How to Create Engaging Content for Marketers - #WCPHX


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Tips for marketers to make their content engaging while driving business value. Presentation by Joe Manna of Infusionsoft at WordCamp Phoenix 2012 (#WCPHX).

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How to Create Engaging Content for Marketers - #WCPHX

  1. How to CreateEngaging Content for Marketers @joemanna | #wcphx
  2. About meLove my 98 Camaro almostmore than life itselfCommunity Manager atInfusionsoftGenerates hundreds of qualityleads from blogging(Getting paid to) blog since 06
  3. The problem with mostbusiness’ blogs?
  4. They suck.(Or, they are boring, uninteresting, pitchy, unhelpful, or waste the visitors time.)
  5. They lack a purpose.
  6. Generate Leads & Sales Gain Brand Awareness Build Thought Leadership Provide Customer Service Share Company Culture Attract Business Development Acquire Top Talent Respond to CriticismEvery business blog should have a purpose.
  7. Blog Metrics Conversions Conversion Rate Inbound Mentions & Comments
  8. Pace yourself, then race yourself.
  9. What is engaging content?
  11. Better content. Happy visitors. Less work; more play.
  12. Goals for your content Establish Trust Build Confidence Drive Action Deliver on Expectations
  13. Content for the Buying Process
  14. Awareness•  Blog about topics in the industry•  Outline a problem and a solution•  The solution is not always you•  Address real concerns from buyers –  Not sure? Ask your sales team.
  15. Interest•  Make it easy to learn about you. –  Opt-in for email or text from company –  Make the opt-in valuable. Put a real campaign behind it.•  Let great content stand out with a relevant lead-generation offer.
  16. Research•  Provide data, stats and product comparisons.•  Craft content that targets “alternative” search intent.•  Seek out damaging content and address it thoughtfully.
  17. Social Validation•  People look for content that is proven from others•  Testimonials à Customer Highlights•  Use real photos of people
  18. Purchase•  Provide consistent and clear pricing•  Address concerns over service –  Discuss guarantees/warranties –  Share use-case examples –  Show off rockstar customer service
  19. Don’t just talk about yourself.
  20. Six #WinningBlog Post Tips
  21. Use a Powerful Headline•  Numbers perform better•  Aim for search intent – not search terms•  Being direct works wellExamples: –  25 Ways to do … –  7 Proven Techniques to […] –  How to do […] with […]! –  6 Mistakes Every […] Makes and How to Avoid Them –  The Ultimate Guide to […]
  22. Have a Point of View•  Blog audiences tend to form around a personable voice.•  Express emotion. Get pissed. Get happy.Examples: –  We say NO to #SOPA! (Namecheap) –  A Secret No More: Eloqua on Salesforce’s Acqusition of Radian6 (Eloqua)
  23. Use Multimedia•  Text won’t always satisfy visitor’s needs•  Use original images, graphs, charts, etc.Examples: –  MintLife uses infographics frequently –  SEOMoz uses whiteboard videos to demystify SEO –  Kikolani uses lists to aggregate tons of content
  24. Make Content Skimmable•  Assume people will skim your content•  Make it easy to read with a clean design.Examples: –  Use lists, bullets and bold for emphasis. –  Use images that support content intent –  Break lengthy blog topics into a series
  25. Have a Call to Action•  If you don’t ask, they won’t buy•  Doesn’t have to always be about you.Examples: –  Consider asking for reader input –  Ask the reader to take action by doing something –  Encourage readers to share your content
  26. Establish A Rhythm•  Aim for a couple great blog posts weekly•  Stick to a few key topics (beats)Examples: –  Utilize an Editorial calendar to stay focused –  Mind-map your top 4 ideas and 4 posts on each –  Get help from a peer to contribute
  27. 6 must-have content creation tools
  28. Topsy•  Ability to search live & trending topics•  Useful to get blog ideas and see conversations around a topic•
  29. Pinterest•  Ability to visualize recommended content•  Offers more than just cupcakes and dresses•  Most images are linked to their sources•
  30. InboundWriter•  Suggests tips to make well-rounded articles.•  Intended for SEO- friendly content, but it has good advice packed in it.•
  31. Google Suggest•  Suggest feature based on queries and clicks (user demand)•  Great tool for creating competitive content•
  32. Buffer•  Scheduling updates for Twitter and Facebook.•  Vary blog headlines to see the impact•  Makes it effortless with browser addons to use•
  33. Embedded Tweets•  Useful for inserting Tweets into posts•  Allows users to engage with the Tweet.•
  34. Put this into ContextEducate your industry, market, prospects and customers Drive business value with your blog What isn’t measured, can’t be improved Write for people - not search engines
  35. Thank you! Questions?
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