in the dark. Your hair all around me, Baby you surround me
  15. 15. Touch every place in my heart And it feels like the first time Every time.I want to spend the whole night In your eyes
  16. 16. I dont know how you do what you do Im so in love with you It just keeps getting better
  17. 17. I want to spend the rest of my life, with you by my side Forever and ever Every little thing that you do, Baby Im amazed by you.
  18. 18. I dont know how you do what you do Im so in love with you It just keeps getting better
  19. 19. I want to spend the rest of my life, with you by my side Forever and ever Every little thing that you do,
  20. 20. Baby Im amazed by you. *ending music* “Amazed” by Lonestar
  21. 21. The wedding was a big success everyone had such a roof raising time. It was always fun whenfamilies came together to celebrate events like this one. Pocahontas and Joel were happy just to have everyone together especially on the first wedding of the Azures. They invited only family with a few friends thrown in there.
  22. 22. Everyone had retired to their rooms while Jacy Nova and her new husband decided to start on the next generation. Jacy knew she needed a daughter to carry on the family line. Owen hadwanted children so badly he wanted six and to see them all married. He just hoped it wouldn’t be too hard on Jacy.
  23. 23. Not too long later, they found out how successful they had been with getting Jacy pregnant with their first child. “This morning sickness sucks…”
  24. 24. Jacy’s pregnancy was announced almost immediately after she had found out. Her parents and grandparents were thrilled and so was Owen.
  25. 25. It wasn’t a typical pregnancy though; Jacy had noticed that she felt unusually cool all the time.Being a fire-starter this was not normal. She had tried a few times to snap her fingers in order to get sparks but each time she got even the smallest hint it was extinguished almost immediately.
  26. 26. Jacy Nova shivered as she stepped outside to the backyard one day where she noticed Sikaworking in the garden. Jacy had noticed that whenever her older sister spent time in the garden the plants seemed to grow much healthier. She wasn’t sure why, but Siksika didn’t seem too phased by it. “Hey Jay” Siksika said noticing her sister as she struggled to get up. “How are you doing?” “Hey Sika, I’m fine just waiting for the morning sickness to end.” Jacy joked. “It will be over soon” Sika nodded.
  27. 27. Owen was a big help and Jacy started to enjoy the cuddling more now that she was getting cold easily. She did love the closeness although he wasn’t very used to her skin feeling on the same temperature as his for a change.
  28. 28. She had been turning to her older sister for help much of the time. It was one thing they now hadin common was the fact that they were both expecting their first child. Jacy thought it was nice to bond with Siksika, even if it didn’t seem it, Jacy had missed her more than everyone else but she had to stay strong.“So what can I expect here? I mean you are several months ahead of me so you have been through some stuff.” Jacy asked awkwardly.
  29. 29. “Jacy Nova Azure” Siksika smiled. “It’s ok to be scared or nervous, It’s normal especially this beingthe first. No one ever knows what to expect. The morning sickness will pass soon enough but then you will be going through more changes as the baby grows”
  30. 30. Jacy hung onto every word that Siksika was telling her. She had always looked up to her big sister since she was a child. There was always such a strong bond between them and right now Jacy could feel it even more. “I guess I am a bit scared” Jacy admitted quietly. Siksika gave her sister a hug she did notice the coolness of Jacy’s skin
  31. 31. Later that night Pocahontas and Joel were having their birthdays. They had a small party with just family. Pocahontas went first she looked at the candles and blew them out. She had fourwonderful children one grandchild and two on the way she was happy with how everything turned out.
  32. 32. Joel went second after his wife. He looked at his family and couldn’t be happier. He had four amazing kids and he was happy. His son had a child, his daughters will be having children and he was a Rock God. He was even proud of how Ellie turned out she would be going off to college soon. He gazed at his children as each of their nicknames passed through his head. His oldestdaughter his “Butterfly” who really went through so many changes, his only son and one who took after him quite a bit “Dragonfly”. Then there was his second daughter and fire-starter heiress“Firefly”, and his youngest daughter with the largest personality “Damselfly”. Joel smiled and blew out his candles.
