London Nanode Applications Weekend OpenEnergyMonitor presentation


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Presentation given at Nanode Applications Weekend in London. Presentation introduces the OpenEnergyMonitor project and talks through our end-to-end open-source web-connected energy monitoring system

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London Nanode Applications Weekend OpenEnergyMonitor presentation

  1. 1. Nanode applications weekend, London06/08/2011 Glyn Hudson and Trystan Lea
  2. 2. Contents● OpenEnergyMonitor project● emonTx● RFM12B wireless module● emonGLCD● Nanode RF● emonCMS
  3. 3. “A project to develop and build open-source energymonitoring, control and analysis tools for energy efficiencyand distributed renewable microgeneration”
  4. 4. Applications ● Electricity consumption monitoring ● Renewable generation monitoring ● Heat-pump monitoring ●Water, gas and flow monitoring (from pulse output meter) ● Temperature monitoring ● Multi node distributed monitoring network
  5. 5. DS18B20 one-wireOptional AC voltage temperature bus Pulse counting(for real powermeasurement) Status LED (upside down!)JeePorts forcompatibility withJeeLab shields 3 x CT channels 3.5mm jack forAtmega 328 @ 3.3V Seedstudio CTs 100A max AA battery input (3.3V max) 5V USB RFM12B 5V FTDI power Wireless Arduino IDE compatible
  6. 6. RTC plug 16Ch PWM LED plug Barometric pressure plug Motor plug Infra red plug MOSFET plugLight intensity plug 512Kb memory plug OOK plug Relay plug
  7. 7. In development!
  8. 8. RFM12B wireless FSK transceiver module●Made by Hope RF, re-branded by rfsolutions and maplin in the UK●Sometimes called Alpha RF●Low cost RF transceiver £4-7 (from Rapid, Farnell, RS or Maplin)●Up to 300m transmission●Up to 115Kbps●Up to 28 nodes per network●Up to 250 different network groups●3 different frequencies●Surface mount●SPI interface●2.2-3.8V supply voltage OpenEnergyMonitor uses 434Mhz●Low power – 0.3µA standby current JeeLabs uses 868Mhz●Excellent interrupt driven Arduino library by JCW
  9. 9. RFM12B wireless transceiver module Simple Tx code – (update: see url:)
  10. 10. RFM12B wireless transceiver module Simple Rx code (update see url:)
  11. 11. RF●JeeLabs RFM12B wireless breakout board.●No need to solder in the 3.3V voltage regulator●3.3V power from the Nanodes 3.3V voltage regulator 433Mhz needs longer antenna (165mm) than JeeNode 868Mhz There is an error on the Nanode 5 board that stops the Ethernet and RFM12B being used at the same time. Solution: ●Lift leg 4 of the ENC28J60 out of its socket ●Do not solder in/remove R13 (the 10K resistor, one resistor down from the 1 ohm ferrite)
  12. 12. emonGLCD wireless open-source graphical LCD unit In development A beautiful living room display! ..think smooth laser-cut and engraved plywood fascia.... ●64x128 Graphical LCD ●PWM LED backlight ●Low power, 3.3V ●Based on JeeNode + JeeLabs Graphics board ATmega328 Temperature sensor tri-colour LED (ambient indicators) Possible uses ●Energy monitoring ● Real time data Mode ● Simple graphs change ● Ambient indicator LEDs ● Grid demand / renewable mix ● TemperaturesUSBpower ●Twitter feeds, weather, email alert, RSS etc. ●Patchube feeds RFM12B
  13. 13. RF Nanode to the web whole load of examples for sending data to pachube and emoncms from the nanode.
  14. 14. An open-source web app for processing, logging and visualising energy, temperature and other environmental data. ●Open-source, downloadable and installable on your own server. ●Specifically designed with processing and visualising energy data in mind. A project for me to learn web programming, php, ● mysql, javascript and so
  15. 15. Home energy dashboards, heatpumps, solar hot water
  16. 16. Input processing Inputs Feeds Power Power power kWh/d to kWh/d Scale, offset Temperature Temperature x 1.1 + 0.2 Voltage x input Power Current
  17. 17. The code Model-View-ControllerLanguages: PHP, MySQL, Javascript,JQuery, Flot based graphingRequirements: A server runningApache MySQL and PHP
  18. 18. Models are like libraries in thatyou can call the model functionsfrom your code:create_feed($userid,$name)insert_feed_data($feedid,$time,$value)update_feed_data($feedid,$time,$value)get_feed_data($feedid,$start,$end,$resolution) The controllers handle different requests from the user, getting data from the model and wrapping it up in a view before sending finished output to the user. The controller, controls data flow through the application. The views theme the data/content
  19. 19. a 3rd party pachube app? By swapping out the database and changing the models slightly it should be possible to use pachube as the data store