IBM Cognos 10.1 User Interface Tools Overview


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Learn what tools will be available to users with Cognos 10.1, and what’s covered by your licenses. Download this deck:

Senturus senior solutions architects provide clear visuals and concise descriptions to help you assess the IBM Cognos 10 platform in the context of a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution and determine how to take your performance management initiative to the next level.

Senturus, a business analytics consulting firm, has a resource library with hundreds of free recorded webinars, trainings, demos and unbiased product reviews. Take a look and share them with your colleagues and friends:

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IBM Cognos 10.1 User Interface Tools Overview

  1. 1. IBM Cognos 10.1 User Interface Tools Overview Helping Companies Learn From the Past,1 Manage the Present and Shape the Future
  2. 2. Corporate Performance Management Cycle What is happening? Scorecards and Dashboards What happened? Why did it happen? Reporting Analytics What will happen? What do I want to happen? Forecasting Planning Budgeting Consolidation2
  3. 3. Corporate Performance Management System PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Industry Solutions Enterprise Performance Solutions SOLUTIONS BEST PRACTICES How are we Why are we What should doing? doing it? we be doing? PERFORMANCE Metrics Query & Event MANAGEMENT Management Dashboarding Reporting Analysis Management Planning PLATFORM PLATFORM Portal Security Configuration Administration Information & Business Data SERVICES Modeling Integration Operational or Enterprise Flat, Modern OLAP Applications and Legacy Star Schema3
  4. 4. IBM Cognos 10 Business Intelligence Reporting and AnalysisBusiness Query Report Cognos Analysis Event Metric Business Insight Studio Studio Viewer Studio Studio Studio InsightAdvanced Single Access To Data (values) and Metadata (info on data properties) SQL XML MDX ODBC Composite Metric Files Database Relational Cubes Reporting and Analysis Data Sources More4
  5. 5. User Roles Report Administrator Roles define each Admin BI Professional users’ capabilities Professional Author for creating, Advanced viewing, and Business Author distributing Author Business Author reports or Enhanced Consumer performing ad-hoc Consumer analysis Recipient Consumer Remote Distribution5
  6. 6. IBM Cognos 10 Licensing Matrix BI Advanced BI BI BI Enhanced BI Business BI Business BI Business BI Business Professional Consumer Consumer Author Analyst Manager Professional Author Author Cognos BI Capability Business Insight        Biz Insight Advanced    Active Reports        Cognos Search        Cognos Collaboration        Query Studio     Analysis Studio    Report Studio   Metric Studio   Event Studio  Transformer  IBM Cognos Mobile        *as of 10.1.1*6
  7. 7. Examine the IBM Cognos 10 BI Platform • Metric Studio helps you manage the performance of your organization by monitoring and analyzing metrics at all levels. • Query Studio helps you quickly answer a focused question. • Analysis Studio performs simple to complex analyses and comparisons of data to discover trends, risks and opportunities. • Report Studio builds sophisticated reports including multi- page, multiple-query reports against multiple data sources. • Event Studio notifies users of key operational or performance- related events that may affect their business.7
  8. 8. Examine the IBM Cognos 10 BI Platform • Business Insight is a Self-service Dashboard assembly solution which allows users to leverage existing content (reports) and assemble them into their own personalized workspaces, or dashboards • Business Insight provides personalization and basic analytical functionality directly within the workspace. It is designed for consumers that want to enhance their experience with existing reports allowing them to customize display types and palettes, perform basic calculations and filtering.8
  9. 9. Examine the IBM Cognos 10 BI Platform • Business Insight Advanced (BIA) is a Self-service Report Authoring solution which allows users to modify existing reports using the full functionality of a business authoring tool • BIA allows users to author their own reports using intuitive interface features and gestures including advanced presentation, layout, formatting, complex calculations, and filtering • BIA provides an ad-hoc user experience which allows the authors to interact with the data while they are developing reports using intuitive, integrated OLAP features such as drill- down, slice-and-dice, and top/bottom filtering • BIA combines the best features of ad-hoc (Query Studio), multi-dimensional Analysis (Analysis Studio), and professional authoring (Report Studio)9
  10. 10. For more information, please visit the Senturus website, Under the Resource tab you will find upcoming Events, Training Course Schedule and Recorded Webinars. – You will find this under the “IBM Cognos Business Intelligence”10
  11. 11. Contact Senturus Senturus, Inc 888-601-601011
  12. 12. 12