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Why the Hastings Quinte Cultural Plan matters - 2014


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A slide presentation detailing why the Hastings Quinte Region Cultural Plan matters.

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Why the Hastings Quinte Cultural Plan matters - 2014

  1. 1. 11  
  2. 2. 22   • First regional cultural plan in Ontario • More than 340 people consulted • Incorporated findings from North Hastings Cultural Plan Report • Funding received from the Cities of Belleville & Quinte West, Hastings County, the Province and the North & Central Hastings Community Futures Development Corporation
  3. 3. 33   What is Culture?
  4. 4. 44   Priority in Hastings County Economic Development Action Plan & other Plans Enhancing “Place” attracts Lone Eagles & Creative Entrepreneurs who like culturally rich and interesting “places” Hastings County – 20% increase in Creative/Arts Jobs 2006-2011 Creative Workers typically earn $20,000 more on average & bring spending power in a community (see Canada’s Creative Corridor report, 2009) Stats Canada indicates 360,000 manufacturing jobs were lost between 2006 & 2010. But we gained 200,000 Creative jobs Various reports indicate cultural tourists stay longer Why a Cultural Plan?
  5. 5. 55   89% believe that if their community lost its arts activities, people living there would lose something of value 81% of Ontarians agree that government should spend public dollars to support the arts 95% of Ontarians say that the arts enrich the quality of their lives Source: Environics Research Group, The Arts and the Quality of Life-the attitudes of Ontarians, (March, 2010)p 28. Why support a Cultural Plan?
  6. 6. 66   • While a high level of cultural activity exists across our region, much of it is supported by volunteers • Volunteerism is a positive sign, however, an aging population and diminishing volunteer base leaves many organizations vulnerable – lack of facilities and financial support also Why support a Cultural Plan?
  7. 7. 77   • As of June 2011, 303 creative cultural industries identified across the Hastings, Belleville & Quinte West region • This includes jobs in – Culture Support Services, Advertising, Design, Motion Picture and Video, Publishing and Independent Artists, Writers and Performers • In Hastings/Quinte At least 68 cultural heritage sites/organizations exist, over 60 festivals and events, and over 40 natural heritage attractions Why support a Cultural Plan?
  8. 8. 88 Employment increase in cultural related jobs 2006-2011 
  9. 9. 99  Doesn’t “have to be” financial, although welcome Could be in-kind through support of staff, equipment, meeting space, promotions, municipal infrastructure improvements (e.g. downtown & heritage property improvements) Municipalities who adopt cultural economic development have observed an increased success in arts and culture activities (see Alberta Foundation for the Arts, 2004) Doesn’t always have to be monetary benefit - Community strength also closely tied to a sense of community identity; one rooted in the natural environment, local heritage, history and culture Role of municipal government?
  10. 10. 1010  • Canadian cultural sector generated approx. $25 billion in taxes for all levels of govt. in 2007 – more than three times higher than governments’ direct spending on culture in 2007 (Hill strategies Research calculation) • 1.1 million jobs (7.1% of total employment in Canada) • Arts/Culture cornerstones of the creative, knowledge-based economy • For every $1 invested by City of Toronto in their Cultural Plan, there are $17 in spinoffs from other levels of government, private sector and philanthropic support (Cited by Cultural Plan expert and consultant Dr. Greg Baeker) Economic Impacts of Culture
  11. 11. 1111   • Goal 1: Foster Regional Cultural Collaboration - Regional Roundtable - Sustain regional cultural mapping • Goal 2: Grow Culture-Driven Economic Development - Cultural Tourism / Festivals & events Strategy - Shared spaces for artists • Goal 3: Celebrate the Region’s Rich History and Heritage - Cultural heritage landscape study - Storytelling • Goal 4: Build a Strong and Collaborative Cultural Sector - Better communications; social networking This is a multi-year plan 
  12. 12. 1212   Download the Plan and keep informed at Stay informed