Chapter 2.3


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Chapter 2.3 of One Fashionable Legacy

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Chapter 2.3

  1. 1. Well hello there! I’m Sara, or as you may know meSarathedancer, and I write One Fashionable Legacy. Ijust wanted to apologize for the delay in this chapter! Ihave a good reason though! You see, it all started abouta month ago…
  2. 2. It was the same as any other day, I went downstairsto the office and inserted my Sims 2 disk into mylaptop, as I always do…
  3. 3. Except, the game would not start! Not only that but mycomputer no longer saw the disk drive at all! I could notplay any computer game or insert any disk because mycomputer wouldn’t see it! I was in shock!
  4. 4. I was furious! It wasn’t a pretty sight…I thought that mymachine would have to be rebuilt and everything I haddone on Sims would be lost forever!
  5. 5. I asked my dad (who is really good with computers) about it.He tried getting a new disk drive and that didn’t work, andhe tried a few other things with no luck. He thought that mylaptop may be totaled. But lucky for me, he figured it out!What he did exactly I don’t know…But he fixed it withoutlosing any of my files! Don’t I have the greatest dad ever?!
  6. 6. And so here we are! I was so glad to play with my Simsagain, I really missed them…kinda pathetic, I know.Anyways, it has been a while since you read, and a lot haschanged, let me get you up to speed….
  7. 7. A pair of red stilettos tiptoed across the plank of an oldpirate ship. This could only mean one thing…
  8. 8. That Gela Zhang and her family were on vacation! Theyhad done it all! Visited a witch doctor, eaten a fruityisland treat, and just spent some quality family timetogether!
  9. 9. The sun-kissed family had had a wonderful journey and became acloser and tighter group. It was nice to get away from the crazydrama of legacy life in Pleasantview, and just relax.
  10. 10. A new appreciation for each other was not all the Zhang familyhad found, but a new friend as well. Connor Turner had talked tothe family and become good friends with the two daughters,Chloe and Celine.
  11. 11. Meanwhile, the Zhanghousehold pet, Max, hadaged gracefully from anadorable puppy into anadorable adult collie.
  12. 12. Not long after heading home, Chloe aged as well, into alovely young lady. She took on features from bothparents (although I don’t know where her tiny nosecame from).
  13. 13. Chloe invited their friend from the islands, Connor, as ahouseguest, where she got to experience what love was like.Aren’t they a cute couple?
  14. 14. Chloe wasn’t the only one who aged, back in the Custerhousehold, the youngest child, Alexander, had become a handsomeyoung man, although he could have been a twin to his sister Anna.
  15. 15. Anna aged shortly after her brother, into a gorgeous young woman.
  16. 16. In the Fashionista house, Christian was accepted into private school,Calvin had reached the top of the show business career, and itsnowed…really exciting stuff.
  17. 17. However, the cutest thing had to be the youngest twins, Zac and Vera.The “troublesome two” as they had know to be called, spent much oftheir time playing together and causing trouble. Although they wereadorable, no one was disappointed when the two aged into children.
  18. 18. The two aged very well, and it was clear they would both beheartbreakers as teenagers, because of their stunning looks.
  19. 19. Despite their previous troublesome attitude, theywere both accepted into private school alongsidetheir brother.
  20. 20. Christian, taking after his father, had aged into quite thestud.“Lookout ladies, here comes Christian, studliest man ever made.Check me out!”He wasn’t cocky at all…
  21. 21. Celine, who was possibly the prettiest child ever, had aged intoa teen as well. It was clear she would also be quite theheartbreaker. Vincent was not so happy about the fact bothhis teenage daughters were beautiful. It meant more boys toward off for him.
  22. 22. Okay, now that you are up to speed, lets focus onthe present tense of our favorite legacy family…
  23. 23. “Ugh, Im so ugly.” although Celine was one of theprettiest Sims alive, she lacked confidence in herappearance.
  24. 24. Celine was constantly admiring her sister’sappearance.“Wow Chloe your so gorgeous, I wish I looked more like you!”