  33. 33. The two of them grew up quite interestingly to say the least . Pocahontas wasn’t half bad she even still retained her red hair. Joel had the worst of it by the looks of things.
  34. 34. The two of them were promptly changed into clothing that was more appealing for the two ofthem. And Pocahontas switched out her red hair for greyer hair. As for Joel, even as an old guy he still rocks the Mohawk and he knows it!
  35. 35. Later that night, Siksika was alone when everyone else had been asleep. She felt her labor pains take over. She really wished she had Solan here she had missed him so much. They did communicate through emails and phone calls, but for Siksika it just wasn’t the same.
  36. 36. Before Siksika knew it she was holding a baby girl in her arms. She had blond hair and Solan’sgolden eyes. Siksika looked at this little being in her arms and fell in love with her. She was just like Siksika had envisioned. She was finally here and she was a mom. “Welcome to the world Niagara” Siksika whispered to her newborn daughter.
  37. 37. Niagara is short for Niagara Falls.It has actually been through several periods since its birth. It was first founded by the Nomadic Clovis people who camped along the shoreline of Lake Erie. There wasalso a period of which it supported hunter gatherers of the Archaic Period. Then the Woodland Period occurred 3,000 to 300 years ago,culminating in the peak of Iroquoisculture in southern Ontario. Corn, bean and squash agricultureprovided the main sources of food. With their bellies full, the Iroquois had time for other pursuits and the populationboomed. Small palisade villages were When the European explorers and missionaries arrived at built, with nuclear or extended the beginning of the 17th Century, the Iroquoian families occupying individual villages were under the direction of various chiefs elected longhouses. During this period, from the major clans. In turn, these villages were allied burial rituals and ceramics were within powerful tribal confederacies. introduced to Ontario. Society Niagara Falls today is the sight of many evens such as became more complex with a Niagara on the Lake. As well as Clifton Hill and other political system based on extended tourist attractions. It actually also has a complex kinship and inter-village alliances. transportation history.
  38. 38. The news of the baby didn’t take long to spread. Aiyana, Jim, Pocahontas and Joel were alwayshappy to spend time with the new addition to the Azure Family. Siksika was pretty sure Niagara knew her family members well as they were always visiting.
  39. 39. Jacy was happy for her sister having such a beautiful baby. Looking at Niagara made her smile and by how Siksika described Niagara’s father it was looking as if the little girl was taking after her father with the hair and eye color. Jacy brought her thoughts to her own baby she decided not to find out the gender until it was born, which made her a bit nervous because what if she ended up having a boy. Well she could always keep trying with Owen since he wanted several children anyway. Jacy wondered if maybe they could adopt some kids, she wasn’t going to give birth to all of them.
  40. 40. Although, Jacy did notice that being pregnant she found herself more attracted to water. She wasn’t sure why considering she tended to avoid pools and large bodies of water because of herpower, drinking it had never been a problem for her. She found herself visiting the pool often and swimming. It was like it calmed her which was strange.
  41. 41. “How’s the little one doing in there” Owen said as he talked to Jacy’s belly. “Moving around like some racecar driver” Jacy replied bluntly. The baby was moving a lot. It was kind of weird for Jacy. Owen had proven to be an amazinghusband when it came to taking care of Jacy. Even though Jacy loved doing things on her own it was nice having someone else do something for a change.
  42. 42. As Jacy’s pregnancy progressed, she found herself drawn to watering the plants in the green house more often. It seemed that there was something about this pregnancy or this baby ingeneral that caused her to become drawn to water. Jacy’s first thought was Plantbaby, but she was definitely sure that wasn’t the case since she wasn’t a plantsim and the kid is Owen’s, who obviously wasn’t one either.
  43. 43. Jacy was getting restless, she was in her third trimester already and she really just wanted this baby to be born. She wanted to see this baby, who would it take after? What would the personality be? She was nervous. “How are you doing Jay?” Owen asked. “I really want this kid out of me. That’s really it.” Owen chuckled a bit. “Do you want me to give you a back rub?” “That would be great!”
