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Journey To Salvation


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“Satan wants you to pretend like you’re saved so when true salvation shows up you won’t recognize it. He doesn't want you to know that even though you’re not saved, you’re on a journey to salvation. He wants you to get off the journey. He cares less about the salvation. You can church so much that you believe you’re saved and that’s what the churches want you to do. You can church so much that when salvation shows up, you won’t even recognize it.”

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Journey To Salvation

  1. 1. Journey to Salvation Psalm 34:8 “It is an issue to be in truth and never come to the knowledge that truth is good. This means that you have not really tasted truth. If you taste something and it's good you will constantly want it again. If you hear truth every week and you don’t want it, something is wrong with your taste buds.” “Nothing is good until you apply. You can buy shoes, but they're not good until you put them on.” “Everything that you apply is a form of discipline.” “When something is good to you, you should have a natural desire to taste it again.” “When you don’t develop a taste for the truth you only become a representation of it, but you never become sanctified.” “When you lose determination, there is no change. If you want God, you must want change.”
  2. 2. “If you are not able to be sanctified, then you were not chosen to have His Spirit.” “If you are ordained to have the Spirit of God in you, you need truth to sustain you.” Roots: “Nothing can grow without a root. You must have a root in you for anything to grow.” “God doesn't want you to represent Him, He wants to clean you up to be who He is. That just like representing Mercedes but you can’t drive one.” “Nothing grows without a root. Your frustration, your unhappiness, your loveless all has a root.” “Until the truth gets down to the nerves in your roots, nothing is changing in your life.” “When the word of God is being taught to you, unless there are roots inside of you, nothing can grow. So don’t try to be where you are and you’re not there. So we need to ask God how can I get roots?” “God is saying, “If I give you what you’re asking, the roots that are in there and the roots around it will decay the righteousness." This is how you get to
  3. 3. a place of decay. Everyday your breath gets worse and worse because there’s something in there.” “You have to be so disciplined in your walk that you see the world as inadequate to provide anything for you.” “If you don’t have roots in you and hear the word, instead of you growing close to God, you become distant, and when you become distant you become religious. You begin to religiously read your Bible and go to church and the more distant you’re becoming is because there’s no closeness. The reason you become distant and religious is because the bible you’re trying to read you can’t relate to.” Redeeming time: “How do you get back the time you lost, you get it back by not participating in evil. Participating in sin robs you of your time. This is when you experience time given back to you that was taken out of your hand.” Roots continued: “When you become distant and religious, you can’t relate to anything. You start talking to yourself, you start your own ministry, come up with your own scriptures and what they mean to you and change doesn't take place fast enough because there are no roots. Salvation needs something to attach to and that’s roots. “
  4. 4. “Salvation itself can’t keep you. The word of God wants us to go inside of salvation and pull it out because all people tell you is that you’re saved. Then salvation never becomes liberating because our issues become too real. Then what you believe takes precedence over what God is saying and that becomes your root. Then you create little roots around the generational roots that were there.” “All an anointing means is that you have deep roots. When you do have roots and they are strong enough and rooted, it’s not the world that calls you fake, it’s the so called Christians. Why? Because the world no longer recognizes you as them. The Christians point you out because they are fake and they now see you as a competitor.” Things the enemy gets us with: “The enemy gets us with unbelief and fear.” “Unbelief is really to be ignorant of the enemy’s devices. Satan talks to you literally and Jesus speaks to you using revelation.” “One thing we have to understand about Satan is he’s patient. He takes his time to devour you. He waits for an opportunity to get you where you think you have arrived. Where you think you have arrived is really your weakest point. If he gets you at your weakest, then you need Jesus. Because where you’re weak, then He is strong.”
