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Muic destination promotion and planning


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Muic destination promotion and planning

  1. 1.
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  3. 3. MICE & the Destination Destination Criteria Venue selection criteria
  4. 4. Wisdom:Change comes silently, we need to accept it, and make it our friend50% of things a man knows now will no longer be true in 20 years, and 50% of what man will know in 20 years has not been discovered today
  5. 5. Wisdom:Change comes silently, we need to accept it, and make it our friend50% of things a man knows now will no longer be true in 20 years, and 50% of what man will know in 20 years has not been discovered today
  6. 6. Consumers are silently changing so destinations must changeThe nature of the “new” markets demands:o Consumer-led, not supply driven, attacko Marketing to attract customer’s attentiono Products to make it worth their timeo Experiences to match the promises
  7. 7. Building a DestinationSelection Criteria:o Does it deliver a great MICE producto Is it competitive and sustainable for investorso Does it have a strong e- and m- presenceo Does it offer value for money / timeo Does it give value for MICE stakeholderso Does it fit with overall economic development
  8. 8. The Destination Maker C O O Investors Public Sector R D I N Consumers A TProperty Market O R MICE Stakeholders
  9. 9. How to determine the attractiveness of a destination? Primary factors of an unchangeable kindo Secondary factors of a partially variable kinds Tertiary factors of an unstable kind
  10. 10. 2. Primary factors of an unchangeable kindStatic Factors o Landscape o Climate o Infrastructure o Culture o Social
  11. 11. 1. Secondary factorsDynamic Factors o Tourism supply o Political o Environment o Security and safety o Trends in tourism
  12. 12. S Tertiary factors of an unstable kindCurrent Decision factorso Marketingo Public Organizationo Priceo Private Organization
  13. 13. Keys to success are the customers
  14. 14. Do not ask what the destination can do for you, but what you can do for the destination
  15. 15. 2. Establish the aims and objectives of the MICE event3. Put together the selection brief4. Select the destination5. Select the venue(s)
  16. 16. Step 1Establish the aims and objectives of the MICE evento SMART
  17. 17. o Enhance communicationo Forum for new idea generationo Increase commitment to decisionso Encourage co-operation between memberso Opportunity to promote aims of organization
  18. 18. o Change in informationo Change in understandingo Change in skillso Change in behaviouro Change in effort
  19. 19. Incentives can aim at:o Dealerso Sales Personso Non Sales Personso Consumers
  20. 20. o Selling to new accountso Putting up product displayso Achieving customer satisfactiono Making specified purchaseso Moving full line of products
  21. 21. o Increase saleso Sell to new accountso Introduce new productso Improve Moraleo Bolster slow season
  22. 22. o Increase productivityo Increase qualityo Increase customer serviceo Decrease expenses
  23. 23. o Customer Loyaltyo Frequent buyso Getting attentiono Move slow items
  24. 24. o Provide a market place for buyers and sellerso Create connections between exhibitors and visitorso Involve visitors with ‘hands on’ demonstration of productso Find ways to interact intimately with visitors and exhibitiono Add entertainment value to all aspects of the exhibitiono Create additional revenue through F&B services etc
  25. 25. Step 2Put together the site selection brief
  26. 26. o Variables the Conference Organizer may consider for the particular evento Consideration of the destination, site, its location and facilities availableo Property and venue selection following site touro General factors that may be important
  27. 27. o Size of groupo Profile of potential delegateso Characteristics or history of the organization or groupo Desired image / prestigeo Preferred dates / timeo Number of rooms / type of accommodation
  28. 28. o Transport to location and venueo Food and Beverageo Exhibition Spaceo Physical requirements of programo Special activities / functionso Acceptable rates / budget
  29. 29. Step 3Destination Selection
  30. 30. o Range of accommodation availableo Type, range, availability convention and exhibition spaceo Convenience of destinationo Imageo Drawing powero Availability – recreational & entertainment facilitieso Access – transport & infrastructureo Safety & Security
  31. 31. o Size of groupo Characteristic of organizationo Type of delegateo Timingo Season & climateo Other eventso Costo Pre/post tourso Entertainment/recreationo Transport
  32. 32. o What are the top criteria for choosing a MICE Destination?o Motivation Factor The basic sizzleo Quality of service Treatment for participantso Leisure Activities Broad Spectrumo Accessibility Value for distanceo Cost “Just” a selection Criteria
  33. 33. o Selection Criteria ○ Subjective Evaluation Criteriao Air Access ○ Responsivenesso Sightseeing ○ Negotiabilityo Activities ○ Creativityo Quality Operation ○ Understanding MICE Flexibilityo Competitive Edge ○ Price/Value
  35. 35. Challenges for Incentive Buyerso Unpredictable costso Site selectiono Unreliable travel supplierso Failure to understand MICE ‘groups’o Package programso Lack of promotional support materialso Difficulty in evaluating the program
  36. 36. Major Challengeso Industry Cooperationo Competitive Destinationso Government Supporto Infrastructureo Training
  37. 37. ○ Appeal ○ Image ○ Accessibility○ Value ○ Safety ○ Climate○ Activities ○ Attraction ○ Festivals○ Festivals ○ Accommodation ○ Transportation○ Airport facilities ○ Human Resources ○ Restaurants○ Government ○ Official tourist organization○ Destination Management
  38. 38. The “VALUE CHAIN”Each supplier is part of the chain, the weakest part denotes the strength of the destination!
  39. 39. Do not ask what the destination can do foryou, but what you can do for the destination
  40. 40. Step 4Venue Selection
  41. 41. Physical Attributeso Locationo Convention and meeting roomso Accommodationso Other Renovation Other groups using facility at same time
  42. 42. Quality of Service: o Quality, consistency and reliability o Communication o Attitude of venue staff o Prompt, clear courteous o Dependability and experience of venue staff
  43. 43. Understand the conference objectives○ Training/education ○ Recognition/reward○ Organization/review ○ Networking○ Motivation/Productivity stimulus ○ Recreation/incentiveConsider the venue type & style○ Hotel ○ Auditorium○ Resort ○ 5-star, 4-star, 3-star○ Convention Centre ○ Reputation○ Function Centre ○ Perception
  44. 44. Consider the venue location & access○ CBD ○ Interstate○ Metropolitan ○ International○ Regional/Country ○ How will everyone get there?Define Basic Requirements○ Delegates – how many, who are they,○ Main meeting room – pillars, sightliness, what do they expect○ Breakout/syndicate rooms(s)