Understanding Hypocrisy


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Christians are often accused of being hypocrites. However one should judge Christianity not on the basis of what fakers do, but on the basis of what Jesus taught and how He lived.”

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Understanding Hypocrisy

  1. 1. Hypocrisy Hypo – a stimulus or boost similar to a hypodermic needle Crite – critic “Christians are often accused of being hypocrites. However the Bible indicates that those who practice hypocrisy aren’t Christians at all, but will be judged as non-believers and sent to hell.” “One should judge Christianity not on the basis of what fakers do, but on the basis of what Jesus taught and how He lived.” Acts 26:5 “During Jesus ministry He had many run-ins with religious leaders of the day, the Pharisees. They were well versed in the scriptures and zealous about following every letter of the law. They actively sought loopholes to allow them to violate the spirit of the law and they also displayed a lack of compassion towards their fellow man and were often overly demonstrative of their so called spirituality to garner praise.”
  2. 2. Matthew 23:5-7 Luke 18:11 “Jesus denounced their behavior pointing out that justice, mercy and faithfulness are more important than pursuing a perfection based on faulty standards.” Matthew 23:23 “Jesus made it clear that the law was not the problem but the way the Pharisees implemented it Matthew 23:2-3 “Today the word Pharisee is synonymous for hypocrite.” In Matthew 6 Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount taught against these behaviors: 1. Giving to the poor to be recognized by others 2. Praying in public to be recognized as God’s man 3. Letting everybody know you are fasting to get recognition by others 4. Complaining about others behavior when your is worse 5. Pretending to honor God with lip-service only 6. Testing others to make yourself look superior
  3. 3. 7. Deceiving people from knowing God 8. Oppressing the poor and widows 9. Giving to the church but neglecting justice and mercy 10. Doing everything for show while really being self indulgent and unrighteous 11. Being able to analyze the weather but not being able to distinguish between right and wrong “Jesus indicated that those who practice hypocrisy would be sent to hell because they are really unbeliever. New Testament writers associate hypocrisy with evil, lying, perverting the gospel and slander. James contrasts the evil of hypocrisy with the wisdom from above which is characterized as being pure, peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy, and good fruits unwavering.” Matthew 7:21-23 “The Bible calls hypocrisy a sin and there are two forms hypocrisy can take: 1. That of confessing a belief in something and acting in a manner contrary to that belief 2. Looking down on others when we ourselves are flawed
  4. 4. “Hypocrites love hearing or reading about the sins of others, repeating the garbage elsewhere and relishing in the dirty details of what others have done. To relish in the sins of another is to heap coals of condemnation upon oneself.” Romans 3:23 “No one is a shining example to others of what we should be. If you are looking for the biggest sinner, look in the mirror.” Isaiah 26:13 Matthew 18:8-9 “You can say you repent, but if you don’t have the fruits of repentance, you are a hypocrite.” Luke 3:8 Sanctimony Matthew 7:15 Matthew 23:27
  5. 5. Matthew 27:23 1 John 2:9 Romans 12:9 “True righteousness comes from the inner transformation of the Holy Spirit, not an external conformity to a set of rules.” Matthew 23:5 2 Corinthians 3:8 “Hypocrisy is not the same as taking a stand against sin. For example, it is not hypocrisy to teach drunkenness is a sin unless the one teaching against drunkenness gets drunk every weekend.” 1 Peter 1:16 Romans 12:9 “We should never imply an acceptance of sin especially in our own lives. What we should be is consistent with what we believe and who we are in Christ. Play acting is meant for the stage and not for real life.”
  6. 6. “People can quote scripture all day long or give advice that may sound good, but are we willing to put that same advice in to action?” Galatians 5:17 “Being a hypocrite can cause your past to block God’s future.” “Unfortunately the word sinner and hypocrite are being confused, and the confusion is between what one is and what one does. The sinner is the generic term of what one is(Romans 3:23.) Being a hypocrite is specifically what one does, since hypocrisy is a sin, we can say all hypocrites are sinners, but not all sinners are hypocrites.” Luke 18:9-14 Discipline “If you’re not disciplined the world will love you and you will love it.” “These disciples were ordinary people and God called them.” Mark 3:14-19 Matthew 10:2-4
  7. 7. Luke 6:13-16 “All the disciples were disciplined, even Judas who was chosen to go against Jesus was disciplined enough to go through with it.” “When you become disciplined it prompts obedience.” “Undisciplined people are un-trainable and un-teachable because they are not even disciplined enough to sit through teaching whether they think they need it or not.” “Jesus selected the 12 disciples because they were disciplined enough to advance the Kingdom when He left.” “A lot of people have lost their position due to disobedience. The minute you don’t obey, you abort the call and people think they are still operating in the call but have no authority.” “Discipline destroys procrastination. When you are no longer disciplined, your flesh takes over. The procrastination spirit gives power to your flesh and this causes you to disobey God.” “Procrastination causes you not to move in God’s timing.”
  8. 8. “When you procrastinate you take yourself out of the timing. It’s just like being ordained. Being ordained simply means that God has set you in position. If you get ordained the right way in God, you feel no different. If you get ordained outside of God, (man’s way) they have a party and jubilee, but it’s really nothing for you to feel, it’s a position for you to stand in. What you are doing is establishing the laws of God. By establishing the laws of God you are waiting for somebody to break the law and God is waiting on you to correct it.” “When you get in the timing of God, you can now call heaven down to earth.” “God’s laws were already established in heaven before the creation of time. God’s laws were established before time. Because of this, as believers we have the right to petition the courts of Heaven. Heaven can override any decision here on earth, so Heaven is truthfully our supreme court.”
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