  44. 44. Before Jacy knew it she felt pains that could only be labor pains, through her body and abdomen.She felt cold and warm at the same time no fire or sparks had left her it seemed as if the coolness she had felt had been extinguishing the fire. What an amazing way to give birth to her first child surrounded by none other than….
  45. 45. …almost every single person in the house.
  46. 46. Jacy looked at the small being in her arms. She had the Azure red hair, Owen’s green eyes andOwen’s skintone. Jacy gawked at her newborn daughter she was a mom and she had her heiress. What luck! The baby girl was healthy and Jacy noticed that she felt cool to the touch which could only mean Jacy was warmer than most of the others, as she was normally. “Did you two pick a name?” “Seneca, Seneca Gabriella Azure” Owen answered as he looked at the beautiful little girl, his firstborn daughter. Meet the heiress!
  47. 47. The Seneca are a group of indigenous peoplenative to North America. They were the nationlocated farthest to the west within the SixNations or Iroquois League in New York beforethe American Revolution. While exactpopulation figures are unknown,approximately 15,000 to 25,000 Seneca live inCanada, near Brantford, Ontario, at the SixNations of the Grand River First Nation. Theyare descendants of Seneca who resettledthere, as they had been allies of the Britishduring the American Revolution. Nearly 30,000Seneca live in the United States, on andoff reservations around Buffalo, New York andin Oklahoma.The Seneca traditionally lived in what is nowNew York between the GeneseeRiver and Canandaigua Lake. The dating of anoral tradition mentioning a solar eclipse yields1142AD as the year for the Seneca joiningthe Iroquois (Haudenosaunee). Somerecent archaeological evidence indicates their They prosecuted far-reaching military campaigns. The villages, where huntingterritory eventually extended to the Allegheny and military campaigns were planned and executed, indicate clear aboriginalRiver in present-day northwestern presence and hegemony in these areas. The Seneca had two branches; thePennsylvania, particularly after the Iroquois western and the eastern. Each branch distinct, they were individuallydestroyed both the incorporated and recognized by the Iroquois Confederacy Council. The westernWenrohronon and Erie nations, who were Seneca lived predominately in and around the Genesee River, graduallynative to the area. The Seneca were by far the moving west and southwest along the Erie and Niagara rivers, then southmost populous of the Haudenosaunee along the Allegheny River into Pennsylvania. The eastern Seneca livedNations, numbering "about four thousand predominantly south of Seneca Lake in and around current-day Corning. Theysouls" by the seventeenth century. moved south and east into Pennsylvania and the western Catskill area.
  48. 48. The heiress had been born Aiyana and Jim were very happy to see all of their great grandchildren. Their family really was growing and new lives were starting but while that was going on, Jim was noticing that his life bar was coming close to an end. Aiyana and Jim held each other close.
  49. 49. Jim called his family members just to hear their voices one more time. He heard about Powhatan’s line and how there were several babies and toddlers and one child wondering around. He was happy to see how much his family had grown.
  50. 50. Jim then went to give hugs and kisses to his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren
  51. 51. Later that night the grim reaper made its appearance with tiki drinks.
  52. 52. James “Jim” Rupert [Player] Azure. Founding spouse Loving father and grandfatherKnowledge Sim who just wanted to be a World Class Ballet Dancer and he succeeded 2 Children, 11 grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren, several on the way.
  53. 53. He benefited: Aiyana $20,000 Pocahontas $6,500 Powhatan $5,800 Elouise $2,500 Katoyis $2,050 Siksika $2,475 Jacy-Nova $2,425 Crowfoot $2,200As well as many others!
  54. 54. Even with mourning the death of Jim life had to go on. Ellie and Kato were getting ready to start college the two of them had been working on getting scholarships for University.
  55. 55. Elouise and Katoyis said their goodbyes to their parents as they were ready to set off and start another chapter in their lives. University.
  56. 56. The youngest two of generation 3 had made it safely to the dorms. It was late at night and thetwo of them had to get themselves settled. They had to pick their rooms and their majors: Kato decided he wanted to be a Philosophy major and Ellie went for Economics.
