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  • There are three general factors which visitors take into account when choosing a destination – “A compelling Reason to Visit”, “Awareness of a destination” and “Ease of getting here”. From a destination’s standpoint these factors equate to “the product being offered”, “an effective marketing strategy” and “the infrastructure and services that make it easy to get to our destination”.
    It is important to note that the more successful destinations pay attention to all three factors in an ongoing, sustained way. Resourcing only one factor will at best provide a short-term bump up that won’t be sustained over the long haul.
  • Bancroft conference

    1. 1. Outsmarting the Competition Not Outspending Them Presented by Bill Allen President, TIAO October 21, 2010
    2. 2. Agenda 1. Commercial 2. Who is your competition? 3. Your target market? 4. Defining the experience 5. Expanding your season 6. New products, expanding existing product 7. Stretching your promotion dollar 8. What about new media? 9. Another Commercial
    3. 3. Our Mandate To be a strong voice for the tourism industry in Ontario. TIAO advocates and educates on behalf of the tourism industry – to government, the business community, the media, the public, and the tourism industry itself. TIAO will work proactively with stakeholders to resolve tourism’s diverse challenges and issues.
    4. 4. Long Term Objective To ensure a strong, financially sustainable tourism and hospitality industry that contributes to the provincial economy through jobs, investment, taxes and foreign exchange earnings.
    5. 5. Who is your competition? Haliburton? Toronto? Business nextdoor? Algonquin Park?
    6. 6. Who is your competition? Not your neighbouring business Not your RTO partner DMO’s Not urban areas Not sun destinations Other rural, outdoor destinations
    7. 7. Your Target Market? Psychographic? Demographic? Geographic?
    8. 8. What Influences a Traveler when choosing a Destination? A Compelling Reason to Visit Awareness of Destination Ease of Getting Here The Product Marketing Infrastructure
    9. 9. 9 TouristTourist Experience Region Experience Region Lead Responsibility Sector Associations Regional Tourism Orgs Seamless Trip Planning Integration through the Web Closing the Sale
    10. 10. Knowing the Marketplace Avoid the Shotgun approach Focus your marketing dollars You can’t be “all things to all people” Take advantage of the OTMP demographic analysis Cost of making an impression:
    11. 11. The Cost of Making an Impression Media Threshold Costs*: – Ottawa $ 258,000 – London $ 246,000 – Windsor $ 165,000 – Buffalo $ 1,050,000 – Rochester $ 825,000 – Detroit $ 1,500,000 – TOTAL $ 4,044,000 * Based on 12 weeks of Print/Radio
    12. 12. Defining a Memorable Experience  Put yourself in the visitor’s shoes.  Creating that “Compelling Reason” to visit the region.  Match your product with the appropriate target market – more than geographic.  Consider packaging like products
    13. 13. Matching Your Product with the Market Timeframe: Daytrip Overnight Weekend Getaway Weeklong Vacation Lifestyle: Outdoor Adventurer Fun-Seeking Families Urban Experience Extreme Adventurer Camping & Cottage Life
    14. 14. Matching Your Product with the Market Bill’s profile Weekend getaways Likes outdoors – hiking, cycling, x-country and downhill skiing, camping Looking for memorable experience Partner – hiking, cycling, restaurants, fine inns & upscale B&B Two kids – 20 & 13
    15. 15. Expanding the Shoulder Seasons  Start with your current customers o Cottagers and Campers o VFR  Day Trips, Weekend Getaways  Great drives – link with other DMO’s  Festivals & Events  Need for local champions to make happen
    16. 16. Stretching Your Promotional Dollar  Assess effectiveness of Destination Guide.  What distribution channel is most effective.  Partner with your neighbouring DMO’s to get better “bang for your buck”.  Buy into regional approach through RTO.  Invest your extra dollars in making website more interactive.  Hook into a booking engine.
    17. 17. Stretching Your Promotional Dollar  Promotion should focus on driving potential visitors to your web.  Look for media hooks.  Chase earned media.
    18. 18. New Media  Increasing us of the web to compare product offerings, compare price  More booking on line  Interactive, dynamic web-site  You need a tourism focused site  Show your products  Link to a booking site  Building a database of potential clients  Use of social media
    19. 19. Questions?
    20. 20. EnAbling Change Project  Customer Service Standard under the AODA comes into effect for all businesses in Ontario January 1,2012.  TIAO has funding from the government to: • Raise awareness through presentations to tourism businesses • Deliver workshops to train owners and managers of tourism businesses who in turn will train their staff • Microsite for tools, templates, sample policies
    21. 21. EnAbling Change Project  Workshop scheduled in Peterborough November 19th .  To register contact Emily Harper-Hawkins 416-483-1691