Digital storytelling


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Digital storytelling

  1. 1. AN INTRODUCTION TODIGITAL STORYTELLINGJeremy AndersonCourtney McKennaTracy Van Oss
  2. 2. What are digital stories?Multimedia narrativesAudio: music, sound effects, narrationVisual: videos, images, textTypically 3-10 minutes in length
  3. 3. Why assess with digital stories?• Engender active learning• Increase Reflection• Engage emotions• Encourage service learning• Repackage text-based skills• Improve digital literacy
  4. 4. DIGITAL STORIESAnd the Learning Paradigm
  5. 5. WrittenCommunication Script with a purpose
  6. 6. OralCommunication Narrate with purpose & emotion
  7. 7. Critical Thinking &Reasoning Synthesize media into a cohesive product
  8. 8. Visual Literacy Select images to serve a purpose and to tell a story
  9. 9. DIGITAL STORIESExamples and samples
  10. 10. Digital Stories as Reflective PiecesCourtney McKenna, QUSS instructor• Weekly blogs – using blog tool in Blackboard • Reflect on class discussion • Triangulate topics from other courses • Comment on current events • Identify what was most important to the student each week• Digital Story: • Synthesis of blogs to show personal or intellectual transformation throughout the semester • Camtasia Relay – or other software familiar to student
  11. 11. Reflection – Student Example• _Flash_(Large)_-_20111207_05.26.18PM.html
  12. 12. Lessons Learned• Student feedback • Enjoyed going back to review blogs • Helped put the semester into perspective • “Not another paper!”• Lessons learned • Need to push students to not be so literal with the “recap” • May require the inclusion of outside materials • Other courses • Events • In class showcase?
  13. 13. Digital Story & Photovoice for ServiceLearningTracy Van Oss, DHSc, OTR/LDigital storytelling was final project for a service learningcourse incorporating photos with narration:• Youth Day Fair at the Yale Bowl• North Haven Fire Department Bike Safety Day• International Walk To School Day• St. Andrews Children Fair• Halloween Safety at Keefe Center
  14. 14. Service Learning – Student Example YouTube
  15. 15. Photovoice as Service Learning• Photovoice was a grant funded project to capture images and narration from the child’s perspective to assess a need for change of the environment in Hamden, CT.
  16. 16. “I saw a crack in the sidewalk and someone might trip”
  17. 17. Other potential uses• History: archival footage/images• Current events: interviews, documentary images• Personal narratives• Case studies
  18. 18. Digital Stories as Personal Narratives All the Truly Important Things… Eric Zheng (pseudonym); part of “Taking Root: Our Stories, Our Community” YouTube
  19. 19. Digital Stories as Current Events Evolution of Education: The Present Katelyn Stoll, Bridget Figmic, Bree Gooley, Katie Thompson; students ED 311 YouTube
  20. 20. Digital Stories as HistoryBirth of a Nation as Racial Propaganda Wordless Sound in Antebellum African-Mary Corrado, student; QU 201 American Song Brian Noell, instructor; QUSS YouTube
  21. 21. WORKFLOW & TOOLSFor digital story projects
  22. 22. What is the workflow? Select CombineWrite script Record images, m narration & narration usic, video and otherstoryboard s, text media
  23. 23. Tools for creating/collecting mediaRecord narration • QuickTime, iMovie, Sound RecorderFind…• Images • Flickr Commons & Creative Commons• Videos • Flip Video Cameras, YouTube, Vimeo• Music • Jamendo, ccMixter Mac• Sound effects Windows • Freesound, SoundBible
  24. 24. Tools for finalizing/combining media• Edit images • iPhoto, Live Photo Gallery• Edit/record video • iMovie, Live Movie Maker • Camtasia Relay• Share product • Publish to YouTube • Share Camtasia link Mac Windows
  25. 25. Tips, tricks, & suggestions• Provide support for tools• Make sure hardware is accessible• Choose a good microphone• Encourage process writing • Have check-in assignments• Smaller groups (3-4 students)• Plan a showcase
  26. 26. Resources for faculty & students• AT’s Multimedia support page• Instructional Technologists • Jeremy, Monica, Gary, Christina• Technology Center – Flip Cams, tripods, etc.• The Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling • University of Houston