Understanding the Holy Spirit Part 1

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You have to believe. We are capable of believing because everybody believes in something. You either believe you are pretty, your forehead is big, you believe your tall, you believe many things about …

You have to believe. We are capable of believing because everybody believes in something. You either believe you are pretty, your forehead is big, you believe your tall, you believe many things about you. When you believe your real height, then you can stop acting like your tall. Because you are functioning in the wrong height, it brought the wrong things to you. You were handling stuff bigger than you.

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  • 1. You Cant Be a Christian Without a Relationship With Jesus Part 2
  • 2. Galatians 5:25 - “If anything comes and tries to lead you away and you’re notholy, why are you following it? Why? Because the Holy Spirit isn’t in you.“Until you deal with the truth, there will never be healing.”John 16:13“The Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth. He speaks what He hears and whatHe hears is coming from God.”“Jesus gave instructions about receiving the Holy Spirit. Understand that theLord is faithful to give the Spirit. Some people confess Jesus is Lord, but it maybe out of cliché because there actions and heart aren’t really after the Lord.”“It is the responsibility of those seeking the Holy Spirit to ask.“Receiving the Holy Spirit is a gift. He cannot be earned or secured outside theexercise of faith.”Why do we need the Holy Spirit:“The words and actions of man will deceive you, but the will and actions of Godwill not.”
  • 3. “You can’t trust man and even when you stay in your home by yourself that’swhen you become right in your own eyes. So even that’s not right, so we need theHoly Spirit.”“When you go into the world with the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of Truth) the worldcannot receive Him. There are people in the body of Christ who cannot receivetruth, let alone the Spirit of it.”“Start telling people the truth and see how many friends you’ll have. Many peoplestill hang around you because you are still lying to them, you’re enabling them.Then people will put guilt trips on you because they feel that one day you willneed them.”“Your dependency should be on Jesus Christ and the fact that He died for you.”“The world cannot receive the Spirit of Truth because it sees Him not, nor theydon’t know Him. Drop the truth off and keep it moving, but you shall know Himbecause you shall abide in Him and He shall abide in you.”“When you’re Holy you will despise certain things. Things will just grieve yourspirit.”Ephesians 4:3
  • 4. “The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. He has the same power ofGod as Jesus and God the Father do, but only God the Father has authorityover the Holy Trinity. They all have equal power, but God has power overthem all. They all consult each other, but they only do what the Father wantsdone.”“The Father is the Lord of creation of the soul. No one can create the soulexcept Him. Jesus is the Lord of salvation. God made Him Lord of salvationad gave Him control over it. That’s why you can’t be saved except by Jesus.The Holy Spirit is Lord over sanctification. He is the one that cleans you up.After you are saved, somebody has to clean you up. You have to clean thefish after you catch it.”“Without sanctification you cannot be unified with salvation.”The Old Testament and the New Testament:‘We know the whole Bible is inspired by the word of God. The Old Testamentis simply one thing, it has nothing to do with your salvation, and the NewTestament does. Under the Old Testament, the law, my salvation is notidentified but in the New Testament we are paid for by grace.”grace.”