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Maximize Project 2010 with SharePoint 2010 for PM Success


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Delivered at the PMI Great Lakes Chapter Forum; November 2012

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Maximize Project 2010 with SharePoint 2010 for PM Success

  1. 1. Maximize Project 2010 withSharePoint 2010 for PM Success Welcome!
  2. 2. Copyright This is a work of Innovative-e, Inc. The information contained in this document is the proprietary intellectual property of Innovative-e, Inc. It is to be used only for your informational purposes. Under no circumstances may any part of it be reproduced or distributed to any third parties without prior written permission from Innovative-e, Inc.
  3. 3. Today you’ll learn how to: 1. Identify the key challenges & trends for project and work management success 2. Understand how to apply tools your people already use such as MS Office and SharePoint 3. Enhance project transparency to key stakeholders 4. Empower team members and managers with information to make proactive decisions
  4. 4. Presenting Today, Tim Cermak        
  5. 5. What is the most used projectmanagement tool today?
  6. 6. The Reality of Corporate DecisionsAre CIO’s Losing Control? July 7, 2011 @timcermak #pmoyt
  7. 7. The Reality of PM Today … chaos
  8. 8. Why is there PM Chaos?The Business Ameba Executive Visibility/Business Intelligence? External 3rdParty SaaS, Internal High SharePoint Maturity Extranet, PPM Solutions? Suppliers, Product Partners... Corp Engineering Comm HR IT Internal Low Maturity PMO(s) Departments & Work Legal Groups: (SharePoint sites, email, etc.) and/or 3rd Party Apps Workgroup Effectiveness? Enterprise Efficiencies?
  9. 9. Where are the Answers?Core Challenge: Alignment Level 1: Initial Level 2: Repeatable Level 3: Defined  No PM  Basic [PM] PEOPLE  [PM] Certification Competencies, Specializations background knowledge  Automated Business Process  Processes [PM] workflows , Modeling/Automation PROCESS  Ad-hoc Standardized portfolio (Demand Mgmt, Agile, Six Sigma) reporting  Templates, Implementation Scheduling and Support  Paper, Word, TOOLS Collaboration  Enterprise Tools Enhancements Excel, Email Upgrades Tool
  10. 10. The Revolution Is Here #pmoyt @timcermak
  11. 11. PM on Your Terms Get people working Build on enthusiasm over Manage work proactively efficiently together instead time with iterative instead of reactively of in silos increasingly beneficial capabilities
  12. 12. Demo 1 CollaborateUse tools familiar, build utility and benefit for immediate ‘Wins’Audience:• All departments o Executives o Managers o People who manage work (line mgrs., PMs) o People who do the work (Engineers, Department Staff, etc.)Toolbox:• SharePoint 2010 OOTB• Office 2010 (Word, Excel)What you’ll see:• Team site for central artifact management• Co-authoring with MS Word• Excel sync to SharePoint list
  13. 13. Demo 2 Manage w/SharePointEnhance project transparency to key stakeholdersAudience:• Lower Maturity organization (Internal Facilities Department) o Line Managers o EngineersToolbox:• SharePoint 2010 OOTB (Out Of The Box)• Microsoft Project ProfessionalWhat you’ll see:• Portfolio view of project status• Portfolio view of project artifacts
  14. 14. Demo 3 Manage w/EPM toolsBusiness Intelligence for proactive managementAudience:• Higher Maturity PM organization (IT Department) o Project Managers o Team MembersToolbox:• Project Server 2010 on SharePoint• Performance Point with Embedded SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)• OLAP Cubes & Straight Reporting against Project Server Db.What you’ll see:• BI Feature Mashup from SharePoint and Project Server - “One stop glance at the health of the project”
  15. 15. Demo 4 SharePoint/Project 2013Discovery Mode to see work assignments across enterprise departmentsAudience:• Project stakeholders o Executives o Project Managers o Team MembersToolbox:• Project 2013 Online• SharePoint 2013 OnlineWhat you’ll see:• Expose project high maturity information AND• Visibility into lower maturity (different department) information
  16. 16. PMOYT Solutions Stack Internal/ Project and Application Line of Executive External Portfolio Lifecycle Compliance Business VisibilityCollaboration Management Management Integration
  17. 17. Register for Innovative-e’s:“How to Build a Project Management InformationSystem (PMIS) with SharePoint 2010” 4-hourhands-on webinar and save 30%!Use promo code CERMAKPMI when registering
  18. 18. Question & Answers…
  19. 19. Thank You!For more, please visit us at