  25. 25. “I guess you are right, I am pretty hot, aren’t I?”she retorted as she attempted to perfecther scarlet hair.
  26. 26. “I’m only kidding Celine,” she laughedafter seeing her sister’s reaction to herformer comment. “Besides, I think you aresuper stunning!” Without a word Celinehad left the room, a little upset.
  27. 27. Gela was recently promoted to a CityPlanner, and had finally accomplishedher LTW. Because she was so occupiedwith work, she hadn’t talked to herdaughters much, and didn’t realize thegrowing drama between them.
  28. 28. Celine immediately called her friend Alvinover, she knew that he could comfort her.
  29. 29. In more ways than one…
  30. 30. Celine, wanting to impress Chloe,dragged Alvin upstairs. She gave him amakeover, and made sure to show herpersonal display of affection in front ofher sister, who didn’t really seembothered.
  31. 31. The next day, Celine tried to play it cool, butended up blurting out to her older sibling, “Didya see my hot new man?!”“Um, yeah, next time you two make out, don’t let itbe in my room, okay?”
  32. 32. That, of course, was not the answer Celine wanted to hear.She stomped all the way out to the street where she kickedover the large metal garbage can.“She has everything, the perfect man, perfect face, perfect body.She doesn’t even care about me.” She screamed“Well, I’m just going to make sure she doesn’t have everythinganymore!”
  33. 33. The following evening, Vincent was excitedto deliver the news to his family, that hehad also reached the top of his career, andcompleted his LTW to become the law.
  34. 34. Vincent’s smile faded when he walkedinto the family room only to see yetanother boy in his house. Lucky forCeline, he got distracted….
  35. 35. A few days had passed and Alvin had beencoming over almost every day. BecauseConnor lived on Twikki Island, it was morerare that he would come over. But, Chloehad arranged for him to arrive later thatafternoon.
  36. 36. “What the hell are you doing?” Celine askedas she stormed into the shared bathroom.“Trying on my hula outfit, I think Connor willlike it, don’t you?”Celine grunted and stomped back intoher bedroom.
  37. 37. “Two can play at that game, Chloe. Ican’t wait until Alvin sees me in this!”
  38. 38. Connor arrived while the girls were atschool, and was greeted by Gela, whoactually enjoyed the boys her daughterswere dating.
  39. 39. A few hours later, the school bus pulled up tothe Zhang house. Chloe, Celine, and yourstruly hopped off the bus.
  40. 40. “What do you mean you can’t come over,Alvin?! I don’t care that your grandmotheris in the hospital, who is gonna be my boytoy to impress Chloe?”
  41. 41. That’s when Celine saw an opportunitythat could completely ruin herrelationship with her sister.
  42. 42. Despite the lack of chemistry, Celinetried to charm Connor.“Look Celine, I’m dating your sister, I can’t dothat to her.”
  43. 43. Lucky for Celine, a mysterious gift had been dropped byearlier. She rubbed the strange gold object, not to besurprised by the purple man who stood before her.“I am the all powerful genie of the lamp! You have thr-”“Yeah yeah, I know my cousin told me about this stuff, listen I want toappear to be the most beautiful woman in the world so no man canresist me! That’s my wish, okay?”
  44. 44. “Whatever kid…” he mumbled and throughsome magic dust onto her.“I look the same…” she noted.“Well everyone will see you differently, next wish?”“I don’t need more wishes , I have to go try this oneout first!” with that, she ran into the house.
  45. 45. She grabbed Connor and pulled him into her lips. And thistime, he didn’t seem to pull away.
  46. 46. “Wait Celine, I don’t know about this…” Connorhad started to say“Just shut up and kiss me.” Celinecommanded.
  47. 47. And he obeyed.
  48. 48. Meanwhile, Chloe was a little occupied,talking to me…oops.
  49. 49. But, unfortunately I did have to go. Whichwas not so fortunate for either of the sisters.
  50. 50. “Why are there noises coming from the guestroom?”
  51. 51. “Oh my god! HOW COULD YOU!” Chloestood in shock.