  57. 57. Ohanko and Dyami arrived after Kato had messaged them that they were at the dorms. It didn’t take them long to get there.
  58. 58. Ellie and Kato started their college life freshman year was a struggle the two of them were stillmaking the adjustment from High School to University. At University you didn’t have mom or dad to cook for you and the cafeteria food really wasn’t that great.
  59. 59. At least that wasn’t until Ellie decided to start working in the cafeteria. Her and her cookingpoints all helped her make better food than the cafeteria worker himself. All of those muffins she made as a child really paid off. There was also the bonus of making money while she was working. Elouise was a Fortune/Romance sim.
  60. 60. Kato on the other hand was always trying to work hard on assignments. He wanted to go for that4.0 so the boy worked hard, even though some of the assignments were a bit on the difficult side. He was a Knowledge/Popularity sim. Knowledge always seemed to be dominant.
  61. 61. The two of them didn’t take long to fall head over heels for someone. Ellie and Kato had always kept their eyes open for girls, it was how they became so close as cousins as teenagers going outgirl-searching. Ellie found herself especially close to this blonde named Carmela Kay. That accentwas what put Ellie over the edge she came to Sim State all the way from a place that was based on French culture. Carmela had romance as her primary aspiration.
  62. 62. Kato on the other hand had Rosemarie Jitmakusol. She was from a bay town that had a strong connection to pirates. Her father was a sailor and she spent most of her childhood sailing on hisship, her grandfather was a pirate One-Legged Bertram. Rosemarie is a fellow Knowledge sim; her intelligence is what made Kato fall for her.
  63. 63. Back at the Greek house Dyami and Ohanko were coming to the end of their college years. There had been one thing that was on Dyami’s mind since Alice and him had started dating. He patted his pocket lightly as he sat down next to his twin brother. “Hey, Han I need to talk to you” “About what bro?”“Well it’s almost the end of our college years and I have been seeing Alice since freshman year…” “It’s about time!” Ohanko interrupted with a laugh as he pat his brother on the back.
  64. 64. “We are thinking about the same thing aren’t we?” Dyami replied with a raised eyebrow. “Yeah Dy you were talking about proposal” Ohanko replied with a smirk. “Did you forget I can pretty much read your mind?”“I guess I did” Dyami chuckled. “It has been so long since I really paid much attention to that. Well except for the fact I know Des likes to be dominant” he smirked.
  65. 65. Ohanko’s smirk faded onto a straight face as he stared at his brother “Shut it…” He hissed. “Nobody needs to know that…”Dyami chuckled as he looked at his twin brother and something else in Ohanko’s voice and face told him something else Dyami glanced in his brothers mind and smiled. “Do you want to do it at the same time?” Ohanko’s familiar smirk appeared once again at the change of subject. “That would be awesome” he replied.
  66. 66. Alice and Desmond arrived later that day, a call from their boyfriends that they needed to come as soon as possible. Dyami and Ohanko looked at their significant others and smiled as they dropped down to one knee in front of them simultaneously. “Alice Jane Molina will you marry me?” “Desmond Wilfred Langley will you marry me?”Even the twins’ proposals were at the same time and Alice and Desmond accepted the proposals.
  67. 67. Since the twins were graduating soon they decided to accept their brother and cousin into theGreek house a bit earlier than usual. Ellie and Kato joining the Greek house was the cause for a party as the twins threw their last toga party of their college years.
  68. 68. Ellie’s high outgoing points are probably the reason she came in a short nightgown rather than a toga. Ellie was quite the entertainer as she was drawn to the drum set immediately. She was playing the instrument with such animation and enthusiasm.
  69. 69. Ohanko, Dyami, Desmond and Alice all buckled down as the year came to an end, and exams were right around the corner.
  70. 70. They still found time to hang out with Kato, Ellie and their girlfriends Carmela and Rosemarie.
  71. 71. The twins and their fiancés graduated and found themselves wearing clothing that didn’t seem that right for them. Once they got to their place they would change into something that was more their style.
