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mCMO Conference 2013 - How to effectively use LINE as a communication platform to reach your clients
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mCMO Conference 2013 - How to effectively use LINE as a communication platform to reach your clients


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Mr. HyunBin Kang …

Mr. HyunBin Kang
Head Director of LINE Business Office, LINE
Speech topic: How to effectively use LINE as a communication platform to reach your clients

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Hello, Friends! October 11, 2013
  • 2. What is LINE?
  • 3. LINE is the world’s leading Mobile Platform
  • 4. Marketing Content Service Communication
  • 5. What has LINE achieved so far?
  • 6. 260million users worldwide 150 100 (2013.1.18) 0 10 50 (Oct. 2013)
  • 7. 460% Growth in number of users 440% Growth in number of messages sent * Annual Growth as of Aug,2013
  • 8. 100million DLS Only 17 non-Google apps worldwide have achieved 100million+ downloads at Google Play
  • 9. 100million + download club at Google Play includes * Facebook has over 500million downloads
  • 10. One of the Most Popular Platforms in the World Google Play July 2013 Source: App Annie Index TM
  • 11. Le Monde Successful mobile messenger LINE is getting lots of attention from the youth of France Media Outlets are Starting to Pay Attention to LINE
  • 12. New York Times How LINE has overtaken Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus as the biggest social platform in Japan Media Outlets are Starting to Pay Attention to LINE
  • 13. Forbes LINE looks to replicate its success in Asia, EU and Latin America, in the US market Media Outlets are Starting to Pay Attention to LINE
  • 14. What can LINE do for users?
  • 15. LINE reinvents the way people communicate with each other
  • 16. Email SMS Simple IM app Multi-featured Communication Platform
  • 17. LINE Stickers A Whole New Way of Communication
  • 18. Before
  • 19. Now; Dynamic
  • 20. Now; Let’s have a party
  • 21. Now; Ecstatic
  • 22. Now; Cool & Joyous
  • 23. LINE Stickers Moon Brown Cony James Sally Edward
  • 24. Brown & Cony’s Secret Date!
  • 25. Brown & Cony’s Lovey Dovey Date!
  • 26. over 10,000 stickers Available for free download and purchase at LINE sticker shop
  • 27. Useful & Convenient Features Free Message
  • 28. Useful & Convenient Features Group Chat
  • 29. Useful & Convenient Features Free Voice Calling
  • 30. Useful & Convenient Features Other Features (share photos, videos, audio messages, and location)
  • 31. LINE is a Multi-device Compatible Cross Platform Communication Tool
  • 32. Timeline Built-in SNS within LINE 63M Unique Visitors every day 54M Likes, Posts, Comments every day
  • 33. LINE Games
  • 34. 200,000,000 DL Some games have only been released In certain countries (downloads as of Sept. 2013)
  • 35. Top Publishers by Monthly Revenue Excluding Games Google Play June 2013 Source: App Annie Index TM
  • 36. Top Publishers by Monthly Revenue Excluding Games iOS June 2013 Source: App Annie Index TM
  • 37. LINE B2B Marketing Solution & Licensing
  • 38. Powerful Marketing Tools LINE Official Accounts Effective way to communicate with customers, fans LINE Sponsored Stickers Innovative way to increase brand loyalty, coupons, and sales And more; Must Buy, LINE@, Licensing and Co-marketing
  • 39. How are OA followers different from others? • Active with using LINE • Open to marketing information • Interactive & Responsive • Tend to share benefits and info with friends through LINE • Advertisers’ primary target customers
  • 40. How to add on Official Account (OA)?
  • 41. OA specialty; On Air mode, a two way communication
  • 42. Global Clients on OA
  • 43. More engaging offer through sticker shop
  • 44. Sponsored stickers; Promotion effectiveness 1.5 million downloads in a day
  • 45. Sponsored stickers; Promotion effectiveness 735 K downloads in a day
  • 46. Sponsored stickers; Promotion effectiveness Event Promotion with Sponsored Sticker • Let Users download your Sponsored Sticker for free when a user add you friend or download your App • Increase your Artist/Brand/Product awareness and loyalty! • 让用户在加入帐号以后能够免费下载贴图 • 提高艺人/品牌/商品市场推广力
  • 47. Sponsored stickers; Promotion effectiveness • Reach bigger size target user base than OA alone with shorter time period • Expose brand contents • Effectively reach target customers and enhance brand contents exposure level
  • 48. Must Buy Pocky x LINE in Japan
  • 49. LINE@; the most suitable marketing tool for SMEs
  • 50. Co-Marketing and Licensing
  • 51. Co-Marketing and Licensing Thai Airways Thailand
  • 52. Co-Marketing and Licensing
  • 53. LINE Platform Stickers Brand products Story Contents + Advertisers  Engagement
  • 54. 多謝