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Winter legacy 2.2b


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Winter legacy 2.2b

  1. 1. Mistletoe was excited when her parents allowed her to cut the cake herself,she took a giant slice, her father warned that she’ll make herself sick but hedidn’t try to stop her from eating it, in fact he looked rather amused.
  2. 2. The next day the Winter parents celebrated a double birthday.
  3. 3. They gained a few lines around their mouths.
  4. 4. But Claus and Regan remained very much in love.
  5. 5. They were followed by Feliz becoming a child. Her features more closely resembledher father’s.
  6. 6. To celebrate all the birthdays, the house was remodeled. The living roomwas extended, the master bedroom moved and the kitchen was extended aswell.
  7. 7. Claus invited his father and brother over the next day so that they could see thenew house and meet the now older children. Claus especially wanted Rudolph tomeet his uncle. Candy had died a while ago and her husband and son were inmourning so Claus thought it would be good to get them out of the house.
  8. 8. Ice stared up at his grandfather in wonder, he was completely entranced by howmuch his father looked like the old man. “Let me guess, you’re Ice?” Jack asked.“He seems pretty normal to me.”“He does right now.” Claus said.
  9. 9. Ice proved to be as sociable as his father was at his age, as he got everyonepresent involved in a giant game of tag.
  10. 10. Noel and his niece became instant friends.
  11. 11. Later Jack Winter’s sons gathered in front of the TV. Noel told his big brotherabout how interesting his daughter was causing the two to laugh. Then Noelwent on about how their father was getting down in age. The two discussedNoel keeping Agnes’ house, Noel saying that it wouldn’t be right Clausinsisting that Noel grew up in the house just like he and Snowy did. In theend the two agreed that Mistletoe would move in with Noel.
  12. 12. Noel met Rudolph and Feliz. “Wow, I have two beautiful nieces and Rudy, nice hairkid.”
  13. 13. Behind them Ice socialized with Chauncy and Navidad played alone on the floor.
  14. 14. Claus had so much fun with his family the night before, that the next day hesuggested a day at the beach. The kids immediately started cheering. Regansmiled knowingly, Claus was hopelessly in love with each of his children, raisingfive kids was stressful but now he was seeing that it was well worth it. Given thechance to live his life over, Claus knew that he would change nothing, not evenhis mother’s death.
  15. 15. They had a long day together, chatting, playing games and fishing. Regan was sureher children would sleep well that night.
  16. 16. Navidad had started wailing around midday, he had fun but now his stomach wasfull and he was all played out so he wanted to sleep. The other children groaned,Regan looked at Claus, “Fine, you can stay a little longer with Daddy, I’ve got to gostart dinner and get things together for Navi’s birthday.”
  17. 17. The beach was just behind their house, so one by one the Winters started makingtheir way home.
  18. 18. Navidad looked around at his family after his mother helped him to blow outhis candles.
  19. 19. He grew into a blond haired, light skinned Regan.
  20. 20. Jack invited himself over and grabbed a slice of cake. He had not been feelingwell lately, he hid his illness from his children, not wanting them to worry. Hehad resolved to spend the little time he had left enjoying his grandchildren.
  21. 21. Ice was Jack’s biggest fan, he told his granddad that when he grew up hewould be just like Jack and his daddy. Jack hoped that the boy wouldn’t bejust like him.
  22. 22. The back-to-back birthdays continued the next day when Ice hopped out of bed andstarted glittering.
  23. 23. A few days later Noel came over with a bit of bad news. Jack had died thatmorning, apparently the man had gone to bed and never gotten up.
  24. 24. Claus’ kids loved their uncle Noel, they stopped whatever they were doing to givehim their attention. He always had the best stories and unlike other adults seemedinterested in what they had to say.
  25. 25. Rudulph was quite pleased when his uncle took the time to hang out with himalone. He saw his siblings’ envious looks and nearly grinned.
  26. 26. And Noel couldn’t leave without hailing Mistletoe who started talking abouthow excited she was to be moving into her grandmother’s house.
  27. 27. Soon it was birthday time again. This time Rudolph became a teenager.
  28. 28. He and Ice became very competitive. It became clear that Rudy was the family’s badboy much to his cop of a father’s displeasure.
  29. 29. With no more babies and more teenagers in the house, it was time for everyone to have their own space.The master bedroom and two smallerbedrooms were downstairs. Three largerbedrooms and a new bathroom wereplaced upstairs.
  30. 30. Claus stared at his two eldest sons. Today at work he nearly had a heart attackwhen he got an email from his dead father. Basically the email said that Jackwas proud of his son and that the Winter Legacy must go on. The email furtheroutlined Jack’s rules to heirship, the number one rule was that the heir had tobe a male. He looked at his sons, one was insane, the other was probably goingto be locked away. But he had until Mistletoe was ready to leave the nestbefore he had to choose an heir. In addition to his father’s stipulations, Claushad his own mission for the heir.