  72. 72. A double Ceremony was had for Ohanko and Dyami, the boys were so different and yet they didso many things together. Although during the wedding some people had noticed that Alice was looking a little bigger in the abdomen area but it wasn’t so noticeable that everyone saw it. *~~~~~~*
  73. 73. Before she knew it, Siksika’s little girl was about to have her birthday. She had been raising her daughter as a single mom as she awaited Solan’s return. Sika knew he was coming back they hadbeen sending letters and emails to each other and there was that call as well. Siksika had revealed to Solan that she was pregnant and that he had a daughter named Niagara. The little girl had in fact been named after the place she was conceived. That was beyond the point.
  74. 74. Niagara’s birthday party was a small little gathering of some family members who were all there towatch the second grandchild of Pocahontas and Joel grow up. Niagara’s cousin Aientsik had also made an appearance, Seneca was there too being held in the arms of her parents. The young children had to leave early but at least Niagara was able to meet her cousins.
  75. 75. When she came down into her mother’s arms Niagara’s blond hair had been all over the place so Siksika took her small daughter and tied her hair into a braid to keep it out of her face. Although, there were a few stray strands. Niagara also seemed to favor bright colors like one would see on flowers as well as greens and browns. The little girl’s eyes remained bright as shelooked around at her toys then crawled right on over to the Xylophone. Niagara was a pretty neatchild; she has a lot of energy and is a sweetheart. She may not be much of a people person but she will always play with someone if they wanted to. * 9, 4, 8, 5, 9
  76. 76. Before long, it was time for the heiress of the fourth generation to enter toddlerhood with hercousins. Jacy held her daughter close and kissed her small head. She couldn’t wait for the baby stage to be over. “Are you ready to grow up kiddo?” She said softly to Seneca.Seneca made a small but happy sound as she grabbed onto her mother’s shirt with her tiny hands.
  77. 77. A chocolate cake was placed in front of Jacy and her firstborn daughter. Seneca smiled up at her mother as she moved her hands. The little girl was ready to grow up, even excited. Jacy figured that maybe she was just excited to be able to play with her cousins. Aien had been asking for a while when she could play with both Nia and Sen. Niagara would giggle in agreement.
  78. 78. Seneca grew up with the Azure red hair, which had also been pretty unruly like her cousin’s hadbeen so Jacy Nova took her daughter’s long hair and tied it into pigtails. Seneca couldn’t wait to play with her two cousins so she made her way into the community room and hopped on theactivity table where her cousins were playing. Seneca pulled out a crayon and started to scribble. Seneca seemed to favor the color blue, well a light blue to be exact and silver.
  79. 79. The birthday party was quite a blast although three toddlers were so tired that they ended up falling asleep before the night was up. That didn’t stop the three little girls from finding eachother the next morning as they took their places at the activity table and each picked a crayon to scribble with.
  80. 80. There were several play dates that their parents set them up on. Family was important and Sika, Crow and Jacy all believed their daughters should become best friends. It wasn’t to hard forNiagara and Seneca to bond since they were the same age but that never stopped Aientsik who loved her younger cousins more than anything.
  81. 81. Seneca grew into a complete sweetheart who loved people, she wasn’t exactly the neatest childbut she loved to have fun. She may not have been the most energetic of her cousins, who were both hyperactive, but she wasn’t lazy either. * * 4, 9, 5, 7, 10
  82. 82. It had been getting late; Sika had been watching her still energetic toddler play in the community room where previously there had been two other toddlers. “Alright Niagara it’s time to get you to bed.” Siksika could feel a familiar presence behind her. She didn’t feel afraid at all, only one person could make her feel this way.
  83. 83. She turned around to face a blond hair, golden eyed young man. Siksika smiled widely seeing him there, how much she missed him. All those nights he waited for him to come back and he was there. It seemed like a dream but it was him, he was really here. “Hey, I’m back” Solan’s first words were to her a gentle smile spread across his face.
  84. 84. Solan gazed into the child’s eyes, and saw his own reflecting back at him. She looked beautiful, of course any parent thought their child was beautiful but this little girl was beyond that. She may have had his hair and eye color but the rest of the little girl’s features were all from Siksika.
