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How to Create Engaging Content for Marketers - #WCPHX


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Tips for marketers to make their content engaging while driving business value. Presentation by Joe Manna of Infusionsoft at WordCamp Phoenix 2012 (#WCPHX). …

Tips for marketers to make their content engaging while driving business value. Presentation by Joe Manna of Infusionsoft at WordCamp Phoenix 2012 (#WCPHX).

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  • 1. How to CreateEngaging Content for Marketers @joemanna | #wcphx
  • 2. About meLove my 98 Camaro almostmore than life itselfCommunity Manager atInfusionsoftGenerates hundreds of qualityleads from blogging(Getting paid to) blog since 06
  • 3. The problem with mostbusiness’ blogs?
  • 4. They suck.(Or, they are boring, uninteresting, pitchy, unhelpful, or waste the visitors time.)
  • 5. They lack a purpose.
  • 6. Generate Leads & Sales Gain Brand Awareness Build Thought Leadership Provide Customer Service Share Company Culture Attract Business Development Acquire Top Talent Respond to CriticismEvery business blog should have a purpose.
  • 7. Blog Metrics Conversions Conversion Rate Inbound Mentions & Comments
  • 8. Pace yourself, then race yourself.
  • 9. What is engaging content?
  • 10. MOAR CONTENT? No.
  • 11. Better content. Happy visitors. Less work; more play.
  • 12. Goals for your content Establish Trust Build Confidence Drive Action Deliver on Expectations
  • 13. Content for the Buying Process
  • 14. Awareness•  Blog about topics in the industry•  Outline a problem and a solution•  The solution is not always you•  Address real concerns from buyers –  Not sure? Ask your sales team.
  • 15. Interest•  Make it easy to learn about you. –  Opt-in for email or text from company –  Make the opt-in valuable. Put a real campaign behind it.•  Let great content stand out with a relevant lead-generation offer.
  • 16. Research•  Provide data, stats and product comparisons.•  Craft content that targets “alternative” search intent.•  Seek out damaging content and address it thoughtfully.
  • 17. Social Validation•  People look for content that is proven from others•  Testimonials à Customer Highlights•  Use real photos of people
  • 18. Purchase•  Provide consistent and clear pricing•  Address concerns over service –  Discuss guarantees/warranties –  Share use-case examples –  Show off rockstar customer service
  • 19. Don’t just talk about yourself.
  • 20. Six #WinningBlog Post Tips
  • 21. Use a Powerful Headline•  Numbers perform better•  Aim for search intent – not search terms•  Being direct works wellExamples: –  25 Ways to do … –  7 Proven Techniques to […] –  How to do […] with […]! –  6 Mistakes Every […] Makes and How to Avoid Them –  The Ultimate Guide to […]
  • 22. Have a Point of View•  Blog audiences tend to form around a personable voice.•  Express emotion. Get pissed. Get happy.Examples: –  We say NO to #SOPA! (Namecheap) –  A Secret No More: Eloqua on Salesforce’s Acqusition of Radian6 (Eloqua)
  • 23. Use Multimedia•  Text won’t always satisfy visitor’s needs•  Use original images, graphs, charts, etc.Examples: –  MintLife uses infographics frequently –  SEOMoz uses whiteboard videos to demystify SEO –  Kikolani uses lists to aggregate tons of content
  • 24. Make Content Skimmable•  Assume people will skim your content•  Make it easy to read with a clean design.Examples: –  Use lists, bullets and bold for emphasis. –  Use images that support content intent –  Break lengthy blog topics into a series
  • 25. Have a Call to Action•  If you don’t ask, they won’t buy•  Doesn’t have to always be about you.Examples: –  Consider asking for reader input –  Ask the reader to take action by doing something –  Encourage readers to share your content
  • 26. Establish A Rhythm•  Aim for a couple great blog posts weekly•  Stick to a few key topics (beats)Examples: –  Utilize an Editorial calendar to stay focused –  Mind-map your top 4 ideas and 4 posts on each –  Get help from a peer to contribute
  • 27. 6 must-have content creation tools
  • 28. Topsy•  Ability to search live & trending topics•  Useful to get blog ideas and see conversations around a topic•
  • 29. Pinterest•  Ability to visualize recommended content•  Offers more than just cupcakes and dresses•  Most images are linked to their sources•
  • 30. InboundWriter•  Suggests tips to make well-rounded articles.•  Intended for SEO- friendly content, but it has good advice packed in it.•
  • 31. Google Suggest•  Suggest feature based on queries and clicks (user demand)•  Great tool for creating competitive content•
  • 32. Buffer•  Scheduling updates for Twitter and Facebook.•  Vary blog headlines to see the impact•  Makes it effortless with browser addons to use•
  • 33. Embedded Tweets•  Useful for inserting Tweets into posts•  Allows users to engage with the Tweet.•
  • 34. Put this into ContextEducate your industry, market, prospects and customers Drive business value with your blog What isn’t measured, can’t be improved Write for people - not search engines
  • 35. Thank you! Questions?
  • 36. Photo Credits