  52. 52. “Get out of here Connor! Now! I never want tosee you ever again!”Connor ran out the door faster than anOlympic athlete, thanking himself hehadn’t unpacked his suitcase yet which hehad conveniently left by the front door.
  53. 53. Chloe spent the next hour crying onthe porch. By the time Celineapproached her all her makeup hadrun off, and her hair was a mess.
  54. 54. “I am so sorry Chloe, I don’t know what I wasthinking!”“You are only sorry you got caught!”
  55. 55. “Mark my words, I will never forgive youfor this!”
  56. 56. Tension in the Zhang house was so thick youcould cut it with a knife. Vincent and Gelaweren’t sure what to do about the situation.“Vincent, this is tearing the family apart, we have to dosomething!”
  57. 57. “Maybe they just need time. Remember whenyou cheated on me? I forgave you after awhile.”
  58. 58. There was an awkward pause between thetwo. “I didn’t cheat on you Vincent. Remember? Itwas that stupid cow who was flirting with me andyou thought it was my fault. You were such a babyabout it.”
  59. 59. “Well, no matter what happened I forgave you.We just need to make sure Celine feels guilty forwhat she did, and Chloe eventually forgives herand gets over it.”
  60. 60. They proceeded by ignoring Celine for thenext week. They felt upset doing so, butknew it would make her feel guilty.
  61. 61. Celine spent most moments alone thatweek. Overthinking what she had done.She didn’t know what had come over her.How could she have done that to her ownsister?
  62. 62. While Vincent and Gela ignored theiryoungest daughter, they gave lots ofattention to their oldest. Which madeCeline even more upset.
  63. 63. “What’s wrong with me? When did my lifebecome so miserable? No one loves meanymore!” Celine bawled, hoping someonewould comfort her.
  64. 64. She needed to think. She snuck out andheaded downtown to Lucky’s Cards andDrinks Shack. She hoped that somethingwould help her figure out this mess.
  65. 65. “Aren’t you kind of young to be at a bar thislate, kid?” asked an elderly gentlemanwho sat next to Celine. “Won’t your parentsget mad at you?”“No, they are already so mad at me, I don’tthink things could get much worse.” she notedquietly.
  66. 66. “Why are they mad at you?” hequestioned.“It’s a really long story.”“I’ve got all night kiddo.”
  67. 67. Celine had to vent to someone, so sheexplained the whole story to him. Shetold him everything. It was kind ofstrange explaining her life story to astranger, but it felt good.
  68. 68. “You used a genie’s powers you say? That’s somepowerful magic right there!” the elderly manexclaimed.
  69. 69. “It didn’t work all that well, I mean ithelped, but he still felt guilty after the first timehe kissed me.” she explained.“What? That almost never happens, unless hereally cared about your sister, and if he was inlove with her, I guess he may have felt guilty.But normally genie’s powers are foolproof!” theold man commented.
  70. 70. “The really did love each other…What have I done?”She shut her eyes, hoping that when they wouldopen, everything she had done wouldn’t havehappened.
  71. 71. The following evening Celine approachedher mother, hoping she would finallyspeak to her.“Mom…I need help with something…”“What? Stealing another boyfriend?” hermother mocked as she walked away.
  72. 72. She held back tears as she looked to the groundand sighed. There was only one person she couldturn to right now.
  73. 73. Celine visited her cousin’s house the nextmorning. She didn’t even bother to tell herparents where she was going. Not that theycared… Or so she thought. She explainedeverything to her cousin, hoping she would beable to help.
  74. 74. “Damn Celine, I didn’t know you had it in ya!That’s a really bitchy thing to do!” her cousinreplied.“I know, but I want to help get them backtogether…any ideas?”“I think you need to figure this one out on yourown. It is your fault after all.”
  75. 75. “I was afraid you would say that…”
  76. 76. That is where I will leave you for today! I’m sorry thistook so long, as I said, I had computer issues and ontop of that homework and dance and other stuff.Without further ado…~Will Celine fix her problem and how?~Will Chloe forgive her sister?~Will this story turn into some stupid soap opera?~When will we see the other families?Find out next time in One Fashionable Legacy!
  77. 77. Next time….