  85. 85. “Mama?” Niagara questioned looking at the strange man that had been looking at her and her mom.“Niagara” Siksika started with a dreamlike voice ”Meet your father Solan Sharpe. Solan, this is your daughter Niagara Isabelle Azure” “D-da-da?” The little girl blinked the eyes she inherited from her father. “Yes Niagara, I’m your daddy” Solan smiled at the little blonde girl.
  86. 86. “Well, this little girl has to get some sleep. She’s up way past her bedtime” Siksika smiled. “And what could have caused that?” Solan joked. “Play date with her cousins” Siksika chuckled.
  87. 87. Siksika changed her daughter into her PJs and placed her in her crib. Solan watched Sika put the toddler to bed. He couldn’t help but gaze, how did she do this on her own? He knew he had a child, Siksika and him had been emailing each other, the years he was working in Greece. But seeing her for the first time up close made his heart flutter.He took a closer look at the auras around Siksika and Niagara. Niagara had a bright happy color,she was an energetic child and Siksika her aura was calm and very happy. He missed her so much.
  88. 88. Once the little girl was placed in her crib she fell asleep in an instant. Solan looked at Siksika. “She is gorgeous Siksika” Solan complimented. “I think she gets most of her looks from you” Siksika replied. “Only the hair and eyes” Solan smiled.The two of them gazed at each other as if it was the very first time they saw each other all over again. There were no words to say. They were just happy to be together again. “Siksika” He started breaking the silence “There’s something I would like to ask you”
  89. 89. In a dreamlike sequence Solan found himself falling to one knee as he pulled the ring out of hispocket. He had been waiting for this all he wanted was her to accept so he could spend the rest of his life with her. “Siksika Alice Azure, would you marry me”
  90. 90. Sika looked at the ring as she took it in her hand and slid it on her finger. She wanted this sincethe day she started falling for him. She was glad to know that her bad luck had been broken. So many happy thoughts flooded her mind. There was only one answer to his question.
  91. 91. Siksika wrapped her arms around Solan and held him close. “Yes” She replied breathlessly. Solan had to close his eyes as the intense happiness surrounded her. There was no doubt, noloneliness like when he first saw her. It was pure happiness. That’s what he wanted to do, to make her happy. Solan squeezed Sika and kissed her head. “I love you” “I love you too” ~*******~
  92. 92. Jacy stood there in the bathroom she looked at herself in the mirror as she brushed her teeth. The news of Siksika’s “Mysterious Lover Solan” had been revealed earlier that morning.
  93. 93. Jacy watched her older sister enter the community room revealing the news of her engagement.And everyone wanted to meet Solan. The man Siksika had been travelling with and the father of her daughter. Jacy was glad to see her sister happy. Solan turned out to be a great guy as well.
  94. 94. The wedding planning had taken up most of Jacy’s time. Grandma Aiyana and her mother weregreat help but Jacy really wanted this to be special for her older sister. She had been so caughtup with it that she didn’t even know she was pregnant a second time, at least that was until she really took note of her quickly changing body, and then the fact that she noticed that she felt overheated more and more often.
  95. 95. Seneca had shown to be a big help with that, Jacy noticed that whenever she held her daughtershe felt instantly cooler. Jacy thought of that and what her pregnancy was like with Seneca and as she placed the pieces together she came to the conclusion that while she had power of fire, her daughter may have the power of water.
  96. 96. Everything was set and ready for the wedding and the day quickly came as family members and friends made their way to the Azure backyard.
  97. 97. I like,Where we are,When we drive, In your car. I like,Where we are; here.Cause our lips, Can touch,And our cheeks, Can brush. Our lips, Can touch; here.
  98. 98. Well you are the one, the one that lies close to me. Whispers "Hello, Ive missed you quite terribly." I fell in love, in love with you suddenly.Now theres no place else I could be but here in your arms.
