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Understanding the Holy Spirit Part 3


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When you get the Holy Spirit for real, He makes you thirsty for more. When you can really see, you want more righteousness, you want more. When you get the Holy Spirit you see the spiritual side of everything...the trees talking, the grass talking. Why. Because you can now see.

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Understanding the Holy Spirit Part 3

  1. 1. You Cant Be a Christian Without a Relationship With Jesus Part 2
  2. 2. “God is calling us to obey Him and Him alone and our heart is not to beundivided.”Matthew 25:23“People want to be in charge over many without being in faithful over the few.Many people still aren’t grateful because they haven’t had the real revelation ofthis. What this really means that we are to be grateful for the small things becausethe small things are what keeps everything together. It’s just like a screw. Screwshold a car together to hold the engine. If you get to the place where you can seethe small things, then you can see the big things.”“The other revelation about Matthew 25:23 is the principal of increase. The personwho is trustworthy in the small matters is trustworthy in the bigger matters soGod can increase them. The person dishonest in small matters is dishonest inbigger matters.”“If you are not trustworthy with dishonest wealth, who will trust you with truewealth.”The Holy Spirit:“Lord, do not allow me to see things the way I see it anymore. Holy Spirit I needyou to be my eyes.”
  3. 3. “When the Holy Spirit is our eyes, then Jesus is our vision. When Jesus is yourvision then you will be able to see that the true earth is not this. You will see thatman is the true earth and God is planted in you.”Seeing the way God sees:“Seeing the way God sees helps us to see the good in another person. When youcan see the good of another person you can see the glory they can bring to God.People rob them from being used for God’s glory because you mess with them byplanting your seeds in them robbing God of His glory. This is charm and a familiarspirit because you now see some good for you. When you think like God, youwon’t just go messing with people and try to sleep with everybody. You should beable to see what God can do with a person and not want to interrupt that.”“God sees the glory one would bring Him, but He waits for people to make thechoice to choose Him.”The essence of sin:“Having the Holy Spirit will help us to see the essence of sin.”“People let the enemy use them and settle for less because they don’t know whothey are.”“The essence of sin, the smell of sin is to behave as though you own yourself.”
  4. 4. “When you no longer take ownership of yourself sin can’t come in because it nolonger has anything to attach itself to. Sin needs eyes, it needs a phone. Christlikepeople can’t take ownership of anything except the Holy Spirit.”“When you take ownership to a person that you don’t know if they have HolySpirit, they will control you. Why? Because you gave them ownership over you.”Unbelief:“Having the Holy Spirit will also help you come into the knowledge of knowingthat nothing displeases God more than disbelief. Sin only grieves God, butunbelief displeases Him. People have been taught that sin is God’s biggestproblem but it’s not because He died for that. It’s the fact that you don’t believeHe died for the sin that hurts Him. Your sin doesn’t hurt Him because He alreadyknew you were going to do that.”“People are stuck in the law because they’re still doing the sin. If they understoodit was bought they wouldn’t do it again. People don’t believe God paid for theirsins that’s, why they are still doing it.”“The only thing that sin means to God is that you missed the mark. This doesn’tmean you have a license to sin though, because if you sin that means you don’tbelieve.”
  5. 5. “Jesus came to show you how not to miss the mark. If you follow Him then youdon’t have to sin or miss the mark.”“When God comes back and catches you out of love then He has to deal with you.God loves everybody but if He catches you out of love, then He has to deal withyou because you never believed that He came.”“When you don’t believe you will sin.”“To repent and turn is for those who believe because you will not be able tohandle the Holy Spirit leaving your presence. But because many people don’thave Him, they can’t feel it. If you get the Holy Spirit for real and experience Himleaving and coming, you will stop sinning.”“People keep trying to identify their sin but the problem is they simply don’tbelieve. Now it makes since why God considers all sin the same because all of itis simply unbelief.”The remission of sins:“That’s why sin keeps showing up because you just don’t believe, but peoplekeep religiously trying to make themselves think that they believe. When youreally believe that’s when He comes.”Acts 2:38-39
  6. 6. “There are two baptisms, baptized in the name of Jesus and baptized in the HolySpirit. Jesus gives you life and the Holy Spirit gives life and life moreabundantly.”“Think of it like cancer. When cancer is in remission, it will reoccur if there isnothing more powerful to stop it. The Holy Spirit breaks the yoke and is thepower to keep you from going into remission. When you finally believe, the HolySpirit will come and baptize you. The seed is in you, but you need something tostop the sin from coming back.”“When you really get the Holy Spirit and stuff starts going wrong, God will startsending intervention.”“Don’t do it religiously because you will get tired of it. That‘s just somebodytrying to prove that they got Jesus.”