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Understanding the Prophetic Part 2


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“God chooses prophets from birth; there is no school of the prophets. If a person does go to school what are they appointed over? Prophets are given territories. If nobody appoints you over a territory, then you start working witchcraft.”

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Understanding the Prophetic Part 2

  1. 1. Understanding the Prophetic Pt. 2False Doctrine:Titus 2:1Titus 1:92 Timothy 4:2-4Northern Kingdom Prophets – Amos, Hosea, Jonah:Amos“Amos didn’t start out as a prophet but a shepherd, so he knew how to tend to aflock. He uses metaphors from his farming and shepherd experience when Goduses him to bring judgment.”“Examples of his metaphors are a loaded cart in Amos 2:13, a roaring lion inAmos 3:8, mutilated sheep in Amos 3:12, pampered cows in Amos 4:1, and abasket of ripe fruit in Amos 8:1-2.”Amos 1 & 2:“In Amos chapter 1 and 2, he was used to pronounce God’s judgment againstDamascus, Gaza,Tyre, Edom, Ammon, & Moab. These nations were the enemiesof Israel and as a result enemies of God, however Israel and Judah were judgedwith those nations because they practiced the same sins.”
  2. 2. Amos 3:“In Amos chapter 3, God gives his reasons for judgment and he uses 7rhetorical questions. These rhetorical questions explain how two events canbe linked together. These rhetorical questions were a sure sign thatjudgment would come, and this is an example of something that prophets do,ask rhetorical questions such as Amos 3:3 can two walk together, unlessthey agree.”Amos 4:“Chapter 4 is about Israel not returning to God. Their women are referred tocows of Bashan and the Hebrew meaning of Bashan is light soil. The way thewomen were acting and treating their husbands is the reason they werereferred to as cows.”“Also in chapter 4 God uses Amos to sarcastically ask the people to sin inBethel and Gilgal. Bethel is where God renewed His covenant to Abrahamand Jacob found in Genesis 25:10-22. Gilgal was Israel’s first campgroundand the place where Joshua renewed the covenant and celebrated Passoverfound in Joshua 5:2-11. In these situations it may seem that prophets aresarcastic.”
  3. 3. “Prophets constantly challenge people to remember what God has done.”“Many people have encountered God through prophets but don’t understandthat they have encountered Him.”Amos 4:12“A person should not want to meet God based on Disobedience. This is whyGod has you meet His prophets first, so they can correct and check the sinbefore God does.”Amos 5:“If you are a sinner and you haven’t repented and you are calling on thename of the Lord, you will be dealt with because you haven’t recognized whoGod is.”“Seeking things and places that seem to represents God is not and will notbe enough.”Amos 6 Woe to the complacent:“God will give you an example of how not to be complacent. When it seemslike everything is going good, it’s easy to relax, but you have to know thatyou’re not straight even when you think you are.”
  4. 4. Amos 7 Visions of judgment:The locusts, fire, & plum line.“Amos prayed to God and asked God to forgive Israel because they were sosmall and He relented. Sometimes Prophets can pray and plead mercy forsinners and God will relent.”“A plum line is a device used to measure the straightness of a wall. If a wallis not straight it will collapse and Israel wasn’t straight with God so theycollapsed.”Amos 7:11-17“Prophets speak against leaders for not living right.”Amos 8 A Basket of ripe fruit:“God shows Amos a basket of ripe fruit and shows him the time is ripe forjudgment.”“If people reject the word of the Lord, when judgment comes and they lookfor His word they will not find it.”
  5. 5. Amos 9“God gives an order for judgment but declares restoration similar to that inJeremiah 1:5-10.”“God chooses prophets from birth; there is no school of the prophets. If aperson does go to school what are they appointed over? Prophets are giventerritories. If nobody appoints you over a territory, then you start workingwitchcraft.”Hosea“God wanted Hosea to marry Gomer a prostitute to signify the relationshipthat God had with Israel. He wanted Hosea to feel what He felt.”“Israel had devoted themselves to corrupt purposes by worshipping gravenimages and gods of the moon, stars and suns.”“Hosea named his first son from this relationship Jezreel because this was aplace of violence. Jezreel was where Jehu ordered Ahab’s sons to be killed in2 Kings 10:1-11. Jezebel was killed in Jezreel in 2 Kings 9:30-36, and Jezreelwas the name of one of David’s wives in 1 Samuel 25:33.”
  6. 6. How Jehu became king:2 Kings 9:1-132 Kings 10:28Hosea’s Second & Third Child:Hosea 1:6“Loruhamah was Hosea’s only daughter and her name means not pitied.This name was given by God as a sign and representation of displeasureGod had in the people for following other God’s. Loammi means not mypeople. In Hosea 1:9 God declared that the people were not acting like theywere His.”Hosea 3:“Hosea was forced to buy his wife back from people who defiled her. Hebought her for fifteen pieces of silver, a homer of barley, and a half homer ofbarley. This amounts to 30 pieces of silver and this was considered the pricefor a slave. Zechariah also prophesied that this was the amount Judas wouldbetray Jesus for in Zechariah 11:12-13 and this comes to pass in Matthew26:15.“The book of Hosea details how God is not pleased with Israel’s actions butHe calls them back to repentance and has blessings for them if they turnfrom their wicked ways.”
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