  99. 99. I like,Where you sleep,When you sleep, Next to me. I like,Where you sleep; Here. Our lips, Can touch,And our cheeks, Can brush.Cause our lips, Can touch; here
  100. 100. Well you are the one, the one that lies close to me. Whispers "Hello, Ive missed you quite terribly." I fell in love, in love with you suddenly.Now theres no place else I could be but here in your arms.
  101. 101. Our lips,Can touch... Our lips,Can touch; here.
  102. 102. Well you are the one, the one that lies close to me. Whispers "Hello, I’ve missed you quite terribly." I fell in love, in love with you suddenly.Now theres no place else I could be but here in your...
  103. 103. Well you are the one, the one that lies close to me.Whispers "Hello, I´ve missed you quite... missed you quite." I fell in love, in love with you suddenly.Now theres no place else I could be but here in your arms
  104. 104. Here in your armsThen here in your arms…
  105. 105. The wedding was amazing! Jacy had never been prouder to see her older sister so happy. She knew Solan was a good guy and wouldn’t do anything to harm Sika in anyway. Jacy slipped out of the dress she wore. She started to feel really lightheaded as her skin tingled and itched like she had gotten a sunburn. Looking into the bathroom mirror she saw her face was flushed. That was the last thing she remembered….
  106. 106. The thump in the bathroom was overheard by Owen in the next room. He immediately went tocheck on Jacy, just to make sure everything was ok. Owen knocked on the door to the bathroom.He worried when he hadn’t heard a sound so he put his hand on the door handle to peek inside…
  107. 107. “JACY!?” Owen’s panicked voice filled the house.
  108. 108. The ambulance came as soon as Owen called it. And Jacy-Nova Azure was rushed to the hospital. She had overheated and her body temperature had skyrocketed. Jacy was a fire-starter so a higher than normal temperature was expected, but not like this.
  109. 109. The doctors and nurses rushed around trying to help Jacy Nova. The feeling in that hospital was intense. The family sat in the lobby just waiting for any note of how Jacy was doing.
  110. 110. There was a sudden feeling of panic in the hospital, for the Azures as they watched as Jacy Novawas rushed on a stretcher into the operating room. Owen immediately stopped pacing as he ran up to one of the doctors. “What’s wrong? What happened?!” Owen asked nervously. “Her temperature is really high, so high that we have to get the twins born as soon as possible!”“Twins!” Owen exclaimed in the nervousness of any father awaiting his child to be born, in his case his second and third children.
  111. 111. Before long Jacy Nova and Owen’s twin boys were born prematurely. They were so tiny as Owenlooked through the window to NICU. The boys had yet to be named they were called Baby Boy A and Baby Boy B. B looked much smaller and weaker than his twin brother as the NICU nurses took care of the boys.
  112. 112. Baby boy A (left) has red hair, blue eyes and skin 2Baby boy B (right) also has red hair and blue eyes like his twin brother, but has skin 1.
  113. 113. After looking at his sons Owen made his way back to the family. He really wanted to see his wife; he wanted to know how she was doing. All he knew was the fact that she was hanging on. Jacywas a strong woman coming from a long line of them. Her grandmother Aiyana was a survivor of the wiped out Lenmanans, Pocahontas; her mother was kind and kept the family together, and Jacy’s sisters: Siksika had been through more in her life than he knew anyone could handle and now she was happily married, and Jacy’s younger sister Ellie was ambitious.
  114. 114. The machines beeped steadily as Jacy lie in that hospital bed. She slept under a cold blanket it wasn’t soundly though.
  115. 115. And that is the end of 3.7!Wow! What a mix of happy and urgency. At least Siksika’s bad luck with guys has finally come to an end. Although it seems that that bad luck passed to Jacy who found herself overheating while pregnant with her sons.
  116. 116. Jacy has fallen unconscious, will she survive? How is the family coping? What is in store for this generation?Tune in next time to Forever Flowing: The Azure Legacy.
  117. 117. I’d like to thank all of my wonderful readers, every site I borrowed custom content for and Ani-Mei for lending Solan as well as being my Beta. I also like to thank the internet for the facts it has given me about the meaning behind the names. Most, if not all of the names in generation 4 will be shortened in one way or another just to make it easier for me and everyone else.