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Ideas for the poster's image
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Ideas for the poster's image Ideas for the poster's image Presentation Transcript

  • Hannah George
  • With this image I tried to think of how Icould try to show that the past and thepresent were colliding; this was trying toshow that the same event is happening/recurring.To create this I got the coloured image inPaint Shop Pro and then placed a layerover the top that was identical to thatunderneath; then I made the top layerblack and white, this was followed by usingthe ‘magic wand’ tool to select certainparts to allow the colour to come through.
  • With this image I tried to think of how Icould try to show the positive of ourprotagonists and the negative of thedemonic creature; it also had to link in tothe idea of possession ( which is why halfof the image is positive) to show thatunderneath everything can be totallydifferent.I don’t like this image as it seems far tosimple; also due to the differences in thecolouring, it would be hard to put text overthis and make it into a poster.
  • This is the idea that I came up with forcreating my PowerPoint on ‘How toCreate a Film Poster’ ( this was postedearlier) there are two different ideas thatare involved with a slight change in thebackground, with these images theyare both nice and can be used as partof the final product.But to me I want to be able to do somemore experimentation, this should beable to make the poster stand out andseem different to that of the magazinecover.
  • 1. Should the Poster reflect the previous time that this event happened/ or influence the style of the poster? ***********************************************************2. So if this is the case, should the poster look older/ have and older style? a) Sepia toning b) Black and white c) Different finishes on the image
  • This was widely used between 1839 to 1855 and is/ was the first popular photography; this used were the image was captured on a thin piece of silver-plated copper.The best thing about these photographs were that no negative image was produced; this makes each image unique, and so this makes the image seem more special and would seem to be ideal to use for the poster, due to this nature.
  • Based on the idea from the 2012 teaser poster for ‘The Woman in Black’This style is set in the 1841And to try to show the horror/thrillergenre on the poster.With creating this image I wanted toexperiment; so I picked an imagethat already looked eerie ( due to thecomposition and the character placement) then withthe paint brush tool I proceeded toscratched out the eyes; this wasinspired by posters such as ‘TheWoman in Black’ (featured above).
  • This style is set in the 1841With trying to come up witha different style to theprevious image; I tried tocrop down a different imageto get a similar affect, this Idon’t think is affective asyou cannot get a feel for theimage and is moreconfusing due to the size ofthe crop.
  • This style is set in the 1872 to 1920 with the method of using platinum=based developing materials, then by placing the paper in direct contact with the negative.The result of this is a high quality image; but the reason to why this style of print went out of fashion was the price, and if the location of the setting is in a poor area, they would not be able to afford this type of image.
  • This style is set in the 1960 and is the newest type of aged photograph that I could get (the style); this is a play on the colours in the photograph and allows the colours to appear sharper.But it does not seem to have seemed to have aged very well and does not seem to visually be old, and so would not suit the idea of being the poster image.
  • This idea was a combination ofan idea; this included having thepentagram as a background, anda figure in front of it.This idea was a good one; theonly down point was that we didnot get another good shot ofanother actor, that wouldcorrespond with the protagoniston the poster.If this had not been the case;then it would have made a strongimage, but it does not seem thatprofessional, and for me does notseem right.
  • I have decided that the best idea in creating the film’s poster; is to have it in a historical style.This will help to show that this event is recurring ( and has happened before) also it makes the poster more interesting; this gives the story a more archaic feel, and in my opinion best suits the images that I have taken ( photographs)
  • This was my idea for myfinal poster; when I asked forsome feedback from ananonymous source, I wastold to: ‘scratch out more ofthe eyes, looks too high’.I have proceeded to alter myposter (this is seen on the next slide) toimprove the aesthetics ofthe image, and to make itmore effective.
  • This image is set in the style of a:Daguerreotype Image, thismeans that it was printed onto silver plates: so therefore has nonegative image.This (for me) seemed perfect; as it linked to the demonicpossession that the story is based upon, but that also linked tothe fact that this event had happened before: that is was arecurring event.With the title of the poster; I wanted it to look more than justtext, so I placed the word ‘THE’ inside the ‘C’ this made the texton the image more varied, and stopped it from lookingrepetitive.This was a similar case with the word ‘BIG’ as this made a biggerstatement, and still followed through with the idea thatsomething was going to happen to the characters.I then decided to add another media concept to my poster: thiswas done by adding the QR-Code, as it links the poster to thetrailer (posted on YouTube).With this type of poster I decided that it would look better if theeyes of the character were scratched out (similar to ‘TheWoman in Black’s poster) this made the poster seem moredramatic, and helps to show the genre of the film better. Thisthen could be linked to the pentagram seen in the lower lefthand corner; as this also gives an indication to what the film isbased on, and what will happen to the characters.