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How to apply a IT strategy to SharePoint....

How to apply a IT strategy to SharePoint.
By Peter Ward

More in: Technology , Business
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  • 1. Blog: www.wardpeter.com Cell: 862 220 6080
  • 2. 
  • 3. 
  • 4. Brief history of thispresentation
  • 5. SharePoint Statistics SharePoint is the fastest selling product in Microsoft history. Microsoft has been adding 20,000 SharePoint users per day, every day for the last five years. There are over 65,000 SharePoint customers who have purchased SharePoint
  • 6. Research firm AIIM discovered:Half of SharePoint implementations proceed without a clearbusiness case (which shows lack of direction from the start)Only 22% of organizations provide users with any guidanceon corporate classification and use of content types andcolumns1/3 of organizations have no plans as to how to useSharePoint, while 1/4 of organizations say IT is driving itwith no input from information management professionals.End Result: A fancier, much more expensive set ofshared drives rather than a usable ECM system withfindable information assets.
  • 7. Listening and acting on thispresentation could be a very good career move
  • 8. SharePoint IT Strategy How to successfullyimplement a collaboration platform Golden Rule: Think BIG, start small, scale fast
  • 9. Disclaimer
  • 10. IT Strategy in general  A plan to achieve goals and results  A journey redefined quarterly  Communicated across organization  What it is not  A single meeting with a series of PowerPoint slides  Lot’s a documentation  Why is this a challenge with SharePoint  Business impact is difficult to define  It’s about adoption, not under budget delivery  Should know the capabilities of the product
  • 11. A strategy could even be consideredpro- activity watching , and perhapsmaking a half-hearted connectionwith what other departments, thelarger corporation, market place oreven the competition is doing andwhen you have enough informationa decision is made.
  • 12. Why you need an ITSharePoint Strategy? “we need to be more strategic with our IT spending organization ”
  • 13. Strategy workshop
  • 14. SharePoint IT Strategy Workshop/ summit Exec Sponsor Business IT App Dev. Infrastructure
  • 15. Where to start Phase II - Stabilize Phase III – Go To Enterprise Phase IV –Business Engagement Intranet Migration Asset Library Intranet –Workflows Further engage business Project Man. Workbench InfoPath forms units to identify business impact Deploy News Gator Projects My Sites of the SharePoint platform Install News Gator to their business operations. Governance Plan Training: Essentials I Training: Essentials I Training: Essentials I Adoption Essentials II Essentials II Essentials II SP Designer SP Designer InfoPath InfoPath BI BI Develop Awareness of SharePoint Organization Existing business units Market Data Migrate all overseas instances Asia PAC to single SharePoint deployment Deploy support and helpdesk plan IT Configure, custom Configure, custom and 3rd party web parts 3rd party web parts, and .Net Infrastructure Health check Dev. Env. Production | Q & A Environment Jun 3rd Oct 31st May 31st May 31st 2011 2011 2012 2013 Road Map
  • 16. Road Map is built from 3 tools Business Rating Register Gap Analysis SWOT Analysis
  • 17. Business Methodology Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Align IT / Build & Develop Quantify Manage Design Business Value Awareness of Business Unified Solution & Implement SharePoint Impacts Capability Solution Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions • High-level • Business • Detailed current • Alignment of solutions • Implementation of business impact analysis state analysis with needs of overarching IT assessment business units SharePoint • Business case • Solution design management generation • Solution governance program implementation
  • 18. Business Rating Register
  • 19. Gap Analysis Current Future An environment that works…Kind of!! Correctly architected and scaled to business requirements No support procedureTechnology 3rd party web parts Bit of a wild west Custom development Out of the box Administrator Administrator Individual initiatives Solutions architect Business engagement managerPeople SharePoint evangelist SharePoint Captain on each location Self service model Managed model Department Mission critical applicationsProcesses Document management Move bit applications to SharePoint Gain traction
  • 20. SWOT Analysis of SharePoint within the enterprise Strengths Opportunities Some technology expertise Richer user experience of workday Microsoft complimentary products MS enterprise licenses Easier environment to support Reduction of 3rd party applications Reduction on rouge business apps Weaknesses Threats Office versions not 2010 Scalability and planning Supporting live environment Internal Support No training material Fully defined Governance plan User adoption Business engagement issues
  • 21. Fast forward 6 months
  • 22. Defined Road Map- Review Section Title 2
  • 23. Summary of Tools Business Rating Register Gap Analysis SWOT Analysis
  • 24. Implement an IT Strategy (MUST DOs)
  • 25. Who has a SharePoint IT Strategy?
  • 26. Signs of it is all going wrong
  • 27. SharePoint Strategies Failures •Lack of meeting Communication •Weather report meetings •Out of date progress reports Culture & •Lack of End User Training/Community Adoption •Lack of Help and Insight into Business processes - Little value •No Budget - No project or budget cuts Budget/Sponsor •No Sponsorship – Under the Radar •Leadership Poor Planning •No deployment due to complex dependencies •Bad prioritization
  • 28. Attention Test
  • 29. What it takes for successfulSharePoint IT strategy
  • 30. Summarize  SharePoint statistics  IT Strategy in general  Why you need it  Strategy tools  Business impact register Gap Analysis SWOT Analysis  Strategy musts  Signs its all going wrong  What it takes for it to succeed
  • 31. Final word
  • 32. You will always need
  • 33. Golden Rule: Think BIG, start small, scale fastQuestions?    Be part of the experience