  5. 5. “Satan doesn't like your new faith. He doesn't like when you decide to serve God. He doesn't like it because Satan has been like a dope dealer to a crackhead for you. He’s been serving all your flesh’s wants and you were once serving him. As long as you are serving him and living for him, he will literally give you whatever you want.” “Satan does not care anything about your salvation. As a matter of fact he wants you to profess that you’re saved so he can make you denounce what you said saved you.” “Satan wants you to think you’re saved because to "think" something comes with a "being". You can act like you’re saved, but just don’t be it. You thought you would walk out of the world and into heaven and everything would be sweet?” “Satan wants you to pretend like you’re saved so when true salvation shows up you won’t recognize it. He doesn't want you to know that even though you’re not saved, you’re on a journey to salvation. He wants you to get off the journey. He cares less about the salvation. You can church so much that you believe you’re saved and that’s what the churches want you to do. You can church so much that when salvation shows up, you won’t even recognize it.” “You have to stay on the journey of endurance.”
  6. 6. Matthew 24:13 “This is why people get upset when people point out there faults because they’re supposed to be saved. They are faking like they’re saved and they’re not.” “If you are really saved, you’re going to endure. You have to endure until salvation comes. Journey’s are narrow.” “To think that you’re saved, you have to try and be something that you’re not. Then you have to compete and pretend. Some people sin and think that they are saved. You’re supposed to be on a journey and not sin.” “When trouble comes and thoughts come and you immediately react, and the enemy wants you to do something. This is how you torment the enemy. When you see trouble, think trouble, or hear nothing but rest. What’s going to torment him is that if his spirit is in you and you don’t move until salvation takes place, he gets pissed off because you’re at rest.” “Satan is the author of confusion. If he wrote the book, he creates confusion so he can speak. You listen to him by reacting. Look at it in the natural...have you ever ignored somebody when they’re mad?” “The first attack is on your mind. He wants to tire out your mind so you can make wrong decisions. He doesn't stop there because he’s persistent.”
  7. 7. “When you become determined to change, apply, and be disciplined, he then comes with a spirit of failure, rejection, and insecurity. If you can identify one of them, then all of them are there. All three of these cause you to rebel. Then what happens is you begin to know your own bitterness so you won’t even be a joy to yourself.” “Bitter people never get to the root to anything.” The literal and the revelation: 3 John 1:1-2 “This is how you can tell the pastors in the church are being used by Satan. They quote exactly what the scripture says without revelation. Satan wants you to take the scriptures literally. Prosper to them means rich, so they took it literally thinking, "God wants me to prosper, what’s wrong with being rich?" Now let’s look at the revelation of it. Satan wants to steal your revelation of the word because once he does, he places you in a position of unbelief. Revelation talks spirit to spirit, literal talks to the flesh.” “Word brings life. So if you reading the word and its bringing you death and your dying, you have no life in you.” “The word will cause you to live or kill you.”
  8. 8. “So many people are adding the word unto death. When you read the word, you have to ask God to show you the deeper meaning of it. This is why people get sleepy when they read the word because they’re not getting any revelation.” “The reason people can’t receive the life of the word when they read it is because they don’t have the same spirit of what they are reading.” “This is why many churches are spiritually dead because they played around with the word and its bringing them death because they don’t have life in their spirit to receive life. It’s at that point that the bible is just a book.” 3 John 1:1-2 (Continued) “If God called you to prosper, you have prospered in your mother’s womb, you just have to catch up to it.” “Euodoo (HB) this is the Hebrew word for prosperity. The true meaning of that scripture means to have a prosperous journey. It has nothing to do with being rich. Prosperity means journey, to get along the road. If He's called you to be prosperous, that means you already prospered. If you've already prospered then you are waiting on the manifestation of it. This is why you have to be on a journey because your journey is to be prosperous. It’s not until you’re on a journey that you learn something. Church people will tell you that you’re saved, but you've never been through anything.” “God told you to go from glory to glory, if you don’t have a journey how do
  9. 9. you get there?” “With the proper perspective about prosperity, it shows that you are on the right road to progress.” “The fruit of Satan is to be a scripture quoter, not a revelation revealer.” “You can tell people by their money. Whatever people give their money to is what they serve.” “As Christians how can you arrive to salvation here on earth? If you don’t endure the journey, no salvation takes place.” 1 Corinthians 4:8 “You’re not saved yet. It’s just benefits inside of salvation that others have already obtained because they are on a certain place in their journey.” “You are always on a journey. The ultimate frustration comes from those who already think they have arrived.” “You don’t have a license to sin, you have a license to stay accountable to the word and stay on the journey.”
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