Design a SharePoint Program for Ongoing Operational Excellence


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  • Power User: Someone who has the following skills:
    Expert in their area of business
    With “free time”
    And technical knowledge
    Who can facilitate meetings
    Gather business requirements
    And persuade people to follow them
    Respected by leadership to gain buy-in
    And knows how to use SharePoint Designer and configure advanced features of SharePoint
    Knowledge of Office and related products is great too
    Has anymore ever found this person? Why are we betting SharePoint ROI on them?
  • Consolidation: expense report solution
    Each department builds own solution
    When want to combine into enterprise wide solution the column names, workflows, etc are all different which results in re-architecture of existing solutions.
  • Elaborate on problems caused by as-is approach
    CFO identified this priority during the yearly strategic planning. Budgets will need to be created by each area for execution of this goal.
    Have an existing, stable SharePoint platform that is mostly used for communication: text and pictures, and as a file share alternative.
  • Design a SharePoint Program for Ongoing Operational Excellence

    1. 1. Design a SharePoint Program for Ongoing Operational Excellence Erica Toelle | Seattle, USA @EricaToelle April 23, 2014
    2. 2. About EricaAbout Erica Began working with SharePointBegan working with SharePoint20042004 Started consulting with the SharePoint Product Team Started consulting with the SharePoint Product Team20072007 Began working with SharePoint 2010Began working with SharePoint 201020082008 Started a SharePoint Consulting CompanyStarted a SharePoint Consulting Company20092009 Focused on Strategy, ECM, Collaboration, Social Computing, and End User Adoption Focused on Strategy, ECM, Collaboration, Social Computing, and End User Adoption 2010 - Present 2010 - Present Started as a business consulting vendor with Microsoft Started as a business consulting vendor with Microsoft20052005
    3. 3. AgendaAgenda 1. The Problem 2. Program Management Baseline 3. The Case Study 4. What is a SharePoint Program? – Business Cases – Planning – Project Management – Center of Excellence 1. The Results
    4. 4. The Problem: Sustained AdoptionThe Problem: Sustained Adoption Pre-Launch Launch Sustain
    5. 5. The Problem: No Power UsersThe Problem: No Power Users To be or not to be…
    6. 6. The Problem: No Reuse of EffortThe Problem: No Reuse of Effort • No centralized place to keep SharePoint solutions for reuse – Code – Training Materials – Communication Plan & Templates – Requirements documents / specs • The same projects are executed multiple times across the organization – When want to consolidate there is no common information architecture
    7. 7. The Solution: Set up a SharePoint Program!
    8. 8. What is a Program?What is a Program? SharePoint Project A SharePoint Project D SharePoint Project C SharePoint Project B SharePoint Program IT Project Portfolio Non-SharePoint Programs Non-SharePoint Projects Program Management takes a larger and more comprehensive view of the organization’s activities, so that multiple, related projects and their resources can be managed to achieve strategic business goals. Allows the organization to compare project requests and activities to ensure that projects or assets do not conflict with each other and that there is no duplicity of effort. The result is consistency and cost savings. A Portfolio is projects, programs, subportfolios, and operations managed as a group to achieve strategic objectives. A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. In SharePoint examples of projects include an expense reporting solution, a document approval solution, etc.
    9. 9. What is a Program?What is a Program? Today we are going to review a tactical example of a SharePoint Program along with a case study to demonstrate benefits and ROI. We will also use SharePoint to manage the program.
    10. 10. The Case StudyThe Case Study The finance organization in large software company manages their work using spreadsheets, which are located on file shares or personal hard drives. They email files to coworkers. The CFO has a goal to create reusable data collection and reporting solutions to reduce manual work and create visibility across the organization in a common manner. SharePoint will be used to collect and store data, automate workflows, and display reports.
    11. 11. The SharePoint ProgramThe SharePoint Program Center of Excellence • Reuse point solutions in center of excellence • Governance policies dictate what changes can be made 4 Project Management • Structure based on needs of business case • Include technical and people components 3 Planning • Roadmap • Business Case Selection • Governance 2Business Case • Collect from departments; grant time to execute • Select based on planning priorities and strategic importance • Platform enhancement or point solution 1
    12. 12. The SharePoint ProgramThe SharePoint Program Business users or IT complete an InfoPath form containing the business case and related information about the proposed solution. Forms are submitted to a SharePoint list where additional information / metadata can be added to prioritize and schedule projects. SharePoint Custom List Project Team Projects are selected from the proposed business cases and a project teams are assembled. A SharePoint site can be used as a project management tool. Center of Excellence • Site / list templates • .wsp packages • Project plan • Business Requirements document • Training materials • Communication examples • List of project team members • Communications plan • Meeting minutes When the project is complete all materials are placed in a Center of Excellence [App Store] so they can easily be found and reused.
    13. 13. • A standardized approach to collecting and cataloging SharePoint solution ideas. • Business cases can be prioritized and approved based on strategic priorities, or saved for later execution. • Allows the organization to combine duplicate efforts and only invest in projects that help achieve strategic goals. Business Case1
    15. 15. Planning • Roadmap planning sets the priorities and focus for the year – Align with overall strategic goals at the company and department levels – Mature the platform • Business case selection chooses the specific projects that will achieve strategic goals, and the metrics that will be used to measure success 2
    17. 17. • The project team is selected based on needs of the business case – Consultants hired as necessary • Includes technical and people work streams, for example: Project Management3
    18. 18. • Allows solutions to be reused across org, eliminating duplicate efforts • Includes all solution components: code, training, communications, requirement, business case, etc. • Governance policies dictate how a solution can be modified, and guide when a net new solution should be built Center of Excellence4
    20. 20. • By using a Program Management approach, our case study was able to achieve the following in five months: – Eliminated 28 duplicate projects at a cost savings of $422,000 – The seven complete projects were reused an average of three times each – 86% of projects were completed on time and on budget – Project team members reported greater job satisfaction as they were able to accurately estimate project effort (e.g. no working nights and weekends) – User adoption was 68% for completed projects – The cost savings achieved by the solutions is estimated at $1.2 million a year Case Study ResultsCase Study Results
    21. 21. Next StepsNext Steps • Build a Business Solutions Community – Use project team participation as a vehicle for tactical SharePoint training – Conduct monthly user group meetings to build skills and share successes and learnings • Build a demo showcase – Business users can’t request what they don’t know. – A solution showcase brings existing solutions to life without exposing sensitive data. – Include success stories and quotes. – IT can build demos of non-existing solutions.
    22. 22. ResourcesResources • SharePoint Maturity Model:
    23. 23. Thank you!Thank you! Erica Toelle SharePoint Business Architect 206-200-0002 Twitter: @EricaToelle