Making the Curriculum POP!


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During this workshop we will be focusing on the use of digital media and alternative text selections to engage students’ interest in “pop” culture.

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Making the Curriculum POP!

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Clif Mims ID: clifmimsJoin my PLN and let’s learn together.
  3. 3. Picture the Preamble• Download activity template• Activity from: Lowther et al (2004). Teacher’s technology handbook: A resource to support effective technology integration. Memphis, TN: Appalachian Technology in Education Consortium at the University of Memphis.
  4. 4. All materials are available online:
  5. 5. Opening DiscussionSmall groups, then whole group:How engaged are the students with your classcontent? A. During class? B. Outside of class? C. After passing your class?
  6. 6. How do kids spend their free time outside of school?
  7. 7. What is currently popular?
  8. 8. Did You Know/Shift Happens, 4.0
  9. 9. Let’s View Some Examples…
  10. 10. Trading CardsExamples/Templates Uses• Anne Frank: .ppt, .key • About Me• Chipper Jones: .ppt, .key • Character Analysis• Color Boxes: .ppt, .key • Reports• Light Blue: .ppt, .key • Presentations • Gifts
  11. 11. Music Videos• Da Rock Cycle• Where Is the Love? (4 Square Activity)
  12. 12. Book Trailers• The Call of the Wild• Word Nerd• The Afterlife
  13. 13. Digital Posters• Polar Bears• Arctic Fox• Oral Language and Reading Success
  14. 14. Animated Videos• French Lesson for Beginners• Facts about Hunger in Children• The First Derivative of a Function
  15. 15. Examples from Your Classroom
  16. 16. Finding Media• Video Search:VideoSurf • Highlights: Network• Online Video:YouTube, Websites Vimeo, TeacherTube, • Online SchoolTube, Audio:GrooveShark,• TV:Hulu,• Movies:MovieClips, • Images:Compfight, WingClips Flickr CC
  17. 17. Creating Media• Cameras, Flip Cams, • Glogster Webcams, Phones • VoiceThread• Recording devices • Tikatok• Screenr• AudioBoo• Xtranormal, GoAnimate
  18. 18. What is at least one activity, project or unit that you will implement this year?
  19. 19. Additional Resources• Making Curriculum Pop Ning• Literary Terms Visualized• The Newspaper Clipping Image Generator• Big Huge Labs• History Tunes
  20. 20. It’s not about the technology. It’s about learning.
  21. 21. References and Acknowledgments• Texting photo:• MP3 player image:• TV photo:• Internet image:• Sports image: jpg• Movie reel image:• Silly Bandz photo: Bandz%2520fan%2520pictures.jpg• Phineas and Ferb image: and-ferb-4039536-1024-768.jpg• Usher image: 300x300.jpg
  22. 22. References and Acknowledgments• SYTYCD image:• Inception movie poster:• Old Spice image:
  23. 23. Presentation materials andmany other teacher resources available at
  24. 24. Clif Mims ID: clifmimsJoin my PLN and let’s learn together.
  25. 25.