Understanding Worship


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“Some of us add our own stipulations in worship. Some people worship and open their eyes an peak around. Some people worship and are uncomfortable because they think everybody is looking at them. They are worried about if their mascara is going to run or if they 're going to look ugly. But why are you concerned about who's looking you? This is not worshiping in spirit and in truth. When you do this you take the authority from Christ and give it to yourself. If you have to scream, scream, if you have to holler, holler, but if you are in worship and you are thinking about the game afterwards, what you want to eat, what you have to do afterwards, then you are not worshipping in spirit and in truth.”

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Understanding Worship

  1. 1. Understanding Worship“A lot of people are believing that they are delivered just because they havestopped doing something. "That’s not Me. I didn’t do that." You know howpeople say they stop something cold turkey. If you stop cold turkey, youlater may give God the glory, but you will initially get the credit. When yougo to God boldly, stop trying to stop the issue, recognize it when it comesand apply the word to it.”“A lot of people think that God has delivered them from stuff that they stillwant. They didn’t show God that they no longer wanted it. It’s at the pointthat you’re powerless when God can take it from you. That’s why the sameissues keep coming back because you don’t show God that you don’t wantit. Say for instance you want to come off of sweets and you vision of sweetsis cake and ice cream and candy but the next thing you go to is sugar freegum. You believe you are delivered but you are using something else as asubstitute. When God delivers you don’t need a substitute.”“You cannot say you’re a Christian and you don’t know the word of God orobey the word of God. You have to know it to obey it. You cannot beChristian and have no faith because without faith it’s impossible to pleaseGod.”
  2. 2. “A lot of times people are in situations when they think that its God and it’snot. People think that God has given them gifts, but it’s not for you, but thepeople you are connected to.”Worship:“A lot of people time church. If you time it, it’s not in spirit and in truth. If youpastor has to be at the east, south, west and north in one hourincrements, it’s no way that it’s in spirit and in truth so your pastor iscausing you to sin.”“When you need certain music to worship, you are not worshiping in spiritand in truth.”“When people say the sermons are too long or that people preach too long,you are not worshipping in spirit and in truth. If you hear people say that theylove going to a church because the pastor preaches for 20 minutes and thenlets you go, run.”“If you don’t want to be told anything about yourself, you are not worshipingin spirit and in truth. You are worshiping in another spirit and a lie.”
  3. 3. “Some of us add our own stipulations in worship. Some people worship andopen their eyes an peak around. Some people worship and areuncomfortable because they think everybody is looking at them. They areworried about if their mascara is going to run or if they re going to look ugly.But why are you concerned about whos looking you? This is not worshipingin spirit and in truth. When you do this you take the authority from Christ andgive it to yourself. If you have to scream, scream, if you have to holler, holler,but if you are in worship and you are thinking about the game afterwards,what you want to eat, what you have to do afterwards, then you are notworshipping in spirit and in truth.”If you didn’t have a tongue how would you worship God:“You worship God in your heart, not from dancing or rolling all over the floorbecause anybody can do that (Satan can do that.)”“God knew Satan would come in and start his own churches and makepeople think this was a form of worship. That’s why He said, "When the timecomes I will pour out my spirit on all men." People think they have to worshipa certain way because they have seen people act a certain way.”Isaiah 1:12-17 – “This is how He feels about our worship when we’re notdoing right. People jump up and down for an hour or two and it meansnothing.”
  4. 4. “It’s just like a relationship. How would you feel if your husband or wifecheated and came home and said I love you? Its worthless and meaningless.The first thing you would say is if you love me you wouldn’t have cheated onme. God is saying the same thing, "If you love Me and you want to worship Mein spirit and in truth, the worship starts before you get in the tabernacle. Butyou just have an expression of it when you lift your hands up, but we hear youare living otherwise, did you practice that?”“God looks at worship service differently than we do because He reads theheart.”“Worship is not something that we do because worship does not deal withwhat we make our bodies do. If God is not in your heart you’re making yourbody do that on your own.”“Worship should consist of who we are. We should be worship.”“The fact that people pray five times a day means nothing to God if your heartis not in it...it’s just a ritual.”“Worship comes from the old English word meaning "to ascribe or value".What is His value? You can be talking to someone and your spirit worshipGod. It’s spirit to spirit.”
