Presentation Kieran Donaghy - MEDEAnet Webinar Media-supported language learning


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This presentation was given by Kieran Donaghy as part of the MEDEAnet webinar on "Media-supported language learning". MEDEAnet aims to promote media-based learning to organisations and practitioners through local training and networking events, online resources and knowledge sharing. MEDEAnet will also exploit best practices of the annual competition MEDEA Awards and extend its existing informal network and support the MEDEA Association, a membership organisation that ensures the sustainability of the MEDEA Awards. More info:

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Presentation Kieran Donaghy - MEDEAnet Webinar Media-supported language learning

  1. 1. Using Film in Language Teaching Kieran Donaghy
  2. 2. Overview of the session 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Approaches to film Whole films Film clips Short films Online lesson plans Online student resources
  3. 3. Using whole films
  4. 4. ESL Notes To Kill A Mockingbird (Drama) (1962) © 1999 by Raymond Weschler Major Characters Atticus Finch..............................................Gregory Peck A gentle and highly moral lawyer in a small Southern town who agrees to defend a black man accused of rape. "Scout" (Jean Louise) Finch....................Mary Badham The adorable six year old daughter of Atticus who tells the story of the events that take place in the film. Jem Finch.........................................................Phillip Alford Scout's protective 10 year old brother. Dill Harris...........................................................John Megna The friend of Scout and Jem who lives in their town during the summers. Tom Robinson..................................................Brock Peters The kind and soft-spoken black man who is falsely accused of rape, and now must face the charges with an all white jury.
  5. 5. ESL Notes Plot Summary This movie is the classic story of racism in a small fictional town in the American South, based on the book of the same title by Harper Lee. The story takes place in 1932, during the great economic depression, in Macomb, Alabama. It is told through the eyes of Scout Finch, an adorable six year old girl who loves her father very much, and who observes the great difficulties that he faces after he decides to defend a black man, Tom Robinson, who is falsely accused of raping a poor white teenage girl. In telling her story, she reveals much about race, social class and the law in 1930s America.
  6. 6. ESL Notes Some Words and Expressions that You may not Know Scout and Jem meet Dill, and all three learn of the mysteries of the Radley House. Macomb was a tired old town in 1932. The name of the small (fictional) Alabama town and county where Atticus Finch and his family lived. Men's stiff shirt collars wilted by 9AM and ladies bathed by noon. "To wilt" is to become limp or to bend, often because of heat. And by nightfall they were like soft teacakes with frosting from sweating and sweet talcum. "Frosting" is the sweet covering that is used on cakes. "Talcum" is a type of powder people use to absorb sweat when its hot. There was no money and nothing to buy...though Macomb County
  7. 7. English Through Cinema Courses Flipped classroom?
  8. 8. Film circles
  9. 9. The director The music lover The culture vulture The wordsmith The cinematographer
  10. 10. Using film clips
  11. 11. The 4 S’s Setting Story Sound Symbolism
  12. 12. The 3 C’s Camera Colour Character
  13. 13. American Beauty
  14. 14. Character 1 Character 2
  15. 15. Name of character Age Height Build Arms and legs Posture Face Skin Eyes Nose Mouth Hair Expression
  16. 16. Generic activities 1.Show with no sound 2.Write dialogue 3.Play with sound only 4.Predict what’s going to happen 5.Roleplay 6.Write an alternative ending
  17. 17. Using short films
  18. 18. Advantages of short films 1.View several times 2.Different activity each time 3.Greater dramatic impact 4.A whole narrative 5.Prompts for oral and written communication
  19. 19. When I grow up …
  20. 20. When I grow up … video here
  21. 21. Adjective + noun collocation forks hardworking underpaid teacher overworked footballer nurse politician model chef
  22. 22. Noun + noun collocation forks Kindergarten/ nursery Primary teacher school Secondary school driver maid worker cleaner designer
  23. 23. The Mirror
  24. 24. The Mirror Show your students this image and ask the following questions: • How old is the boy? • Where's he from? • What does he look like? • What do you think he’s like?
  25. 25. The Mirror Video here
  26. 26. Tell your students they are going to watch the film again. This time they should focus on the following things: • age: • face: • body: • mood: • actions: • objects in bathroom:
  27. 27. Paperman Show students the picture below and ask them to discuss the following questions in pairs: • Where are the people? • Who are the people in the picture? • Do they know each other? • How do they feel?
  28. 28. Paperman Tell your students that the picture is taken from a short film called Paperman. Put them into small groups and ask them to predict what will happen in the film. Give them 10 minutes to write their stories and then get one student from each group to read out their story.
  29. 29. Paperman Video Here
  30. 30. Online lesson plans
  31. 31. Online resources for students
  32. 32.