  5. 5. “When God said I will pour out My Spirit He was not talking about everybodybut His believers. God will not pour out His Spirit out on sinners. If Hisbeliever is in the club, he will pour out His spirit no matter where you are.They’re going to identify and say, “Wow, I don’t have any business here, butit’s not my time to stop.”“True worship is an attribute word. How much does God mean to you? Why doyou have to do something to show God how much He means to you? Get tothe point of saying “God I’m not going to lie because I know it will hurt you,God I’m not going to look at that woman because it’s going to hurt You. Hesaid I already loved you so love Me back. Put something in the relationshipand it will become fun.”“Spark your relationship with God. God wants you to give up something. Giveit up to the Lord. People sit back and ask God what’s their purpose but Hesaid, “I’m going to show you your purpose but do for Me. Don’t worry aboutthe purpose.” Love never ends. You can find a new way to love God. "Ok God,this way of loving you is getting boring, let’s try something new because if Idon’t somebody else will come and romance me from You until you send meYou.”“If you are telling Jesus you love Him, your actions are with Him. But yourheart is somewhere else, it’s not in spirit and in truth.”
  6. 6. True Worship:“True worship is to attribute worth to a real being.”“You cannot give true worship to a false being. True worship can only be given to areal being.”“A true being is one who is really there and somebody truly worth it.”False Worship:“False worship is to attribute worth to an illusion. When you are doing worship andyou are not living right and your hands are, that’s an illusion of a true God. Yourecognize that there is a God, but you are not worshiping the true God.”“A lot of people can express the truth negatively. You can have truth but express itthe wrong way that’s not received as a truth. If you are negative, you can bringfalseness to the truth because of how you handle it.”“Worship must not be mechanical, phony or put on. We’re not to go throughmotions or emotions.”“Standing, kneeling or praying, without these actions reflecting your heart. Whatyou are thinking or being is unacceptable to God. Say for instance you come toservice lay in the floor and bow and that’s your way of worshiping. Then you sit inHis presence and don’t bow when He speaks on Monday when something happens
  7. 7. Monday this is how you make a mockery of Him. Then you are a hypocrite,idol worshipper and making a mockery of Him.”“If you recite words that you do not mean when you worship, you are makinga mockery of God.”“If you are a true worshiper, you will worship through anything and bounceback to the word in spite of what you are going through.”John 4:1-26“The reason why God helped the woman at the well was because she spokein spirit and in truth. She told the truth when Jesus questioned her. Sherecognized His spirit so she had to speak in truth. Most peoples’ problem isyou don’t recognize Jesus when He comes.”“If something is not coming from your heart Jesus doesn’t want it anyway.”“Just because you were taken out of something doesn’t mean that you followwhat you’re out of, you’re supposed to stay in the flow of the tabernacle.”“Some of us have to get to a place where your house, car, and job meannothing to you. Where these things are just a means to do what you need todo for the Kingdom. But don’t lie to yourself. If you’re not doing it for yourself
  8. 8. you should be able to give more to the kingdom. But if you are giving less tothe kingdom than it was all for you and that’s why His hands are not on it.”“If you are believing God for something and it’s not happening it’s becauseGod knows your heart and He knows you haven’t changed so He’s not gonnamove on your behalf. He’ll give you a little bit because He keeps Hispromises, but you won’t have His blessings. He said, "I will supply all yourneeds, but you don’t have My blessing on that.”Types of Worship:True Worship:John 4:20-24“True worship is being mature.Being Sat Down:“Being sat down is so you can be filled and lifted back up. Not for you to takeit personal and think you don’t have anything to do and it’s a good place. Ifyou are doing everything contrary to the word when you are sat down itdefeats the purpose. Some people ask "what’s wrong with me" when they aresat down, but the fact that you asked what’s wrong with me is the reason whyyou’re sat down.”
  9. 9. “When you believe God for something and stuff isn’t going right, you have toask God what’s wrong with you. Something is wrong with you because Godis always able to do what you are asking Him to do.”“The truth cuts, it doesn’t leave bruises. The bruise comes after the cut, notbefore and that’s some people’s problem.”Vain Worship:Matthew 15:7-9“This worship is the result of following the traditions of man and ignoring thecommands of God on a particular subject. Tradition is handed down gospelthat had knowledge and no revelation.”“Another type of vain worship is when worship does not come from theheart. If you confess what’s in your heart then worship Him that’s fine, butthe problem is a lot of people are in denial about what’s in their heart andthese are treasures that God has already brought forth but you must dealwith them. Vain worship that does not come from the heart does not apply tothose who confess their sins to Him.”“When you condition your heart, you are making room for God to do what Heneeds to do so He can use you.”
  10. 10. Worshipping out of Emotions:“This is pretending that you feel something when you don’t.”Ignorant Worship:Acts 17:22-23“When you’re not worshipping in spirit and in truth, you’re worshiping andunknown god and you don’t even know what you’re worshiping.”“This worship is offered in the absence of knowledge of God concerningwho He is and how He is to be worshipped.”“If you don’t know who God is how can you worship Him?”Will or self-imposed worship:“This is closely aligned with vain worship and is a result of doing what welike and what we think is good. It is more concerned about how we look infront of men. You don’t know who God is and don’t have his heart toworship Him, so you copy how you think He is supposed to be worshiped.”Colossians 2:20-23“It should be evident that any type of worship isn’t acceptable to God.”
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